Q & A With Adrian Valdez

March 2, 2005

Pullman, Wash. - Question & Answer with Adrian Valdez

Q: 'What made you choose WSU?'

A: 'I wanted to go somewhere where I already had some friends to help get me situated with school. My buddy already went to school here and had said that it was a pretty fun place.

Q: 'Who would you say on the team you have become closest with since you've come here?'

A: 'Either Jason Freeman or Jay Miller. But I'm leaning more toward Jason Freeman because he's my little buddy...my little man.'

Q: 'What would you say is your favorite thing about being a Coug?'

A: 'The reputation that you have. I love being around people who are so into the school and the whole aspect of what it takes to be a Coug. It's cool seeing everybody wearing their Cougar stuff around campus...I love the pride in being a Washington State Cougar.'

Q: 'What are some individual things that you are looking forward to this year?'

A: 'Traveling for the first time. That's something that's really good for me. I was so excited when I first saw the travel list. Also, getting into the lineup and helping the team and contributing to the team in any way that I can so we win.'

Q: 'Do you have any interesting stories from this season that have stuck in your mind? Or any inside jokes with the team?'

A: 'I got this little thing on my phone that says `You have a voice call from'...and mine says `Adrian Valdez'...well I added a little on to mine so whenever I call the coaches and tell them `hey I'm gonna be late to practice or whatever'...it comes on and at the end of that it says `you have a voice message from Adrian Valdez...holla'. So every time the coaches see me, they go `Holla, holla.'' (Laughs).

Q: 'What do you think of the new coaching staff?'

A: 'Marbut and Jewett are just two peas in a pod, those guys go together like, I dunno, two things that just really go together...they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Q: 'What is the atmosphere of the team this season?'

A: 'In one word, intense. The way they go about their business; they want us- they're trying to prepare us the most they can so that when we go on the field, it becomes second to nature to compete and win. And I like their attitude; Marbut and Jewett, they both have that, ya' know, `We want our guys to get up so everybody plays' kind of attitude. That kind of attitude is just...pretty tight.'

Q: 'If you could have dinner with three people dead or alive, who would they be and why?'

A: 'I would definitely have to go with Jessica Simpson.'

Q: 'Why?'A: 'Because she's my future wife, and Paris Hilton.'

Q: 'Why?'

A: 'Because she says `that's hot.' So I started saying it. And my last one would have to be Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.'

Q: 'Why?'A: 'Because that was supposed to be my Halloween costume, but it fell through. So I was telling everybody I was going to be Captain Jack Sparrow and they were like `Ohh!' But I love Johnny Depp, personally. I'm a big Johnny Depp fan.'

Q: 'What's some little fact about you that people would never think?'

A: 'That I'm Mexican.' (Laughs)

Q: 'Really, `Valdez''? (Laughs)

A: 'That I'm a really good dancer.'

Q: 'What's your favorite meal to cook for yourself?'

A: 'I would have to say a little Mexican entrée called `ceviche'. It's like a salsa that you make, but you just add seafood into it, and eat it with chips and stuff. I love to make it.'

Q: 'If you could have any superhuman power, what would it be and why?'

A: 'I think I'd want to be able to see what goes on behind doors that don't need to be looked behind.'

Q: 'If you could acquire any skill, and you were just good at it, what would it be and why?'A: 'Playing the guitar because it's the tightest thing to do, I love it. It is one of the best things to do to kill time or relieve stress. Besides, it attracts a lot of girls when you're at a party.'

Q: 'Where do you see yourself in ten years?'A: 'Chillin' on a beach, playing my guitar, for Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson.' (Laughs).

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