Pac-10 Tournament:</b> UW Postgame Quotes

March 10, 2005

Lorenzo Romar
On Playing a Close Game:
'If we were not playing until next week it might be good, but we've got to come right back and play tomorrow. It lasted longer than we would have liked, but you always learn from these situations. I thought our guys handled things well when we got into the overtime. The thing that pulled this out for us was that we had an unbelievable effort in terms of scrapping. We played so hard down the stretch. It was Brandon Roy for a little bit in terms of scoring that sustained us. Then Nate got going and got into a zone and got on a roll. In order for Nate and Brandon to be in a position to do that, we had to play hard and our guys fought really hard.'

On Attempting to Limit Brandon Roy's Minutes: 'We did. If we were able to play three consecutive games, we felt like if we were able to distance ourselves and maintain a lead that we would try to rest him, but the game got to a point where we needed him. He came in and did a fantastic job, not only scoring a few baskets, but on the boards. He got us a few rebounds. He just had a presence out there that he always has. He's fine, we were just going to try and limit his minutes. It ended up working out.'

On Tre Simmons: 'He's a little banged up. He had a kind of a strained groin. He got hit physically. He took some knocks. He' be able to get his rest.'

On Playing Against Ike Diogu: 'Whenever Ike Diogu doesn't get 30 points, it's team effort. Hakeem Rollins and Mike Jensen just did a phenomenol job just working because Arizona State was constantly working to try and get the ball on the block and those guys both worked to try and deny him and the other guys were there running to the ball to deny him. Tonight, as opposed to the last game, we did not give up as much dribble pentration which allowed Ike to kind of roam free on the backboard. That didn't happen as much tonight.'

On Playing Shorthanded Due to Fouls: 'Was it Oregon where we were shorthanded because Bobby (Jones) was sick? The same kind of thing happened. It was also the last overtime game we had. There were some similarities there. There were a lot of fouls called in that game and there were a lot of fouls called in this game. Give our guys a lot of credit, they did not give up. They played together and continued to fight. If we didn't we don't come out on the victory side tonight.'

Nate Robinson
On playing well vs. ASU this season:
'I think it is because the way they play. They play like us. Coach wanted to make sure we got pressure to them and we played a lot of pressure defense up and down the court the whole game. That's how I like to play. My guys put so much confidence in me when I'm playing I feel the sky is the limit.'

On Steve Moore's Shot at the End of Regulation for ASU: 'We were in a scramble situation. We were just trying to find a guy. Coach always tells us to find the person nearest to you. Somehow he got a lay up.'

His Thoughts on What Had to Happen in Overtime: 'It was just to score. That's all. We had to get the ball in the hole. I told coach, `Enough of this trying to run the clock out, we've got to attack these guys.' We had to let them know their backs were against the wall. That's what we did and we got a couple of easy buckets and then Brandon got hot. B-Roy is one of the most amazing players I've ever played with. He's so unselfish.'

On Going to Brandon Roy Down the Stretch: 'With B-Roy, he can score at will. That's why he is so dangerous. He's a guard and he also has post moves. He can do so much. We know we can get an easy bucket from B-Roy because we know he is going to make the right decision. We see it in practice all the time where we'll get him the ball in the right situation and he always makes the right decision. When we do that in a game, it just seems so natural.'

Hakeem Rollins
Playing Better vs. ASU:
'We really wanted to come out and attack. We know there have been times in the past where Ike has not had to play a lot of defense. Tonight we wanted to make sure he had to guard, to play offense and defense for the whole 40 minutes.'

On Denying Diogu the Ball: 'For most of the year, when it comes to guarding big guys, we've done a pretty good job of trying to deny them the ball, to make them try and lob it over the top. In the first half, when everybody was fresh, it was easier. In the second half we got a few more fouls, people were not as fresh and we still did a pretty good job on him.'

On Having a Deep Rotation for the Pac-10 Tournament: 'It's huge. Having all of these guys gives us a chance to play really hard for an extended period of time which a lot of teams cannot do. We should not get into tough situations when it comes to fouls because we have a lot of guys who are interchangeable. When you turn around and have to play back-to-back games it really helps because you have so many guys getting equal minutes nobody really gets that tired.'

Mike Jensen
On Stopping Ike Diogu:
'You cannot let him just camp out in the paint on defense and block shots and let him conserve his energy and let him spend all of his energy on offense. Today we wanted to make him have to work on both ends of the floor. We also wanted to work him defensively and offensively by trying to be aggressive. We wanted to keep him off the glass as much as we could. I think that helped us win the game.'

On the Team Depth: 'We only had a couple of guys log a lot of minutes tonight. Everyone else played a share of minutes. I don't think anyone played over 30 except for Will and Nate. Hopefully we'll still be fresh, get some rest tonight and still be able to be aggressive tomorrow.'

On Being Mentally Prepared to Play Three Game in Three Days: 'I think a lot of tournament time is being mentally prepared. You have to be tough, you have to be strong. If you don't have it upstairs and don't tell yourself to fight through it to win a championship, then you never will. A lot of times you have to keep plugging away as much as you can and focus on being mentally strong as well as physically strong.'

Joel Smith
On Contributing Right Away Off the Bench:
'I just wanted to get into the flow. I knew if I kept moving in our motion offense I would get some open shots.'

Will Conroy
On Calling Two Critical Timeouts to Save Possessions:
'Coach always tells us in practice the first one on the floor gets the ball. We're playing with new NIKE balls and the balls are kind of funny to catch at first. The first one, I kind of bobbled the catch and I thought `I've got to get this ball,' so I just dove. I was surprised he gave me the timeout. On the second one, I caught the ball in the air and I wasn't going to throw it behind the backboard and let Ike Diogu somehow be Superman and catch it and slam it. I knew I had to get a timeout. I remember coach telling us before we came out (of the timeout) that we had three left.'

On Brandon Roy's Play: 'He's able to do so many things as far as making plays. Coach trusts us to get the ball in his hands and let him make a play. He gives him that freedom go out there and do that. He made some big plays for us down the stretch. It didn't matter who was guarding him, he was just making plays. We trusted him, we gave him the ball and we let him roll.'

On Being Mentally Tough in Tournament Play: 'That's the best thing about being a sophomore or a junior. You know you still have at least one or two years left to play. If you get back in the same position, you know you have to be mentally tougher than the year before because you've been in that situation before. We've been there so we know how to get those tough wins. That's a positive for us. This win tonight was a positive for us too. When you face adversity and can still get the win, that helps you down the line. In the NCAA tournament, you can expect to play in these type of tight games.'

Brandon Roy
On the Huskies:
'I think we're playing good, but not great yet. Before the game we just told each other to go out there and make some plays. Tonight, Nate saw some opportunities to make some plays and I had the opportunity to come in and make some plays. We're just trying to seize the moment. I thought we did a good job out there. Nate did a great job. Hopefully tomorrow he can come out and play as well. If not, then still play with the same effort he had today. I think we'll be fine.'

On How he Feels: 'I feel alright right now. The biggest thing is how I'll feel in the morning. I feel fine now. It's a good thing we have a late game and I don't have to get up early. I'm not upset at how much I had to play. I'd rather play than be packing my bags to go home.'

On His Play Late in the Game: 'Coach said, `B you haven't played, don't pace for tomorrow.' He said to go out there and play like the last five minutes like you have fresh legs. Don't worry about tomorrow. Just play it out. I went out there and tried to go after every rebound and to score on offense. I knew the guys were trying so hard, I just wanted to do something to help them out. They've been backing me up all year. Every moment I can try and help them, I try to do it.'

On Scoring from the Block: 'I'm extremely confident because most of the time it is a smaller guy guarding me and if he is bigger I can try and face him up. Coach knows that if two guys collapse, I'll pass it out. I'm pretty sure if I can't beat my guy, it is because he has help. Then, I'll try to kick it over to another guy and he can finish it.'

On Not Seeing a Lot of Double Teams: 'They didn't do a lot of that and that's why my eyes got this big when I got the ball tonight.'

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