WSU Squads Finish In Top Four At Head Of The Lake

Nov. 10, 2002

SEATTLE, Wash. - Washington State University's varsity eight rowing team raced to a fourth place finish at the Head of the Lake Regatta at Montlake Cut, Sunday.

Stanford captured first place, in a time of 16:57 to WSU's 17:15. Washington finished second in 17:11 and Oregon State came in third at 17:14.

WSU's number two boat took second place two seconds behind Washington in the second varsity race. The squad finished the course in 17:52.

The Cougars' number three varsity eight team came out on top in the 11-boat race, capturing first place in 18:34.

Pairs races took place Friday, with the Cougars racing five pairs against Washington's eight. WSU's top pair, Naomi Turnbull and Emily Tribe, finished fifth with a time of 21:57. Washington's first place pair finished at 20:57.

The Cougars will open the spring season Saturday, March 22, against Gonzaga.

Head of the Lake
Montlake Cut at Seattle, Wash.
All races 4800m

Varsity Eight: Stanford 16:57, Washington 17:11, Oregon State 17:14, WSU 17:15, Michigan State 17:23, Texas 17:29, Gonzaga 18:06, Gorge Rowing Centre 18:28, Cascade Rowing 18:29, Western Washington 18:56, Oregon 20:10, California-San Diego 20:24

Second Varsity Eight: Washington 17:50, WSU 17:52, Oregon State 18:08, University of British Columbia 18:09, Lake Union Crew 18:10, Stanford 18:11, University of Victoria 18:21, Gonzaga 18:44, Evergreen State College 19:49, University de Nantes 19:57, Western Washington 20:07, St. Mary's College 20:50, University of Portland 22:27

Third Vasity Eight: WSU 18:34, University of Victoria 18:35, University of Victoria 18:52, Oregon State 18:59, Washington 19:08, University of British Columbia 20:51, Lake Union Crew (A) 21:07, Olympia Area Rowing 21:32, Lake Union Crew (B) 22:26, Vancouver Rowing Club 22:50, University of Portland 23:07, Ashland High School 26:06

Varsity Eight Men: Washington 15:16, Oregon State 15:44, Pocock Rowing Center 15:48, Gonzaga 15:55, Western Washington 16:29, California-San Diego 16:37, UBC Alumni Rowing Club 16:42, WSU 16:59, University of Puget Sound 17:15, Pacific Lutheran 17:53