Husky Mailbag

Jan. 28, 2005

Nate Robinson has been wowing Husky basketball fans for three seasons. The All-Pac-10 guard recently sat down with and answered questions submitted from fans. Check to see what Nate had to say about life at Washington and his plans for the future.

How does it feel to have a Washington legend as your Dad?
Bill Volkmann, Rohnert Park, CA
Robinson: 'It's awesome. To have my dad be the MVP of the Orange Bowl and Rose Bowl is something that no one else can claim.'

What sports other than football and basketball do you play in your free time that is recreational?
Benjamin Carter, Mukilteo, WA
Robinson: 'I play pool. I'm becoming a little bit of a pool shark.'

What made you realize that you can and will make a big impression at the pro level? I can't wait to see you in the NBA.
Paul Hemenway, Winlock, WA
Robinson: 'I just know I can do it. I just believe in myself and God gave me all this talent and so I just have so much confidence in myself that I know I can do. That's why I know I'll get better now and in the NBA one day.'

Who is the most important person in your life?
Mel A., Everett, WA
Robinson: 'My son and God.'

Is Cheri Craddock a nice cousin?
Mary, Bellevue, WA
Robinson: 'She's the best cousin. She's cool and she's smart. We're so close that I can run over to her and we can hang out together. She's great.'

Which was the toughest basketball team the Huskies played in your 2 1/2 years and why?
Doug Chin, Seattle, WA
Robinson: 'Probably Stanford last year. They were just so big and tough and ranked No. 1.'

How does it feel to know that inch for inch and pound for pound you are the most talented and exciting player in college hoops?
Jacob Morris, Seattle WA
Robinson: 'It feels good because I work hard to earn recognition and I try to keep getting better every day.'

Now that you have proven youself as a winner in the Pac-10, do you still get ribbed for looking like Gary Coleman? Also, did you every try the high jump in high school? How high could you jump?
Burke Walls, Colorado Springs, CO
'All the time! And I did the high jump and did about six-feet five-inches.'

What's your single most memorable moment as a Husky Hoops player?
Alex, Centralia, WA
Robinson: 'When we beat Stanford and everybody rushed the court. I've never had that feeling before. Our fans got to do that so that was probably the most memorable moment I've ever had.'

I see you and your teammates around campus all the time! Do you have any crazy stories of us fans coming out of nowhere all excited to meet you?
Daniel Libby, Vancouver, WA
Robinson: 'One time these fans had a bunch of posters and were having us sign them and these girls had wrote us a song for us and came up to us and sang it to us on campus. Just some random girls sang a song for us about the Huskies.'

What's a typical schedule for you and the guys when you travel to away games? With the late evening game times, do you guys get free time to explore the cities or just hang out in your hotel rooms with teammates watching TV or going over game plans?
Dave Eaton, Seattle, WA
Robinson: 'We usually get to hang out, but we also have study hall and do all the school stuff before we get to go out and have fun. Sometimes we get to go out and check out the cities.'

Thanks for staying at Washington this year; you're quite the entertainer and fun to watch. I was actually wondering how having a baby is influencing your decision about your plans next year either to stay at UW or to enter the draft?
Carly, Seattle, WA
Robinson: 'It's kind of hard because now I have my son, but I have to wait and see how my year goes and how I feel about how I play.'

What advice would you give to a young kid who has a dream to play professional basketball in the NBA?
Vesna, Everett, WA
Robinson: 'Don't let anybody take your dream from you. If that's what you want to do, go out and do it. A lot of people will say you can't do it, so go out and be the best player you can be. Make yourself happy before you make others happy.'

What could keep you at the UW next year instead of entering into the NBA Draft?
Mike , Seattle, WA
Robinson: 'I don't know yet. It's the million dollar question.'

What advice do you give to basketball players who are short but have big dreams to go far?
Brittani, Maple Valley, WA
Robinson: 'Believe in yourself and you'll be okay.'

What's the best dunk you've ever made, on or off the court. And how does it feel to fly?
Sam, Morristown, NJ
Robinson: 'It's fun. The best dunk I ever did was one between the legs.'

Will you be happy with anything less than a Final Four this year?
Tim Slesk, Bellingham, WARobinson: 'I would be happy with a Final Four, but I'd be happier with a National Championship. That would be the best thing that could happen to this program and myself. A lot of people can't say they won a National Championship. I'd be disappointed if we made it all the way to the Final Four and we didn't win a National Championship.'

What do you intend to do after your sports playing days are over?
Albert, Snohomish, WA
Robinson: 'I want to be a coach.'

How did you get your vertical leap so high?
Krista W., Sacramento, CA
Robinson: 'It's all natural. I got the genes from my dad and God blessed me with all this talent.'

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