Postcard from Italy - Aug. 19

Aug. 20, 2005

COMO, Italy - August 20

What's up Cal fans?

It's my turn to write a diary entry and for those of you who know me, you would expect my day to write would be full of excitement and adventure. To my dismay and your surprise, it wasn't. So, in order to keep my entry exciting, I'll try to touch on a few highlights from each day and conclude with my actual day. It may be a little long, but I think you would like Rod Benson's SIDE OF THINGS.

Day 1: I spent 10 hours on an international flight in a standard coach seat. I had an aisle seat, which proved to be a gift and my curse because I could stretch my legs into the aisle, but they were trampled by the flight attendants.

Day 3: After spending time in beautiful Florence for a couple of days, I realized a few things. Mainly, that if you decide you want to eat at a restaurant, you'd better be loaded so you don't have the same reaction I did to being charged 20 Euro (about $25) for 2 Cokes. Also, that when DeVon (Hardin) asked me 'where is synagoose?' and he actually meant 'where is Senegal?' Really, wasn't that funny, or was it?

Day 4: We visited the beach outside of Pisa. As for myself, I would never actually hit the beach, I took a walk. You must understand that by this point I was near starvation because I really appreciate American food. So, I decided to get a 'good' meal. Two hours and 4 meals later, I was led into a dead end. Being exhausted as I was, I decided to ask someone where the McD's was located. My heart sank faster than it had ever before when the young boy said, 'Ten kilometres that way to the main city.' At this point, I felt as though I was trapped in a glass case of emotion. I slowly staggered back toward the main street and sat down feeling confused, ashamed and hungry. I was not walking back. I took the bus, which either was free of I didn't know how to pay for, and made it back in time to leave the beach with everyone.

Day 7: We had a game against a tougher team in Trieste. I would say we definitely played very well. Some of you may or may not have gotten wind of how the game ended. The refs ended it with about five minutes left because it was getting too physical. Never in my four years here have I felt such camaraderie as I did in that locker room. Just knowing how we can come together back in Trieste leads me to believe that our team can be just as cohesive in Seattle or Tucson or Palo Alto.

It's about that time now to mention today, August 19, 2005. It was pretty uneventful. We left Venice, aka the city of Pigeons., at about noon and proceeded to drive four hours up to Lake Como. Halfway there, we stopped in Verona for the main purpose of visiting the Arena. I must say that when I entered it, a brisk wind blitzed through the tunnel and struck me and made me feel as though I was going to battle as a Gladiator.

So I left and found a McDonald's (yes!) and got some Chicken McNuggets that were delicious. I swear, once they hit your lips, they're so good. We got back on the bus and drove into Como without Eric (Vierneisel), who travelled with his family. I'm currently here in Como, which is rainy, so I can't enjoy it like I would like to. I'm just glad I found an Internet café because I wanted to check my Facebook.

Well I am off, hopefully you enjoyed my entry into this crazy diary.

Thanks for reading

P.S. I think I blew up my Xbox while trying to plug it in

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