Matt Leinart Will Have Minor Outpatient Surgery On His Throwing Elbow

Jan. 19, 2005

USC quarterback Matt Leinart will have minor outpatient surgery to address tendonitis in his left (throwing) elbow on Tuesday (Jan. 25).

'Obviously, as was well documented, I've dealt with tendonitis in my elbow this past season,' said Leinart. 'It was never to the point where it bothered my performance.

'Our doctors recommended I have this minor procedure to clean up the tendonitis. They've told me that the success rate is excellent and I should be 100% going into the 2005 season. I've very confident that I'll be at 100%.

'I wanted to get this done now because I have the time to do it. I'll have time to properly rehab it and I'll do all that is necessary to get better as quickly as possible. But I know our medical staff will be conservative about my return and won't rush me. So I don't know yet what my status will be for participating in spring football (which starts March 6).

'I want to make it clear that this was not the reason why I decided to return to USC for my senior year. By no means did this have any effect on my decision. As I said last week, my decision was based on my desire to stay in the college atmosphere with my friends and teammates and continue doing the things we're doing here at USC. I'm really enjoying this time of my life.'

Said USC head coach Pete Carroll: 'We all felt this was as good a time as any for Matt to have some work done on his elbow. The tendonitis wasn't something that hindered his play--that was fairly obvious this past season--but there was general soreness he had to deal with.

'We know there's a very high recovery rate for this procedure and we know that Matt will do everything needed to rehab it. He'll be back as good as new real soon.

'We already had planned to give our younger quarterbacks plenty of opportunities in spring ball. So this doesn't really impact our plans.'