Pete Carroll and June Jones Press Confrence Quotes

Aug. 30, 2005

Media Luncheon

Pete Carroll

Opening Statement

'It is a very exciting time for us, we are going to get back to ball, it feels like it has been a long time. There has been a lot of things that have happened in this off-season. It has been really enjoyable getting back to camp and getting our football players back to playing ball and digging in. We have had a very strong camp it has been very competitive. It has been the most physical camp we have ever had because our guys have been in such good shape and we made it through healthy. We are very pleased with the progress we have made. It is great to have our QB back and ready to go. He threw everyday of camp which is entirely different then where we were a year ago. The experience of the offensive line is obvious. We are real excited about some aspects of it and we have some big question marks still as we go in to the season still, especially looking at the defensive side. We have the guys in place we are very secure with that, but we have a lot of game experience to gain. This first game will be a great challenge. We have some issues in this game that we have to deal with. The unique style of the offensive from Hawaii, the run and shoot style. The defense where they bring back an experienced veteran from the NFL and we don't have any idea what he is going to play on defense, that brings issues for us on the offensive side. It is an exciting opener, it is a great event for the people of the west. We are really looking forward to it. We are in the midst of the process right now. Although the game week starts today it seems like we have been working on Hawaii for quite a while. We look very much forward to this start, and I can't wait.

On how this is the fastest defense so far

'Since we have been here this is the group that runs the best. We are excited about it and we are going to need it. Speed is always essential for a terrific defense but more then that speed can cover up for errors or and issues that come up when guys are not doing the right thing. You can pursue and catch up and make some plays. I am hoping that the speed of this defense will make a difference for us.

Concern about depth going against a run and shoot offense

'We are very good shape going into this game safety wise going into this opening game. There are a couple of freshmen that may get called into action and it will be their first time ever. Both of our kids have had good camps and they are neck and neck for playing time and both will probably play if we call on them in the fourth quarter. It is not quite as far along as we have hoped. They have been out there everyday and battling. They have made very good progress. Other than that we are in very good shape for the safety spot is well manned and had a lot of experience and very competitive.

If this is the best team offensively he has ever had

'This is the best group we have had based on the experience and the big production from the receivers and the running back and of course the quarterbacks. I think the continuity is very special. We have Matt at the helm, and the offensive line in tact. That gives us the sense that we should be very strong on that side of the ball with depth too. We can move guys around and not lose out if we lose a couple of guys here and there. It has been a very difficult offensive in camp because of the dynamics they can present with Reggie, Dominque Byrd, and the emergence of Dwayne Jarrett. Jarrett is so much farther ahead then he was last year at this time with the experience and the competitiveness and toughness and all the areas that will make him better. It is an exciting group and as we start out the season we are counting on those guys to take a leadership position on this football team.

The response to the staff changes

'It has been a great process. It is really fun to put the thing together with the challenge of trying to replace terrific football coaches. To see it come together and the guys work so hard to hold up their end of it and the instantaneous continuity that Sark brought back to us. He immediately jumped back into things and didn't miss a trick. It was really fun. We have to go out and prove what we are all about. There are a lot of scrutiny and question marks about that, that I think are valid. I think this group is going to do a great job. We will have to see how we do.

On the three big holes on the defense going into camp

'We have been fortunate that the guys have been able to play together all spring camp. We have been very lucky health wise. We have had an opportunity to get comfortable and feel the growth that the guys have gone through. Sedrick Ellis and La Juan Ramsey have played together constantly. They seem to be in the same vein of the style players that we had. How far they can take it, I don't know. Sedrick is a dynamic player that can chase the football really well and good pass rush ability, he is really good at the point of attack. LaJuan is really a strong heavy duty guy. We felt real good about the progress they have made. Oscar Lua has really emerged mid way through camp and made us feel that he made other guys play better with his experience being around our system for a few years, with the call making, and the leadership he brings and he is a tough guy and he runs well. That really settled us down after we made that decision. The competition still is on and all of those spots for guys with playing time. We feel pretty comfortable with it right now. Especially with Keith Rivers taking over for Matt Grootegoed he didn't play a lot last year at that spot, but he did get game time experience. He has had a very good process. He is playing at the nickel spot. He has done a great job for us. We hope for a good start. We know we are going to grow in the early part of the season with these guys the big question mark is how we can adjust with the guys in there for the first time. We have been well versed with the guys we had in there for the past couple of years because of their backgrounds. We have to start that all over again with new guys.

On motivating a group that has already accomplished so much

'It is so common for people to think that when someone accomplishes something that they are going to become complacent. When the team accomplished this then now what are we going to do. I don't feel like that in anything we have done or anything our players have done. I don't see that in Matt and I don't see that in Reggie. Those guys have had phenomenal off-season. They are competing and striving more so then ever before. It is the nature of these kids to be championship kids and take it as far as they can. As far as taking a leadership position as far as motivating then those guys have gone for it. As far as the football team there is so much competition in so many spots there isn't time for guys to kick back and take it easy. We have shuffled guys through the offensive line to make sure we have the right guys and we have kept that a competitive spot. We have worked guys in and out of the tight end spot. And the receiver spot with Patrick Turner coming in and making noise in that spot. It has created energy that you have to practice hard and you have to perform at your best or you can't hold your spot. We champion the whole concept of competition. We keep everyone at the tip top of their game or they lose their spot. Even in the staff's response to last year. We have worked harder and longer and recruited more and spent more hours then we have before. We want to make sure we do everything we can to do this right again. It has been really fun and exciting to match the call of the season.

On if he will be any more involved in play calling this season

'No, not any more than I ever have been. I have been involved a good deal during the week, in preparation during the game it is always sometimes. How we adjust to the flow of the game goes is where I have my input as well. Maybe we have come out and thrown the ball early in the game and we haven't had a chance to see how we can run it. I will make note of it. There has always been spot plays. The biggest thing is to make sure I don't get in the way. That has always been an issue I have had to deal with. Sometimes I have interfered and there have been good plays and bad plays. The multitude of good calls comes to mind right now. We are doing everything exactly the same way, there have been no changes. No difference in the rhythm of it. We have prepared extensively through spring football and now we are ready to go. Our communications are really sharp. We should play fast and execute well. If that gets us a good game we will have to wait and see.

On selling the players on the talent level of the opposing team

'The constant reminder of your stature could elevate your opinion of who you are. That doesn't mean it brings on complacency but our focus could be challenged. That is always a question. I don't ever try to take that one for granted that we have that one nailed. We always respect everybody. We know that the game can beat you. I am hoping that the competition that has gotten us to this point has elevated our performance so that we can play well regardless of who we are playing or where we are playing. That is a big part of the reason we do things the way we do and we talk the way we talk. It is always an issue. It has been addressed. It is important to me. And I know that people took note of it was at the beginning of camp to go back and make sure we were well aware of the games that were so challenging for us. Because you don't know what is going to pop up, and what form it is going to take. You have to perform beyond the chance of that coming in every game. From the first game on last year we were challenged. That was a point for our guys to be on the look out and be aware of the distractions that could get away and hopefully we have eliminated them.

On how Hawaii might not be a challenge, but do they still worry

'We are challenged by scheme, the expertise of their staff, their ability to play well at home. We are going on the road and it is a naturally most distracting environment you can be in. We are going to paradise to go play football. There are a lot of issues that come up that make this an important game for focus and concentration. It doesn't really matter who we are playing in that regard.

On how ready John David Booty is

'John David is ready to go. We have never been in a situation where we felt this confident about the back up at this time. It is really based on the spring practices that John David had around the team. He is playing the best he has ever played for us right now. We wouldn't hesitate for a second right now to put John David to jump in. I hope he can get some playing time. We need to develop him and have him ready for everything. We look forward to that opportunity.

On Jerry Glanville

'He is a great football coach. He always has been. When he was a defensive coordinator he had great charisma and style and energy and brought toughness and attitude to his teams. When he became head coach he did the same. He is innovative and willing to take risks and he would do things that were usual or out there. I have always admired him. I think he has been a big influence on his offensive team as well and people don't realize that about him. He has great expertise. I am surprised he has been out of coaching for as long as he has with as natural and as well equipped as he is. Unfortunately we are getting all those years of weight at us. It is going to be exciting.

Is it a concern that our offense will be so explosive that the defense will have to spend a lot of time on the field

'We don't know how it is going to unfold. I hope we will take care of the football and do the things that have made us what we are. I am counting on the offense to be productive. I am not worried about numbers, I just want to make sure that they function real well and we show the ability that we go into the game with.

How much will Patrick Turner be used

'He will be put in the normal rotation for opportunity situations through out. It hasn't taken him but a few days of camp that he has show us that once he got started. He will be rolling through there. It will be different then it was with Dwayne Jarrett where we had to force the ball over there. We don't have to do that with Patrick. We want to get him involved and going his freshman year and get over the first game feeling. '

On the concern of a run and shoot offense

'It is challenging and it will be fun. You have to shift gears to get it done I say fun now because we didn't have a week to prepare for it, we had some time. It is so unique that it does propose its challenges. It has been a good process to learn how to be against the spread of that kind of offense. The whole field is threatened and they can attack you in a million ways. It has been good for those guys to get a lot of variation in pass defense stuff. I hope we will fair well with it. In that regard it will probably help us some.

On Mario Danelo

'We are counting on him. I know he is going to do a great job. I know he is ready for this. He had the opportunity to sit out all year last year and watch Ryan kick. Practice with him will only help him. He has improved over camp kicking the ball further then he was earlier on. He has made big kicks in the opportunities we have given him in practice. We have not been a team that relies on kicking 55 yard field goals so hopefully we don't have to go to that right now. We are counting on his consistency and we understand that he is going to have to grow with the opportunity and the challenge of it so hopefully he is ready.

On Young Linebackers

'Brian Cushing got the big opportunity early with Dallas (Sartz) being banged up and he did a great job to establish himself as a guy who can get in there and play. He showed toughness, that he could really learn and he made some big plays when he got his chances. Kaluka Maiava can chase the ball and make the hits. He kind of got bogged down in the learning and he has come back around in the last week or so. Luthur Brown got off to a slow start with some back spasms, and then came back and made some really good plays and statements about where he fits in too late in camp. Rey Maualuga looked like he would most fit the role, to jump in there and do something. He just couldn't get enough turns so that he could get in there and be really confident. All four of the guys did some really good things and will be tough in the future they will give us the speed and toughness that we are really excited about. They will contribute on special teams and work their way into it after the by. They will be that much closer to playing. All of that time will be really important for those guys in order to play and we are looking forward to it.

June Jones:

Opening Statement:

'We are inching along, but we are not what we want to be. Maybe by the 5th or 6th game we will be closer. We are just going to throw the ball and hope to catch a few and hopefully make some plays but we are not quite as mature in those areas that we need to be.'

On new quarterbacks Colt Brennan and Tyler Graunke in the post Timmy Chang era

'My two kids, one kid named Tyler Graunke and the other Colt Brennan. They both will probably rotate the first two or three games while I figure out which one raises his game up for competition. We are in that mode right now with them. They both have had their moments in practice where they have done very well and also shown their newness with what we are doing. Tyler is from Arizona, and Colt is from your area, Mater Dei High School.

On similarities between Timmy and the new quarterbacks

'Both of the kids are accurate passers. Timmy had unbelievable vision and a quick release, which both of these kids also have. But Timmy knew our offense and knew where to go with the ball. He ran it in high school, and then he was here for five years. We had a lot of recall and certain things we could adjust. This year we are going to have to live with some of the mistakes and hope that some of our stuff sticks.

On what Jerry Glanville brings to the team and what kind of defense people should expect to see.

'Jerry does a great job with motivating the guys to turn it up a notch. We are pretty solid in some areas on defense and he feels the same way and we have some youngness there too. I think as they learn the system on defense and what is expected of them that by the time we get off these first two games we are going to grow up a lot and we will be a pretty good football team.

On getting Jerry Glanville back to coaching

'He had been trying to get back in to coaching for the past two and a half years. I have been watching him apply for different jobs. I didn't think he was serious about it. Then I saw he was getting ready to take a job up in South Dakota somewhere at a I-AA school so. He and I had been friends for a long time and we hadn't spoken since Atlanta. I just called him one night and it was like we had never been apart. I told him to go to the airport that I had a ticket for him.

Thoughts on playing USC and the game this week

'It is going to be a great experience for our kids to play someone like USC, they look like offensively like they might be the best offensive team I have ever seen physically. Jerry and I were looking at the tapes and we think that every one of their 11 starters will play in the NFL, and probably two or three deep at running back will play in the NFL. It says a lot about the quality of the players that they have. They have a lot of confidence having been there before and done it. I would expect they would have a great season.

On if it is unfair to start Jerry Glanville as defensive coordinator against a team like USC

'He told me the other day that he (Glanville) hoped you didn't bring Trevor because he might die of exhaustion.'

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