Despite Setbacks, Beavers Step Up To The Challenge At The Mt. SAC Relays

April 15, 2005

Walnut Creek, Calif. - Oregon State women's track participated in one of the biggest meets in the country Friday evening, the Mt. SAC Relays. The women ran in multiple heats of the 5,000 meters and 1,500 meters against runners from all over the country.

'Part of this whole experience was to have the girls compete against some of the best runners in the country,' OSU head coach Kelly Sullivan said. 'It was very different, the fields are larger and the goal was to get some exposure and experience.'

Coach Sullivan took seven girls from the team to compete in the meet, including Kaitlin Poggi, Lauren Denfeld, Jean-Marie Peterson, Taylor Bryant, Ashley Younce, Ashley Francis, and Neoma Palmer.

Ashley Francis finished 23rd out of 30 runners in the first heat of the 5,000, with a time of 18:33.30. Ashley Younce finished 33rd and Neoma Palmer finished 38th out of 47 runners in the second heat of the 5,000, with times of 17:29.10 and 17:37.07 respectively.

Taylor Bryant finished 37th overall out of 37 runners in the first event of the 1,500, with at time of 4:43.70. Lauren Denfeld finished 20th overall out of 43 runners in the second event of the 1,500, with a time of 4:39.71. While Kaitlin Poggi finished 41st and Jean-Marie Peterson finished 43rd overall in the second event of the 1,500, with times of 4:49.41 and 4:56.16 respectively.

'We actually had a couple of mishaps today,' Sullivan said. 'Kaitlin got tripped in the 1,500 and actually fell off about 50 meters from the pack. She was able to get back up and finish, but Jean-Marie also got tangled up with her in it, so those two performances were a little misleading. I was disappointed because Kaitlin was on the verge of running really well tonight.'

The Beavers will return to Oregon for next weekend's meet, when they compete at the Oregon Invitational in Eugene, Oregon.



1,500 METERS (1st Event, out of 37): 1. Johanna Nilsson, NA, 4:18.60; 2. Lauren Christman, UCSB, 4:20.90; 3. Jennifer Kemp, WV, 4:21.30; 4. Elizabeth Woodworth, WR, 4:21.88; 5. Maggie Infeld, GU, 4:22.22; 6. Meaghan Leon, DU, 4:22.56; 7. Kerry Meagher, ND, 4:22.83; 8. Darolyn Trembath, BTF, 4:23.00; 9. Alisha Williams, WS, 4:23.09; 10. Kim Ramirez, UCI, 4:23.20; 37. Taylor Bryant, OSU, 4:43.70.

1,500 METERS (2nd Event, out of 43): 1. Lauren Muleky, CP, 4:27.53; 2.Rebecca Johnstone, SF, 4:27.56; 3. Leora Jordan, WS, 4:27.99; 4. Amber Steen, ASU, 4:28.53; 5. Elizabeth Maloy, GU, 4:29.98; 6. Kira Harrison, WSU, 4:30.52; 7. Abbey Sadowski, BU, 4:31.15; 8. Dana Buchanan, UH, 4:31.82; 9. Alisha Bezanson, Unattached, 4:32.01; 10. Leticia Cerna, Roadrunner TC, 4:33.26; 20. Lauren Denfeld, OSU, 4:39.71; 41. Kaitlin Poggi, OSU, 4:49.41; 43. Jean-Marie Peterson, OSU, 4:56.16.

5,000 METERS (1st Event, out of 30): 1. Irene Kimaiyo, TT, 16:47.01; 2. Megan Lewis , UCSB, 16:51.37; 3. Ashley Monteau, SFA, 17:12.13; 4. Hilary Dionne, DU, 17:13.76; 5. Molly Hammer, KS, 17:19.88; 6. Stefanie Calhoun, TT, 17:20.94; 7. Nicole Plante, UML, 17:35.38; 8. Seanna Martin, UCSB, 17:39.66; 9. Amy Gochnour, SU, 17:43.12; 10. Marie Grabinski, NW, 17:44.32; 23. Ashley Francis, OSU, 18:33.30

5,000 METERS (2nd Event, out of 47): 1. Heather Cooksey, SI, 16:32.97; 2. Agnes Kroneraff, SW, 16:33.66; 3. Laurel Burdick, BC, 16:37.70; 4. Allison Grace, KU, 16:38.00; 5. Marissa Daniels, RU, 16:41.31; 6. Nicole Gliem, OS, 16:43.87; 7. Alisha Bezanson, Unattached, 16:46.63; 8. Andrea Parker, UM, 16:46.64; 9. Christine Laakso, BU, 16:49.71; 10. Valerie Flores, UCLA, 16:49.98; 33. Ashley Younce, OSU, 17:29.10; 34. Neoma Palmer, OSU, 17:37.07.

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