Student-Athletes Reinstated to the Football Team

Feb. 23, 2005

Corvallis, Ore. - Oregon State University Head Football Coach Mike Riley has announced the reinstatement of Joseph Rudulph, Sacramento, Calif., a redshirt freshman defensive end, to the University's football team.

Rudulph, who was involved in an altercation at the Headline Café, Corvallis, in November has resolved all issues within the OSU campus judicial process and is eligible to remain as both a student and participating athlete.

'Joe has the ability to succeed here at OSU,' Coach Riley said. 'He needs our guidance, and our structured program can help him grow. He has learned that his behavior on and off the field affects many people and that he has to learn to be responsible in his words and actions.'

Rudulph completed the University's student conduct review process and it has been addressed in a manner deemed appropriate by the review panel. The outcome of the student conduct review process continues his eligibility as a student.

Rudulph is slated to appear in court in the spring for his actions in the downtown Corvallis incident. He has been held out of team activities, including those associated with the Insight Bowl, since the incident occurred.

'I'd like to be able to go back in time and take back what happened, but I can't and I regret that every day,' Rudulph said. 'I let a lot of people down, including myself, and I know my actions brought a lot of negative attention to Oregon State University and to Corvallis. I'm learning from my mistakes as I grow. Corvallis is going to be my home for the next three years, and I'd like the opportunity to do what I can to better this community. To do that, I'll be volunteering in community service projects. I hope I can move forward with the community.'

Coach Riley also reinstated the three players associated with the incident: Anthony Wheat-Brown, Compton, Calif., Whitfield Usher, Los Angeles; and Ryan Rainwater, Olympia, Wash. None of these players were cited for their actions or participation in the November event.