Player Diary: Courtney Thompson

Sept. 7, 2005

Junior setter and tri-captain Courtney Thompson will be keeping a player diary throughout the 2005 volleyball season and will provide an inside look into the ins and outs of Husky Volleyball. Courtney's fourth installment is about the team's trip to Portland.

I have the greatest teammates ever, and we had such a good time this weekend. It is always a satisfying feeling when we have focused on a specific area throughout the week, and are able to be successful at what we've invested in on the weekend. It makes the game so much fun, and to continuously do that throughout the year takes a lot of maturity; and I think that is to our advantage.

As an athlete you kind of live for those times when everything just seems to be going your way- and the things that you previously had to focus so intently on become the norm. You almost become unconscious and the game just flows. When you have a few people there at the same time, or even better, the whole team, the game becomes exponentially more fun. We got on a roll in the third game against Portland this Saturday, and I just wish I could bottle up that feeling and get it back whenever I wanted. It was so awesome- every hitter on the court was just hot. We have the best defensive players in the country, so just imagine for a second, getting to be a setter on this team. No seriously...just think about it. And not only were the players on the court hot, but the players on the bench came in and did the same thing- and here I am just trying to soak up every second of it. I think if I could bottle that feeling up right there I would make a lot of money- but I'm guessing that might be against NCAA rules. So that was definitely a lot of fun and when you play well on a road trip you always have fun off the court.

The bus ride to Portland took about three hours which was just enough time to watch a movie and play some games. The first movie we watched was Grease...such a classic. The bus was soon transformed into a 'soul train' event, which to my advantage highlighted the more 'old school' dance moves. Needless to say, the songs were stuck in our heads for the entire weekend, but honestly, can a volleyball team singing 'tell me more, tell me more...' ever get old? I don't think so either. Following the sing-along, we played one of my personal favorites, the headphone game. Let me explain to you this glorious game. We call up a teammate of our choice and pick a song for them to have to sing in front of everyone. The trick is that they put headphones on and turn up the music so they can't hear themselves at all. We then, (pending the bus drivers permission), get the microphone for them to use just to make sure we can hear them clearly. The new addition this year is that they have to wear a blind fold so they don't get too embarrassed when they see the rest of the bus laughing at their voice. There were some great performances this time; Jill has a great voice and always puts on a good show, Jessica Swarbrick was funny because I don't think she wanted to be up there, but I think the best was Sanja- if you could have just seen her, it was hilarious. We made Sanja sing Celine Dion's song from Titanic; I think it's called 'My Heart Will Go On.' It is already a depressing song and if you can just picture Sanja with a hood over her head, her voice tentative because she was a little embarrassed/nervous, and her shoulders slumped over a seat. She truly looked and sounded upset, and it was the funniest darn thing I've ever seen. Not to mention (and no offense to San) she doesn't quite have the voice Celine does. I am so proud of you San- so proud.

We stopped at BJ's for dinner but had to wait about half an hour before we could sit down. Despite this minor setback, we pushed through and continued to have fun. We headed to the mall across the street for some quick entertainment and found just the thing- a merry-go-round. It was fun picking our horses and I picked mine very carefully. He wasn't a big horse, but someone wise once told me 'It's not how big you are, it's how great you are,' and that's exactly what I told the horse. We rode like the wind, but when it was all said and done we didn't really gain or lose any ground on any other horse, but that's okay. We sure did enjoy the ride. I find it humorous that no matter where we go, our team does this cheer where one person yells 'U-DUB' and everyone else echoes, 'Woof, Woof.' We had plenty of cheers on the merry-go-round, and Dees (Alesha Deesing) was claiming that her horse was actually woofing, but I didn't really believe her. Dinner was awesome that night. It was Darla's birthday so we got to sing to her several times and embarrass her as much as we could.

Saturday was a lot of fun because between our practice and our game we got to watch the Husky Football game, which despite the bummer ending- it was a very fun game to watch. It's cool to watch people on TV that you eat with, train with, lift weights with, get tutored with, etc. Our team really enjoys watching other teams play and always takes advantage of the opportunity.

We had a good practice today and are looking forward to traveling to North Dakota...and Hawaii. But then again, we can only control things one day at a time- so I'm just hoping we have another good practice tomorrow.

PS. My parents would like me to tell you that I am being enrolled in the Sylvan Learning Center so I can further my spelling expertise. By the end of my time there I am hoping to be able to decipher the difference between quite and quiet. My parents sent me an e-mail last week that read Courtney- 'Every word, Every day.' Love you, Mom and Dad. Thanks guys-

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