Bruce Snyder's Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 23, 2000

General thoughts on the WSU game:'We had an exciting day and an exciting trip home. We got out of both of them alive. It was really a game of one to two major momentum swings. The first one was when we first got started in the game we felt like we were clicking, we had a lot of energy, some rhythm in what we were doing. We got the ball turned over, scored fast, then we lost two really key players. Scotty (Peters) and Jeff (Krohn) and the momentum went right back the other way hard. So it's much like being in a storm, you just try to hang on until the calmer times. That happened at halftime, we got Jeff back, Regis Crawford settled down, in terms of taking over the center spot, and the second half was I think one of our better halves of offensive football from a consistency stand point. I think we'll get Scotty (Peters) back maybe sooner than we first thought. Jeff is fine, he came out at halftime and played pretty well.'

On the Second Half vs. WSU:'We had more first downs, more yards, we didn't have any points, which is a concern, but I felt like there was some rhythm in our offense. We found a little bit of a running game, so that part felt good. Our defense shut them out ,which was really key in the win. We shut them out in both the third and fourth quarters.'

On Overtime:'When I taste defeat in overtime maybe I'll feel a bit differently, but I really like the overtime format. We were fortunate to get the ball second. I think you always want to play defense first so you know what your target is. Archie (Adam Archuleta) stepped up and made a great play. It wasn't all that difficult a catch, he timed it just right to be in the right spot. We've kind of grown to expect Archie to do great things and he did. And then Mike Barth kicked that winning field goal on fourth down. Exciting, exciting, football game from our perspective.'

On the trip home:The trip home was uneventful until we got to about Camp Verde, or someplace just north of here. The lightning hit that plane twice, knocked out lights, the movie. We were watching 'Gone in 60 Seconds', so I don't know if that was an omen or not. The flight attendants did a great job.'

'When we landed there was huge applause in the cabin. So a good day for us in many ways.'

Lightning Strikes:'What I saw first hand was, on the wing,that's where my seat is right over that wing. I saw a huge brightness and then I felt the plane just rock. And I'm reading this book that's not very significant at this point. I shut that thing up and I looked around and the whole cabin is stunned. The power did what it did. A lot of chatter and then it hit again. The plane moved a little bit, I thought maybe the motor failed. You don't know. Then eventually the pilot came on and said we were hit a couple times, don't worry about it.'

On how last week's win will effect the team's attitude:'I would think the fact that you go into overtime and win it has to do something to your psyche. I believe we are a stronger team now. I really believe that our second half offense, and I know it wasn't off the chart like Michael Vick, but for us in this stage of our development, I felt like it was really a good half of football. So there is some confidence there. And shutting them out for those two quarters. That's the second year in a row they have not scored after halftime against our defense.'

On Justin Taplin:'The best thing I can say about Justin Taplin, and I mean this as a real compliment, is that he is a football player. He's not the fastest guy, he's not the tallest. But he makes plays. The punt return easily could have gone for a touchdown. He made a great run down the boundary. He made a couple of really tough good catches. He is fearless, I don't think he has any thought that he might get hit. He is really adding to our team. He is much more productive now than he was earlier in the season. He is coming along.'

On WSU's Field Turf:'It's softer than the old vintage stuff they used to use. You could use your regular shoes, you didn't have to get into turf shoes. We wore cleats. There was no slipping. At Oregon, besides the noise at Autzen, other teams slip a lot. It's really disconcerting. It's really an advantage for Oregon. At Washington State, that turf is just more fair. You can plant, you stand your feet. I wouldn't mind having that stuff at Tontozona.'

On Mike Barth:'He certainly missed two field goals. His kick offs were terrific. He missed two field goals. One was a miss, no question. The other one, according to all the reports, went directly over one of the uprights. The rule is it has to be inside the upright. So they ruled it no good. Griff (Goodman), who is the holder, had a different perspective on it. Griff hasn't said a cuss word probably ever. HE came off the field saying coach, that was good. I can't believe that, it was good. Just then one of the officials walked by, the side official. And the official said to me, and Griff could hear it, coach it went over the upright it was not clearly in. It was a good call that it was no good. And Griff said you are full of bull. That's the strongest word the young man could say. The kicks that he made though were real strong kicks. He had no problem with distance.'

'He pulled one over the left upright, he pushed one, but the one that really counted was right down the middle. But he needs to be more consistent. We can't keep going one for three.'

On the running game:'All three of those tailbacks I think are guys who can go in and play and contribute. He (Tom Pace) deserves at least the first snap and probably more. But at least the starter.'

On Tom Pace:'He gets tackled and he squirms around and gets an extra yard. That's real positive. He can get through, he can catch the ball, he's plenty courageous in terms of blocking. His mass is a little bit of a hinderance in pass blocking. He has plenty of courage, so we are pleased with his development, and that he's on our team.'

On Oregon:'They've had the same quarterback, the same tailback, and for the most part they've been really healthy. It is not a surprise that they are the first in our conference in terms of their record. If you look at the way they play, they are in the top half of everything and number one in many of them (stats). They are a fine football team'

'In looking at this game, we have no control over Oregon. What gives me hope and strength is our team. Our team is getting better. I saw some glimmer of that in the Washington State game. We were in the Washington game, as poorly as we played in terms of efficiency. We were in the UCLA game. This is a team with great toughness. We don't execute very well at times. My hope going into this game is my team.'

'They (Oregon) clearly should be the favorite. They not only have a better record, they're higher ranked, and all the stats. But I have some optimism based on my team. I like my team a lot. I wish we didn't fumble so much, all the stuff that we do that hurts us. I think we are just going to keep pounding it and we'll get better.'

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