Husky Football Opens Tuesday

Aug. 8, 2005

Seattle - The Washington football team opens it fall camp Tuesday when the Huskies work out at Husky Stadium late in the afternoon. To preview the start of fall practice, UW coach Tyrone Willingham and select Husky players met with the media Monday. Here are some notes and quotes from the event:

Willingham announced that two recruits, freshman defensive lineman Tyrone Davis of Olympia and junior cornerback Qwenton Freeman of Pasadena City College did not meet entrance requirements and will not enroll at the University this fall.

Redshirt freshman linebacker Trenton Tuiasosopo will not take part in Washington's preseason fall camp. He has not yet received a medical clearance after suffering a head injury last spring during a bicycle accident.

Willingham said that sophomore defensive tackle Jordan White-Frisbee will be in fall camp but is not yet ready to participate in drills while recovering from off-season surgery. White-Frisbee suffered a broken foot following spring drills. Senior center Brandon Leyritz will also be sidelined at the start of the fall due to a recent bout of mononucleosis.

Sophomore fullback Durrell Moss will move to defensive back, most likely cornerback. Freshman linebacker Chris Stevens will play linebacker for the Huskies.

Washington's annual Picture Day will take place Saturday at Husky Stadium from 1-3 p.m. The event is free to the public. Hotdogs, drinks, chips will be available to fans in addition to schedule posters and schedule cards.

Quotes from Head Coach Tyrone Willingham and Husky Players


General Comments:
'I hope you are as excited about this season as I am. Obviously there are some question marks that we don't know right now. But that is why we start to practice, and that is why we play the game. So I am extremely excited to starting, and I think our players are, after the summer they have in terms of training, and trying to prepare themselves for the season.'

On team roster, injuries, changes, etc:
'We have lost two young men that will not be admitted to the university for academic reasons. One being Tyrone Davis, and one being Qwenton Freeman. They will not be joining us this fall. We have one young man until he gets better, he will not be in camp is Trenton Tuiasosopo. He has not been medically cleared for full contact, but he will join us hopefully before the end of the season. Other injuries that we have, and who will not participate in the start of the camp is Jordan White-Frisbee, he is still recovering from his surgery, but we are anticipating that he will be in play before the season is over, and ready to go. Also I have Brandon Leyritz, who has a bout with Mono that he is getting over so hopefully within the next week and a half he will be able to resume full participation. We also have, the question we are always asked about is position changes, and we do have a few of those. I think it is listed that freshman Chris Stevens will be a running back somewhere. We made a decision to move him to linebacker. And we also changed Durrell Moss who played fullback for us, we will put him in our defense as our secondary. Other then that, probably a surprise report, I guess some of your heard something about a young man, offensive lineman, Morgan Rosborough, who will join us and be apart of our team starting with our opening of the camp.'

On Tyrone Davis coming to UW:
'Probably in Tyrone's case, it will probably be a year, maybe two years from now depending on what he decides to with the junior college system.'

On Jordan White-Frisbee recovering from surgery:
'It will be a straight speculation on my part, to throw out a date. We just need to see how he progresses, but I think he will probably be back this season.'

On going into his first season as Husky head coach:
'Am I happy to be here? Absolutely. I think if I was to jump out of my chair, it will surprise most of you and you will think it is an unusual reaction, but I am delighted to be here. I cant tell you the number of times I have said this, but if you think about the places you could been, and the reasons to be there, but when you have great leadership and I said this to our Athletic Director, and our President here, we have great tradition, and there is no one in this country who can dispute the tradition of Husky football. We have great passion from our fans. There are only a few places in the country that are like that, and I think I am at one of them, so I am delighted to be here. The Notre Dame episode, I won't touch that. I don't talk about it. It is a great place-a wonderful place and we did some great things there. I did not do all I wanted to do. And as far as an outlook for this season, I am excited about our football team. I am excited about the commitment, the effort, and the and energy they have put into this season so far. But we have a lot of work to do. That is why we begin to practice, and that is why we are eager to get that phase of the season.'

On Willingham's coaching transition:
'The transition is always ongoing. I dot think the transition stops. And some of the times, I hope the transition never stops, because even in transition sometimes you are on the edge, and I think in life it is nice to have an edge.'

On the upcoming season:
'My thoughts are wishful thinking. Hopefully our young men are doing all the little things that we need them to do to be ready to start the season. And that is what some of the excitement is. Because I get to see now first hand. Before I couldn't hide in a corner of the stadium and see what they were doing. It was not permissible. So what I have to do is trust our young men, because that is part of developing the bond it takes to be a good football team. If you can trust, and believe that your leadership is doing all the things that you need to be successful.'

On the most pressing question marks:
'How they respond to the teams that we play. Their preparation for those. Their preparation especially for Air Force. An option team that never stops practicing, based on everyone's commitments and what they are involved in. So those are the primary question marks, and of course you always have to question yourself-what changes have you made? What adjustments have you made? Are we bigger, faster, stronger, better, do we know more, etc.? So all those are things that you look at, you turn over, look upside down, and see if you can improve them, and make sure you are on the right course.'

On watching past videos:
'I watch a little, and in some cases I watch a lot. It depends on what you are looking at. If I watch opponents, then I watch a lot. If I am looking at our guys, sometimes we watch a little, because you never want your opinions of your players to be an affect about what they did in the past. You put them in a totally new environment sometimes, and it is amazing in the change in performance and attitude.'

On the offensive philosophy:
'The first thing, my offense philosophy is defined by one word, win. And that is strange word to choose for your offensive philosophy for some because some people think that you should pass, you should do this, do that...I want to win. So if it takes seventy rushing plays for us to win, I want to run it seventy times. If it takes seventy passes for us to win, I want to throw it seventy times. But in all honesty, what I am interested in is balance. Because when you have balance, then you have the ability to keep your opponent off guard. If your overplay is to run, you pass. If your overplay is to pass, you run. So that is what I prefer-to have some balance. But if you want to hang your hat on something, running the football is still a very important element of the game, even the modern game. You will notice that those teams that have a great history of throwing the football, it is amazing how they slip in that 150, sometimes 200 yard rushing if all games, you don't even notice it'

On the strength of the team:
'I would say that our offensive line was our strength. If I had a preference, I would like it to be our offensive line. It should be followed by our quarterback., and you can even say that any one can be on the top. But I think that if you have an outstanding offensive line, then that makes your entire football team a lot better. And so we want to develop into that type of program that has a great offensive line, then of course the quarterback has to be great. So hopefully we will be developing along those lines as we develop the program.'

On staying here for camp:
'I thought for our football team it would be better for us to be here this year. I will not rule out the future, going off site, but right now, based on our football team.'

' Stanford teams. I think that we led the conference in rushing that year. We also passed for about 270 yards through the air, so I think that is what we need to shoot for. I wanted to have an offense that averaged about 300 passing and 200 rushing.'

On not being able to watch some of the workouts:
'I don't think there is any question about that. I think that the tempo is going to be a lot different. To say that people are catching on to that idea than I would say that is a factor that our guys have caught on to this spring. They have prepared themselves well.'

On quarterbacks:
'You have to have some idea, but please don't think that Coach Willingham doesn't have an idea of what the situation was last year, because that's not true. But I will not let what happened last year have any impact on my decision. I would feel bad if my coach came in and judged everything that I did on last year. You have to give them a chance to show you what they can do this year. You have to let them know what you want them to do and see how they do it. I think that is a fair way to coach a football team and that is what I have done.'

On starting quarterback:
'I know that you guys needed a starting quarterback's name yesterday and I apologize for not doing that. I will let our players decide who is the starter by what they do on the field. When our guys have completely taken control of that we will know whom the starter is going to be. In the spring, all of our quarterbacks did some good things and there were some things that I felt all of our quarterbacks needed to improve on. They have worked hard and been competitive.'

On timeline for deciding quarterbacks:
'They will tell me before I will tell them. The offensive style that we have presented to them will provide all of them with the opportunity to succeed.'

I am not really a platoon guy. I like to have one leader and I think that the team needs one leader. Please understand that my philosophy is to win. If it is best to use all three quarterbacks to do that than we will. We will find a way to win, but the preference is that we have just one man lead our football team.

Husky Players

Quarterback Isaiah Stanback

Feelings on new season:
'Everybody is excited to be here. We have been doing a lot of team stuff with 11 on 11. Our team chemistry is a lot better with everybody coming back yesterday and guys are already starting to get ready for a game. We are a lot more united this year and you can tell. If you walk through the locker room everybody is talking and having a good time because we have grown closer to each other. Everybody wants to get out there and practice so that we can be prepared for the games.'

On team staying together all summer instead of everyone heading home:
'It was hard because you were doing your work and they were doing their work. Like coach said, you can get better at being individuals that way, but you can't get any better as a team.'

On preparing to go out and win starting quarterback role:
'I am ready to do what I have to do and I am going to try my best. If that gets me the job than I am blessed. We just have to get together with the coach and figure out what is best for the team. All of us (quarterbacks) are working together and we have been helping each other out. A lot of people think that we are working together, but we are just helping each other out. Whoever coach calls upon has to be ready.'

On better understanding of Tyrone Willingham now in comparison to first day:
'I have had chances to learn more about the guy and what kind of personality he has. He has told us what he expects out of the quarterback position and what he wants for you to do for the team. He is a funny guy and he knows how to have fun, but right now it is time for him to take care of business.'

Safety Dashon Goldson

On first impressions of Coach Willingham:
'Since he has arrived here it has been all about business. Everybody is ready to go and we know that Coach Willingham is the right guy for this program. We have a lot of young guys that he is trying to develop and mature and I respect that.'

On team's new attitude:
'I think that we have changed our work ethic and you can tell that there is a better attitude around here based on the way that everyone is walking around and carrying themselves. Everybody's goals are the same as mine, we just want to work hard and get better.'

On being picked to finish tenth in the Pac-10:
'It is just more motivation for us. We got picked tenth and I don't think that we have a tenth place team or coaching staff. We are much better than that.'

On spending the summer together as a team:
'I think the fact that we stayed together as a team this summer is going to help us a lot. When you go home you have a tendency to be lazy and not work as hard. It wasn't anything new for me to be around here because I stay here every off-season and work out, but I think that it will have a positive effect on this years team.

Evan Benjamin

On first impressions of coaching staff:
'We knew coach Willingham's plan from the get go. Right when he got out here he had a plan laid our for us and told us exactly what we were going to do. I think that is a good thing and it says a lot about the coaching staff and it let's you know right away what they expect out of you because they knew what they wanted to do and they knew what they wanted to achieve. It was a good opportunity to get to know them during the spring and I think that we are going to get an even better opportunity now in the fall.'

On Willingham's new direction for team:
'I like it, but it's not like we haven't been working towards that. We have so many changes and I think that we are all just really excited to see what the future holds for us. It is going to be exciting.'

On new attitude of teammates:
'Most of all you can notice that we all seem to have a feeling like something positive is going to happen for us this season. We have a lot of older guys with experience and I think that we just have to put it all together.'

On being picked to finish t10th in Pac-10:
'We don't care, right now everybody has the same record because nobody has played a game yet. I really don't see us finishing that poorly and I think that we are going to have a great season. I think that we are all going to be working hard and we just have to keep this upbeat mentality going.'

Quarterback Casey Paus

On spending the summer with the team:
'I think that it went really well. We had everyone around this year and we did a lot of team functions. It was great to see that kind of excitement here during the summer, especially going into my senior year. This is my last year and you want to make it the best and win some games. I want to go out on top and having that many guys around that are that excited to get out there and start up a new season is a great thing to see.'

First impressions on Coach Willingham:
'He is somebody that demands respect, but at the same time I feel like he respects everybody. That is a great attribute to have and he has a lot of great thoughts in that head of his. He has a lot of great plans and I think that he does a great job as a Husky. Combine all that with the coaching staff that he has under him and those are great attributes as well.'

On the new attitude of the team:
'Last year is over and we feel like we just have to move on and start the new season. We are starting over and we have a clean slate. That is kind of where we are at as a team right now, everybody just wants to write their own record books from the start. I think that is exactly the kind of mindset that we need to have.'

On being picked to finish 10th in the Pac-10:
'I don't think that is going to effect our team. We know that we have a great team with a great scheme in place and the coaches are going to do whatever they can to give us what we need to win. I think the guys on this team really want to win and I think that everyone realizes that we need to win. I didn't get to vote and either did anyone else on the team. It is all other people's opinions and we will just leave it at that so that we can do what we can to win.'

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