Romar Press Conference Quotes

March 8, 2005

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar

On how react to Stanford loss: 'I think we're ready to play some basketball. We're looking forward to play in this (Pac-10) tournament.'

On how move past loss: 'I think the other time you call it a soul-searching session. When we did this before, we lost to Oregon State. It was our fourth loss and it wasn't like we were having a losing season or we had lost 10 in a row, we just wanted to make sure that that wouldn't occur or send us on a tailspin. There is no meeting necessary. It's unfortunate what happened, but we really are moving on right now. There is a big time Pac-10 Tournament we're about to play in, There's the NCAA Tournament that we're going to play in. We really are moving on.'

On Arizona State: 'Rob Evans has done a great job. Rob Evans took over their program when it was really down. He did things the right way. He recruited the right way. They ended up going to the tournament a couple of years ago and recruited, probably a lottery pick in Ike Diogu.'

On playing at the Staples Center for the Pac-10 Tournament: 'I thought we did okay there last year. It took a lot of getting used to when we were there last year. It's a new place, we haven't played there since last year. It's the same as going to Oregon State or UCLA or wherever. It is a bigger arena if you want to talk about depth perception, but I don't think that is a problem.'

On Roy's injury holding up for three games in consecutive days: 'We will find out. That is something we have not encountered to this point. He has got into a routine in terms of his minutes and his practicing to make it work, but this will be new ground for us.'

On defending Diogu: 'You have to always be aware of where he is. You have to try to keep him off the boards. He gets offensive rebounds and scores, he doesn't miss free throws, he goes out and hits three threes against Arizona. He's just a well-rounded offensive player. I don't know how you stop the guy. He's never had a single-digit (scoring) game in college. You just have to make sure that he doesn't go for 40 because he's capable of it.'

On Hakeem Rollins and Mike Jensen defending Diogu: 'I think his knee problem is behind him. The rustiness is behind him. He's playing more like he was playing for us last year, which is good. Mike Jensen has done a good job too. Hopefully both of them can contribute and help us in this game.'

On Rollins still returning from injury: 'It's one thing to be healthy. It's another thing to get your rhythm back and another thing to get your confidence back. When he got here in August it bothered him. He couldn't participate in the pick-up games and the conditioning as much with the guys. When we started practicing he was a little behind in that way and the knee was still bothering him. So he was playing with that nagging situation. Sometimes in that situation, you're playing in games with a lot at stake and things don't go your way that cannot help your confidence. I think at this point, now, he has begun to put that behind him and doing things that can help us win.'

On more pressure on team than last year: 'I wouldn't categorize it as pressure as much as a healthy urgency to do well. I know that when we play with a chip on our shoulder, we're a much better team. I think we've had that chip, we've played 29 games and won 24 of them, I think we've had it for the most part. It's hard to go undefeated, so we've slipped up from time-to-time.'

On similarities in losses this season: 'The closest in similarity was Stanford and UCLA. The Gonzaga loss we were very poor in transition defense. In the Arizona loss we missed a lot of shots. Good looks, we just couldn't put the ball in the basket. Oregon State we just weren't very good. In this last loss I thought that we got unraveled a bit. I think if we were still playing the type of basketball that we were able to play against Cal where we made the extra passes and got open looks where at Stanford we were trying to force it. So for the most part, they have been different issues, I don't think there's been a recurring issue. Maybe the one might be the opposition getting to the foul line.'

On being outcoached: 'I would say that without question, just like players get outplayed, coaches get outcoached. I won't tell you that that has never happened to us here. In my career, it's not the first time. You win some, you lose some.'

On different types of coaches: 'Coaching and who's a great coach and who's not - that's an interesting dynamic to me. For years, people said that Jim Boeheim wasn't a very good coach. Number one, you don't keep a job for 100 years like he has and not be a good coach. It's just that his way is different. What do they base a good coach on? Is it just X's and O's because from my understanding Jim Valvano wasn't a very good X's and O's guy, but he was an unbelievable motivator and an unbelievable recruiter. There's others whose teams are prepared. When I was in a system at UCLA, we played Arkansas and we didn't practice one time for Arkansas. We didn't go over how to break their press one time. Jim Harrick was such a good coach that our team was prepared to face anything by just going out and playing basketball. We understood spacing, we understood angling on screens, so we didn't have to practice for them. Preparation made him a good coach. There are other coaches who make game adjustments when things don't go well. They're phenomenal. There's so many different ways to skin a cat.'

On being wary of facing certain coaches: 'I wouldn't say wary, I would say there are some coaches, I know Lute Olsen is one, when you play them a certain time and you're effective with something, you can rest assured that an adjustment will be made. He'll adjust to comeback or combat whatever you did.'

On NCAA seeding: 'We've talked to our team about trying to get the highest seed possible. When it really comes down to it though, we got a pretty good seed at UCLA and who did we draw? Princeton. If we had a weaker seed, maybe we would have played a team that wasn't the total opposite of us and maybe we would have won our first round game. So sometimes that seeding may not be as big of a deal.'

On playing close to home in NCAA Tournament: 'I think it's always helpful when you don't have to travel as far. When you're in the NCAA Tournament and you have that opportunity, if you have to go to Russia or you have to play the Lakers, you can't snivel. Let's go play - bottom line. Whatever you're faced with, you have to attack, there's no turning back. You can have preferences, but you have to go with what you've got.'

On officiating in NCAA Tournament: 'It has been my experience that they let you play a little more.'

On players excited to play at Staples Center: 'I don't think it's a level of excitement where they're like, `wow, I can't wait to play in the Staples Center!' It is an exciting situation. The reason you're there in the first play and you're in a pro arena. We've suggested that it's a special time. The excitement for the opportunity is definitely there.'

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