Swimming Dominates San Diego

Oct. 27, 2001

PULLMAN-- The Washington State University women's swim team opened its home season with a 149-100 defeat of the University of San Diego at Gibb Pool, Saturday. The Cougars got off to a fast start, winning the first 10 events and 12 of 14 overall.

Andree-Anne LeRoy led the Cougars, recording three individual wins and one as a member of the 200 medley relay. The sophomore from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, who's top events are the individual medley and backstroke, claimed victory in the 200 freestyle, 50 freestyle and 200 breaststroke.

'I'm excited because I was swimming my secondary events today, and being able to swim them this fast means I should be able to swim my top events even better,' LeRoy said. 'The team feels really good about where we are right now, and our team unity is really strong.'

Melissa Hubley won the 100 butterfly with a time 57.58 seconds, over three seconds faster than the second place competitor, Lauren Grey of USD. The race directly followed the 500 freestyle which Hubley competed in, placing fifth.

Junior Lindsay Henahan led a one-two-three-four WSU sweep in the 200 butterfly, winning with a time of 2:11.09. Henahan also swam on both of WSU's winning relay teams.

'We felt good about coming out after a tough week of training and racing hard,' Henahan said. 'I'm getting close to times I swam toward the end of the season last year, which feels good.'

Katie Byrnes, a sophomore from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., also swam some of her secondary events, winning the 200 backstroke in a time of 2:07.28.

'I'm noticing a lot of little things we didn't do as well last year, like swimming technically good races and competing this hard,' Byrnes said.

Washington State, which was without top sprinter and co-captain Taryn Ternent due to illness, was still able to sweep the sprint events. Sophomore co-captain Rachel Dong won the 100 freestyle, with LeRoy winning the 50 and 200 free. Ternent should be back for the Cougars' next meet November 10.

'It was dissappointing for me to be sitting out,' Ternent said. 'But it was a good learning experience to sit back and see how positive the team was and how they can use a meet like this to improve on the little things like starts and turns.'

Other event winners for WSU include junior Jill Olson in the 1000 freestyle, sophomore Sasha Taylor in the 100 backstroke, and sophomore Christina Swanson in the 100 breaststroke.

'I saw some gutsy individual performances today,' WSU Head Coach Rocco Aceto said. 'Melissa Hubley doubled up events, swimming a fair 500 freestyle before coming back to swim a very strong 100 butterfly. Our 200 medley relay had our best breaststroke and fly splits, with our number one sprinter out because of illness. The athletes are starting to figure out how to be aggressive and race. I want to give a lot of credit to the competitiveness of San Diego, coming back to race a strong 500 freestyle and 200 IM at the end of the meet, showing that they have talent and are a good team as well.'

WSU's next meet will be 11 a.m. Saturday, November 10 against Central Washington and Northern Illinois at Gibb Pool in Pullman.

San Diego at Washington State
Pullman, Washington

(all distances in yards)

TEAM SCORING: Washington State (WSU) 149, San Diego (USD) 100


#1 - 200Y MEDLEY RELAY (1:45.98/1:43.59)	      RESULT  (pool record/ school record)1.	WSU (A)	WSU	Lane 6	1:46.742.	WSU (B)	WSU	Lane 4	1:50.243.	USD (A)	USD	Lane 5	1:55.85

#2 - 1000Y FREESTYLE (10:22.53/10:14.00) RESULT1. Jill Olson WSU Lane 6 10:24.592. Becca Cohen WSU Lane 2 10:39.003. Kristin Isbell USD Lane 5 10:52.164. Jamie Jackson USD Lane 7 10:54.585. Tori Bushnell USD Lane 3 10:57.54

#3 - 200Y FREESTYLE (1:52.61/1:50.49) RESULT1. Andree-Anne LeRoy WSU Lane 6 1:55.132. Carolyn Gorrick USD Lane 5 1:55.973. Melissa Hubley WSU Lane 2 1:56.734. Jadine Louw WSU Lane 4 1:58.035. Meghan Ethridge USD Lane 3 2:02.406. Katherine Churchill USD Lane 7 2:04.41

#4 - 100Y BACKSTROKE (57.64/57.06) RESULT1. Sasha Taylor WSU Lane 4 59.912. Jamie Lobdell USD Lane 5 1:03.093. Theresa Dunn WSU Lane 6 1:03.614. Lisa Irwin WSU Lane 2 1:05.505. Ilea Dorsey USD Lane 3 1:07.06

#5 - 100Y BREASTSTROKE (1:03.01/1:02.19) RESULT1. Christina Swanson WSU Lane 4 1:07.822. Nicole Chinn WSU Lane 6 1:10.773. Mary Thiel USD Lane 5 1:11.114. Deborah Hoyt USD Lane 3 1:11.52

#6 - 200Y BUTTERFLY (1:57.48/2:00.36) RESULT1. Lindsay Henahan WSU Lane 6 2:11.092. Semah Zavareh WSU Lane 4 2:14.063. Katie Byrnes WSU Lane 2 2:15.784. Jill Olson WSU Lane 8 2:17.705. Kristen Isbell USD Lane 3 2:17.926. Lauren Grey USD Lane 5 2:24.087. Jamie Jackson USD Lane 7 2:29.63

#7 - 50Y FREESTYLE (23.23/23.26) RESULT1. Andree-Anne LeRoy WSU Lane 2 24.682. Rachel Dong WSU Lane 8 24.833. Sara Schmied WSU Lane 6 25.274. Kaitlin Bourne USD Lane 5 25.655. Ilea Dorsey USD Lane 1 25.806. Mardeth Rus USD Lane 7 26.007. Jamie Lobdell USD Lane 3 26.19

#8 - 100Y FREESTYLE (51.21/50.85) RESULT1. Rachel Dong WSU Lane 2 54.152. Becca Cohen WSU Lane 6 54.463. Kaitlin Bourne USD Lane 5 55.214. Jamie Lobdell USD Lane 3 56.255. Meghan Ethridge USD Lane 7 56.606. Jill Olson WSU Lane 4 57.127. Ilea Dorsey USD Lane 1 58.01

#9 - 200Y BACKSTROKE (2:02.56/2:01.82) RESULT1. Katie Byrnes WSU Lane 4 2:07.282. Sasha Taylor WSU Lane 6 2:09.883. Sara Schmied WSU Lane 8 2:13.434. Theresa Dunn WSU Lane 2 2:17.875. Katherine Churchill USD Lane 7 2:27.616. Tori Bushnell USD Lane 5 2:28.19

#10 - 200Y BREASTSTROKE (2:16.69/2:13.54) RESULT1. Andree-Anne LeRoy WSU Lane 4 2:27.662. Deborah Hoyt USD Lane 5 2:31.463. Mary Thiel USD Lane 3 2:31.924. Nicole Chinn WSU Lane 6 2:33.37

#11 - 500Y FREESTYLE (4:57.86/4:57.66) RESULT1. Carolyn Gorrick USD Lane 5 5:07.182. Semah Zavareh WSU Lane 4 5:11.143. Jadine Louw WSU Lane 8 5:16.324. Jamie Jackson USD Lane 1 5:19.145. Melissa Hubley WSU Lane 6 5:22.386. Tori Bushnell USD Lane 3 5:22.877. Kristin Isbell USD Lane 7 5:23.19

#12 - 100Y BUTTERFLY (56.45/55.68) RESULT*1. Melissa Hubley WSU Lane 6 57.582. Lauren Grey USD Lane 3 1:00.83*3. Christina Swanson WSU Lane 4 1:01.224. Marideth Rus USD Lane 5 1:02.07*5. Theresa Dunn WSU Lane 2 1:03.32*6. Lisa Irwin WSU Lane 8 1:04.62

#13 - 200Y INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY (2:06.52/2:03.53) RESULT1. Carolyn Gorrick USD Lane 5 2:10.57*2. Rachel Dong WSU Lane 6 2:11.51*3. Nicole Chinn WSU Lane 2 2:13.02*4. Katie Byrnes WSU Lane 4 2:15.205. Kaitlin Bourne USD Lane 3 2:19.996. Mary Thiel USD Lane 7 2:20.67

#14 - 400Y FREESTYLE RELAY(3:24.26/3:25.99) RESULT*1. WSU (A) WSU Lane 6 3:35.942. USD (B) USD Lane 5 3:44.823. USD (A) USD Lane 3 3:56.14


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