Jan. 13, 2005

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Washington vs. Oregon - 1/13/05

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar

General Comments: 'I was a little concerned tonight going out there without Brandon Roy, and I wasn't quite sure how we were going to respond to our last loss, and I guess I got my answer. Our guys came out and pretty much from the opening tip played the way we've played the last six games. We played with a lot of energy and it wasn't a 40, 50 point blowout, the way the pace was going, but this time as opposed to the last game and the other two, we weathered the storm when they came back and we continued to play good basketball. We really defended well tonight. Tre Simmons, double-double, 12 rebounds. We out-rebounded them and seven points in transition for that team is a pretty good job. Obviously they're a different team with Aaron Brooks in the game. He puts so much pressure on a defense, he's their quarterback, he runs their team. It helped him not being in the game as much due to foul trouble. But I was really proud of our guys' effort tonight. We bounced back and did a very good job.'

On importance of playing through lulls: 'I'm not sure from here on out if that's going to be the secret but it seems like these last games that has been the key. I don't think there are very many teams in America right now that play at a very high level for 40 minutes. Some nights you do but there are going to be times within the game that the shots don't go down, you get a little stagnant perhaps. They practice too, the opposition, things start clicking for them, but I think good teams do weather the storms. I thought we did that tonight.'

On Mike Jensen: 'I don't think he's hurt that bad. He got stiff. He fell on his tailbone. We'll see in the morning how stiff he is. He had to leave but I don't believe he's too serious.'

On Bobby Jones: 'Our guys are like your kids, you know them. You can see sometimes when they're ready to play and sometimes when they're not. You could just see in the opening parts of the game that Bobby had his energy with him and he was going to bounce back from the last game he played at a high level. Overall he was just aggressive.'

On Brandon Roy: 'Brandon Roy would practice limited minutes. He would come back and try to go a little more, he could. Then the game comes and he could play limited minutes. From playing in the game [he felt] a little bit of stiffness in the knee, so the decision was made let's get him full strength and hold him out here. So we don't know what's going to happen Saturday but it's right around the corner. If we can hold him out he's going to be 100% full strength and then we won't have to worry about the stiffness. It could be Saturday, we may have to wait until next Saturday, we're not sure.'

On Aaron Brooks' foul trouble: 'We were aggressive offensively and defensively and we had a lot of movement. Aaron's a pretty aggressive basketball player in his own right. Just like sometimes with our guys, maybe we reach here or there when we shouldn't or we lunge when we shouldn't and go over somebody's back when we shouldn't, and pick up ticky-tack fouls, I think that's what happened to him. Even his last foul was just kind of a push off. There weren't any demonstrative fouls that he made, that I remember.'

On satisfaction level: 'No complaints. They practice too. You expect them to be in the game, they're a good basketball team. So if you come out and blow them out by 30 or 40 and it's nonstop from the tip, that's pretty special. That's not always going to happen. So they made a run, they're a good basketball team so you expect them to. But again, the reason we have no complaints is that we continue to play fairly good basketball.'

Oregon Coach Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach Ernie Kent
On Washington: 'Let's not talk about Oregon, let's talk about Washington. They are a heck of a basketball team; their athleticism all over the floor puts incredible pressure on you. They played no different against than they did against Oklahoma, Alabama, UCLA, every game they have played they have looked the same, even though they let UCLA come back and take the game from them. I thought that was the difference in the game, particularly in the first ten minutes, their pressure was just incredible, as was this environment up here. Our young guys handled it extremely well, but every time we settled down and were coming up on them, we turned the ball over, and they put the pressure on us a gain.'

On Aaron Brooks and Ian Crosswhite: 'It's unfortunate Aaron had a bad game, we needed him on the floor, we needed him and Ian to play well. Those two guys did not play well again, when they don't play well, we don't play well as a basketball team.'

'In Aaron's case it is still the fact that he is still growing and maturing as a basketball player. If you look at Nate (Robinson), Nate has been through a lot more games than Aaron, and (Will) Conroy has been through a lot more games than Aaron. He has a lot of room to grow, and he is going to be a fabulous player when his time comes.'

On toughness: 'Well, you could say that we need to be tougher, but if you go back and watch Washington play, you might say that about every team here. I don't think its a matter of not being tough enough; I think it is their system, their athleticism, their quickness and their energy in this environment. If you don't come and challenge them on every single possession, they are going to embarass you. This was a tough situation, I thought there were times in the game we certainly could have played tougher. We could have gotten after loose balls a little better, we could have rebounded better. I was particularly impressed with how we composed ourselves and cut it to six points before Bobby Jones banked in a three. There were also times in the game where Washington was just the better basketball team, you might say that we need to play tougher, but there were times when they were just the better basketball team.'

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