Meet Diana and Julie Pickler

March 7, 2005

Diana Pickler and Julie Pickler are outstanding combined events (pentathlon indoors, heptathlon outdoors) competitors from Sachse, Texas, in their third year on the WSU Track & Field Team. Although you may have trouble telling them apart visually, these twin sisters are two distinct individuals.

Diana won the pentathlon at the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Championships last month and Julie finished second in the same event. Diana's pentathlon total of 4,086 points is a school record (Julie set the record last year) and currently ranked fourth nationally while Julie is 12th nationally with 3,999 points. Both will compete at the 2005 NCAA Indoor Championships March 11-12, at Fayetteville, Ark.

Julie is majoring in Human Development and Diana, the older of the two by a mere four minutes, is a business major. They admit to changing places in class three times in high school but say they have never switched places on dates. As for competition, they believe competing against each other only makes them better. Any women competing against them needs to work twice as hard when up against either Pickler.

Because Julie is the youngest and the second when listed alphabetically, she was given the first chance to answer these questions.

Favorite sport to watch in person?
JULIE: Gymnastics. I usually only get to watch it on TV and not very much. I did gymnastics when I was little and I like to watch it.

DIANA: Track meet. I get bored at football games.

Favorite movie?
JULIE: The Notebook. I know it's kind of sappy. I have a lot of favorites.

DIANA: I bet Julie said Pretty Woman. She didn't? I just bought Ray so that is my favorite.

Favorite restaurant food?
JULIE: I don't have a specific place. I pretty much like everything. But my favorite food is spaghetti.

DIANA: Before track meets I like to go to Macaroni Grill or Olive Garden.

Favorite color?
JULIE: Cerulean Blue it is very bright. I saw it on a crayon.

DIANA: Yellow.

Favorite class at WSU?
JULIE: It's a class I'm taking right now, Human Development 310 - Behavioral Methods and Research taught by Laura Hill. She's a really cool teacher and it's really, really fun.

DIANA: Political Science, taught by Michael Infranco - he was really cool. He was very passionate and that made it a lot more interesting. I didn't get a good grade but I like it.

Most linked site on the internet?
JULIE: (a website dedicated to college track coverage)


What CD are you currently listening to?
JULIE: Rascal Flats. I stopped listening to country for a long time and I decided to buy it.

DIANA: A mix of rock that Darion Powell (track teammate) made for me.

What three things do you have to have with you on the road?
JULIE: Aspirin, my pillow and my homework. I don't have a stuffed animal or anything. I'm not into superstitious things. I just take the basic stuff you're supposed to have. I bring my homework thinking I'm going to do it but I usually sleep on the plane or bus.

DIANA: - I'm such a bad packer. I really don't care.

Manicure or Pedicure?
JULIE: Pedicure. I love my feet touched.

DIANA: Pedicure. I'm on my feet all day so I really like pedicures.

Most fun event to compete in?
JULIE: Usually what I'm doing best so right now it is definitely the high jump. I would dread high jump in high school. It was my least favorite and now it's my most favorite. I definitely think Coach Sloan made a big difference.

DIANA: Usually it is the one you are doing the best in at the time but I like competing in the high jump. It's a long competition. The hurdles are over in a couple seconds.

Do you have any superstitions or phobias?
JULIE: Phobia - Crickets.

DIANA: Superstition - I never fix my hair. Even if it's pulled back and really loose, I don't touch it until after I jump. And I always have the same routine and do some quirky things, like I have to retie my shoes after every jump. If they're too tight my feet fall asleep and I can't have one too loose. They have to be the same. I'm kind of anal about that.

What or who makes you laugh the hardest?
JULIE: Katie Miller. We never stop laughing with her. We have the best time. We're constantly laughing and have to remind ourselves that we're at practice and we have to get serious.

DIANA: Katie Ann Miller makes me laugh the hardest. I'm rolling. I have the best time with her. We couldn't have been more lucky to have her join us. Couldn't be any more perfect.

If you could invite four people, living or dead, to dinner, who would they be?
JULIE: My late grandfather, my mom's dad, Bob Shuman, he passed away when we were little. Jackie Joyner Kersee, Julia Roberts, and that's it. I don't have a fourth.

DIANA: My grandpa - Papa - on my mom's side, and my mom and my dad together - that just doesn't happen. But it would be really cool to see my parents at the same dinner together. I can't think of a fourth. Sorry.

What would you cook?
JULIE: Spaghetti, nothing special but I live on that.

DIANA: Tenderloin steak

What one thing really bugs you about your sister?
JULIE: She's defensive. I think it's good for her and sometimes good for athletes. Not taking criticism well, there are good sides to that but sometimes it is frustrating.

DIANA: She's always there. I never get away. We actually are separating for the first time next year and living in different apartments.

What one thing do you really love about your sister?
JULIE: She is my best friend. Sometimes we don't get along but at least there's always somebody there for each other for everything. She's my other half. We know exactly what each other is talking about.

DIANA: I always have her there. I always have someone there to talk to and then other times it gets annoying. I always have a best friend right there but you always get annoyed with your best friend.

Are you a careful planner or do you just meet the deadline?
JULIE: I don't ever plan ahead but I always get things done.

DIANA: Deadline, no question. I'm working on it though.

What is your pet peeve?
JULIE: People who don't wait their turn to get off an airplane. They walk up from the back rows and crowd in front of people. That bugs me.

DIANA: When people don't just come out and say what's bothering them. That drives me crazy.

What is your dream car?
JULIE: Probably a pearly white Lexus. I'm not really a car person.

DIANA: Mercedes SL 500 in black. I've had a ride in an older model but I like the new ones. They're sharp. Classy.

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