Arizona State Football vs. Temple- Postgame Quotes

Sept. 1, 2005

Head Coach Dirk Koetter

On the game
'There were some good and not so good things which is somewhat expected in a first game. Our playmakers made plays, but overall we had too many penalties and too many turnovers. We have plenty of stuff to work on, but it's hard to be too upset with your guys when you win like that.'

On Sam Keller
'I thought Sam made a couple great throws. The last touchdown to Derek Hagan was a great throw and he made a great check on one of Keegan's (Herring) long runs to set that up. The short touchdown to Zach Miller was a real nice throw. For a guy that's in his second start I think he played pretty well.'

On running the ball
'We try to run with a certain look and if we don't get it we'll try to run the other way or we're going to check to a pass. I think we only had to use that one run check today.'

On getting a lot of players playing time
'All five tailbacks were able to play and I thought all five did a nice job. We played a lot of guys tonight and that helps your team. It helps you develop your depth and keeps the morale high. Temple left their starters in there well into the fourth quarter and they were playing against our third team so it's going to look sloppy at times by us. The mistakes those guys made, all that will pay off down the road.'

QB Sam Keller
On his play
'I thought I played okay, not great, but good enough to get the job done. I made a lot of good throws, but a couple were not there.'

'The first game of the season is the time when you can gauge where you are at as a football team and I think we are a very explosive team with many weapons.'

'We are an explosive team and we have a few things to work on and improve to get better and take things to the next level.'

'I get nervous before every game, but I settled down and got things rolling. We did a good job tonight of running the football. Our o-line was very dominant.'

'It is great to have so many weapons to utilize on offense. Derek (Hagan) made some great catches, Zach (Miller) was open all night and Rudy (Burgess) and Keegan (Herring).'

WR Derek Hagan
On ASU's Defense:
'The defense played great and obviously they made great plays. I hoped we would have shut them out though.'

On the reviewed touch down:
'I wasn't so sure that my foot was in. I was hoping I got one foot down. When I saw the instant replay I was so happy.'

On the beginning of the new season: 'It feels great [to begin the season]. We've been waiting since the Sun Bowl. So far it feels great.'

On the running game 'The running game tonight was solid and opened up the big pass plays for us. I love when that happens because then we can make the big plays.' 'It all starts with the o-line. They blew those guys off the ball and let our guys run all night.'

On the balanced offensive attack

'When teams focus on our wideouts, other guys need to step up and make plays. We had plenty of guys that did that tonight.'

'We need to continue to work hard and get ready for the big trip south. They (LSU) are a top-ranked team and we are looking forward to playing them.'

On Sam Keller
'Sam played a great game and showed why he is going to have a great season. I love running that post corner route and it gets me excited in when I hear that play called in the huddle. Sam puts the ball right there.'

TB Keegan Herring

On game as extension of Camp T

'This game was a little extension of Camp T. I was nervous for this game, but Rudy (Burgess) just told me to relax and play like it's a high school game. I have to give credit to the offensive line because they gave me some big holes to run through tonight. I couldn't have set the record if it wasn't for those guys.'

Are you nervous with all the media attention?
'Yeah, everyone is in my face, I'm a little nervous. It wasn't like this at Peoria. I have to thank the lineman again, they created lanes for me to run through.'

On success tonight
'I've just been trying my best and practicing hard. I have to thank the lineman again, they did a great job tonight.'

On his first game 'This game gave me a lot of confidence. It was a great opportunity to feel for game speed. We just have to take it one day at a time. Rudy has been such a great running back to learn from. His advice really helped tonight.'

LB Dale Robinson

On Defense
'I felt good about the game tonight. We played with a lot of aggressiveness in the first half and attacked the ball. The defense did what we had to do tonight. The game was real good for me. There was a lot of movement with substitutions of players in and out. As a whole the defense is in real good shape. With the personnel movements on their side of the ball we made a lot of mental mistakes. But we will work on those in practice.

'It's in the back of everyone's mind no matter what they tell you. It's good to get this game out of the way, but we had to play Temple first before thinking about LSU. We are all just excited to play the game next week.'

On preparation

'There were no surprises. Bill Miller had us prepared for everything, even the option. It was strange when they ran the option and I was a little shocked but I went on the outside and got the quarterback in the backfield. We wanted the shut-out but we still got the win and everyone got some experience.'

Temple Quotes

Head Coach Bobby Wallace

'We did some good things out there at times, but it was not consistent enough. I think we gave them way too many points. They have some good players that made some good plays. We had some fumbles, we didn't kick the ball out of bounds at the end of the half, we had some substitution problems, and these were all things that were my fault and cost us some points.'

'They are a good football team, but we've been coming off of losing a lot of good people. We have to improve at wide receiver and in our offensive line. We have to improve on the run block.'

'Defensively, our outside backers and linebackers have to play better for us to have a chance. But we have to make plays. We had two or three dropped interceptions in the first half that really could have helped us.'

'This is a tough game because of the score, but at the same time, I am encouraged about some things that I did see we did well against a good football. We have a lot to work on though. We had no penalties, which was good, but I can't say we were a well-coached team tonight.'

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