Quotes from Derek Hagan Press Conference

Aug. 29, 2005

Tempe, Ariz. - On the consistency of Sam Keller:'Sam has been very consistent. He comes into the film room and is always watching, breaking it down, making sure that he knows what the defense is running out there. You have to make sure you know what you are doing in the film room because it all shows on the field.

'We have nine returning starters that all played last year. Every returning guy knows the offense and not too much has changed. They know what they are doing and we don't have to tell each other too much where they have to be in each situation.'

On the Temple defense:'We know that they are thin and they are young, but they do have experience. They have guys on their team that have been playing for many years and they know the system. They are going to come out here playing hard to try and upset us, but we are going to try not to let them do that.'

On the heat:'The heat is to our advantage. We are so used to it now, that we actually want it to be very hot because it doesn't bother us. Once other teams come out here and start playing in it, it starts to wear on them as the game progresses because they are not used to playing in it.'

On his expectations of this team:'I think that for this team to improve from last season, we need to turn those three losses from last year into wins. Last year, those three losses were just a matter of mental lapses or turnovers and was a result of us not playing four full quarters of football. We know if we do that, we have the possibility of having an undefeated season.'

On Temple's defense being set up to stop the run:'We've been in the film room watching the film and all the receivers are talking about making the big plays. We know that they only put one guy back in the secondary and we love to throw the ball deep. We love to put the ball in the air so hopefully we can have a big day throwing the ball.'

On underestimating Temple:'We have to take one game at a time. Temple comes before LSU and it's just like any other game on the schedule. We have to get ready for it and we are ready to go. We are looking forward to starting the season this Thursday.'

On sluggish practice:'We've been working for so long, we've been doing two-a-days and working since August 5th that guys are sick of hitting each other. After a while, they just want to hit somebody else. I think that is what we are waiting on right now.'

On how quickly four years have passed:'Time is always flying by so fast. I remember as just a freshman when I got to watch the other guys come up here and sit in this chair. Now I am the one up here and it feels like it has gone by so fast. We just finished up the summer program and training camp and already, our first game is here. We are all excited for it.

On the Tillman Tunnel:'I think that the guys see that and look up to him a whole lot. He did a lot for not only ASU, but for his country in volunteering to go off to war. When you actually walk through that tunnel and see his picture with his name up there, it means a whole lot to these guys.'

On setting ASU's receiving records:'I try not to think about them. When you are on the playing field, you don't want to think about the records. I just want to come out playing hard and do whatever I can to help our team win. When it happens, it will be a great thing and I'll think about it after the game, but I always want to just stay focused on the game.'

On ASU's offensive outlook:'I think that our offense could be unstoppable. We have five receivers that have been in the system for the past three years. We have Burgess and Hill running the ball and we also have Zach Miller to make plays for us. Our whole offensive line is returning as well. As long as we come out executing and playing hard, if we know our gameplan we can be unstoppable.

'The receiving corps is always out there competing with each other. We're always working hard to try and get better. I know that at any point in the game, any one of these guys could make a play. If myself or Zach Miller or Terry Richardson is getting double-teamed, somebody is going to step up and make a play for us.'