Cal Defends Relay Title to Open Pac-10 Championships

Feb. 23, 2005

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FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- Cal's women's swimming and diving team didn't waste any time getting going at the 2005 Pac-10 Championships Wednesday. In the second and final event of the night, the Golden Bears took first in the 800-yard freestyle relay at King County Aquatics Center, successfully defending their title in that race.

The team of junior Ashley Chandler, sophomore Erin Reilly, freshman Emily Silver and senior Lauren Medina clocked an NCAA automatic qualifying time of 7:08.37. Chandler, Reilly and Medina swam on last year's winning 800 free relay team that set the current Pac-10 record of 7:08.13.

Cal sits in second place after two events with 114 points. First-place Stanford leads with 120. Arizona is in third with 110 points.

'Anytime you win a Pac-10 championship, it's great,' said Cal assistant Whitney Hite. 'We swam well. We went 7:08 the hard way, but it puts us in perfect position for NCAAs, which is the most important thing.'

In the first event of the meet, Cal took fifth in the 200 medley relay. The team of sophomore Sherry Tsai, freshman Genevieve Patterson, senior Emma Palsson and Silver placed fifth in an NCAA automatic qualifying mark of 1:40.98.

Thursday opens with preliminaries of the 500 freestyle, 200 IM, 50 freestyle and 1-meter diving. The morning session begins at 11 a.m. Finals of these events follow in the evening session at 6 p.m., which also includes the 200 freestyle relay final.

Combined Team Scores - Through two events

1. Stanford University 120
2. UC Berkeley 114
3. University of Arizona 110
4. UCLA 102
4. ASU 102
6. USC 100
7. Oregon State University 90
8. University of Washington 86
9. Washington State University 84

King County Aquatics Center - Site License2005 PAC-10 Women's Swimming/ Diving Champs -2/23/2005 to 2/26/2005

Event 1 Women 200 Yard Medley Relay
NCAA A Qual: A 2:00.67
NCAA B Qual: B 2:04.29
PAC10 Meet: M 1:38.80 1999 Stanford (Ripple, Leatherwood, Hyman, Rose)
PAC 10 Rec: R 1:37.77 1999 Stanford (Ripple, Leatherwood, Hyman, Rose)
School Seed Finals Points
======================================================= === Timed Finals ===
1 Stanford 'A' 1:41.84 1:39.69A 641) Wagner, Amy SR 2) Bruce, Caroline FR3) Kirk, Dana JR 4) Bishop, Brooke FR

2 Arizona 'A' 1:39.40 1:40.32A 561) Gresdal, Jenna JR 2) Sieper, Erin JR3) Myers, Whitney SO 4) Cashion, Courtney FR

3 UCLA 'A' 1:42.66 1:40.75A 541) Arnold, Katie FR 2) Seissen, Eileen JR3) Vandenberg, Kim JR 4) Thurman, Amy JR

4 ASU 'A' 1:42.82 1:40.90A 521) Baldinger, Erin JR 2) Kovacs, Agnes SR3) Andrew, Caitlin FR 4) Ullrich, Laura JR

5 California 'A' 1:41.59 1:40.98A 501) Tsai, Sherry SO 2) Patterson, Genevieve FR3) Palsson, Emma SR 4) Silver, Emily FR

6 USC 'A' 1:42.30 J1:42.62A 481) Fargus, Jo SR 2) Sieper, Kristina SO3) Goetsch, Emily FR 4) Kozak, Marisa SR

7 Washington 'A' 1:43.83 J1:42.90A 461) Johnson, Desiree SR 2) Shortt, Caitlyn FR3) Bever, Maggie FR 4) Epperson, Brittany SO

8 OSU 'A' 1:43.64 J1:43.51A 441) Pacebutaite, Ausra JR 2) Castaneda, Felicia FR3) Kinney, Christina JR 4) Huston, Kristin SR

9 WSU 'A' 1:46.35 J1:44.76A 401) McCleave, Erin SO 2) Povilonyte, Monika SO3) Mooney, Bryn FR 4) Van Home, Katie SO

-- Arizona 'B' X1:41.63 XJ1:41.64A1) Smith, Marshi JR 2) Strouse, Emily SO3) Pursley, Lisa JR 4) Hackett, Ryann JR

-- Stanford 'B' X1:44.91 XJ1:43.09A 1) Jones, Sarah SR 2) Bell, Katherine FR3) Daly, Ashley JR 4) Liu, Erica FR

-- ASU 'B' X1:44.62 X1:44.85A1) Abe, Carissa SO 2) Schmidt, Heidi JR3) Fischer, Sarah SR 4) Brown, Lindsey FR

-- Stanford 'C' X1:46.35 X1:46.02A1) Falzone, Lisa SO 2) Gilbert, Kirsten SR3) Rodriguez, Caroline FR 4) Geehr, Carly JR

-- UCLA 'B' X1:45.10 X1:47.04A1) Bal, Tamara SR 2) Teo, Nicolette FR3) Miesner, Isabel JR 4) Los-Santos, Luisa JR

-- Washington 'B' X1:45.60 X1:48.44A1) Bernard, Nicole SR 2) Kloos, Erin SR3) Sherfey, Casey SR 4) Seely, Rachel FR

-- WSU 'B' X1:51.06 X1:49.75A1) Backhouse, Lindsay SO 2) Copland, Jane JR3) Barth, Larissa FR 4) Newhouse, Beth SO

-- Washington 'C' X1:47.94 X1:50.51A 1) Hutton, Abby SR 2) Bright, Megan JR 3) Chandler, Melissa SR 4) Corcoran, Kelly FR

-- OSU 'B' X1:49.88 X1:51.14A1) Thomas, Ashleigh JR 2) Schaab, Leah JR3) Miroslaw, Monika JR 4) Marhenke, Brie SO

-- OSU 'C' X1:54.52 X1:53.55A 1) Santelli, Jenna FR 2) Ringquist, Kaitlin FR3) Gruda, Ashley FR 4) Lemons, Janelle FR

Event 2 Women 800 Yard Free Relay
NCAA A Qual: A 7:11.65
NCAA B Qual: B 7:24.59
PAC10 Meet: M 7:08.13 2004 California (Reilly, chandler, Burden, Medina)
PAC 10 Rec: R 7:04.06 1992 Stanford ( Kraemer, Loveless, Jorgensen, Thompson)
School Seed Finals Points
=== Timed Finals ===

1 California 'A' 7:10.10 7:08.37A 641) Chandler, Ashley JR 2) Reilly, Erin SO3) Silver, Emily FR 4) Medina, Lauren SR

2 Stanford 'A' 7:18.87 7:10.50A 561) Durot, Elizabeth FR 2) Stahley, Desiree SO3) Bruce, Caroline FR 4) Boutwell, Lacey SR

3 Arizona 'A' 7:13.64 7:10.53A 541) Mason, Emily SR 2) Hayes, Jessica SR3) Myers, Whitney SO 4) Nymeyer, Lacey FR

4 USC 'A' 7:18.81 7:12.21B 521) Fargus, Jo SR 2) Connealy, Cait SO3) Goetsch, Emily FR 4) Keller, Kalyn SO

5 ASU 'A' 7:16.86 7:15.43B 501) Szigeti, Florencia SR 2) Steffensen, Sandra JR 3) Gillespie, Amanda SO 4) Brown, Sally JR

6 UCLA 'A' 7:21.64 7:15.60B 481) Vandenberg, Kim JR 2) Imagane, Jane SO3) Nelson, Katie SO 4) Hackett, Shannon FR

7 OSU 'A' 7:30.56 7:24.27B 461) Eads, Courtney FR 2) Hong, Sandy SO3) Wirth, Erika SO 4) Embertson, Mari SR

8 WSU 'A' 7:31.46 7:29.15 441) McCleave, Erin SO 2) Daugvilaite, Lina FR3) Wood, Maegan FR 4) Changstrom, Kayli SO

9 Washington 'A' 7:30.75 7:30.96 401) Olson, Sharon JR 2) Rogers, Rebecca FR3) Murray, Blythe SO 4) Liu, Liya JR

-- Arizona 'B' X7:22.97 X7:18.14B 1) Willis, Katie JR 2) Cashion, Courtney FR 3) Smith, Marshi JR 4) Flanagan, Meghan SO

-- ASU 'B' X7:22.36 X7:25.091) Kripps, Jill SO 2) Schieman, Ellis FR3) Armour, Abra SO 4) Fischer, Sarah SR

-- USC 'B' X7:27.88 X7:26.451) Vazhenin, Stacy JR 2) Hentzen, Whitney FR3) Allen, Brittany FR 4) Polich, Kate FR

-- Stanford 'B' X7:29.63 X7:26.601) Liu, Erica FR 2) Bell, Katherine FR3) Strohl, Anna JR 4) Falzone, Lisa SO

-- WSU 'B' X7:45.36 X7:36.861) Copland, Jane JR 2) Berish, Danielle FR3) Chandler, Emily SO 4) Gregg, Laurie SO

-- OSU 'B' X7:52.77 X7:46.811) Kinney, Christina JR 2) Kinney, Danielle JR3) Ringquist, Kaitlin FR 4) Gruda, Ashley FR

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