At The Net With Danka Danicic

Sept. 8, 2005

Senior Danka Danicic has been instrumental to Washington's 4-0 start this season with her solid play on defense. She has played in all 12 games and averages 2.08 digs per game. was able to catch up with Danicic before the team left for Fargo, N.D. to compete in the Doublewood Inn Classic and got her thoughts on Washington's strong start to the 2005 season. How is the season going so far?

Danka Danicic: 'We've been practicing really well. We didn't really play teams that good, no one that's nationally ranked or anything, but I guess it's a good thing because we're still trying to put the team together and it's really competitive at practice. We've been doing fine doing everything the coaches tell us to do. Probably Hawaii will be the first big challenge before the Pac-10 schools.'

GH: Would you rather play tougher schools to start?

DD: 'I guess the coaches schedule it to see how everything is going to go. I think the most we get is from practice and then we just need to put it in the game, but it's important to get used to playing other teams. I don't really mind starting off against smaller teams.'

GH: 'How does it feel to be a senior?

DD: 'Scary. I was just talking to the freshmen in the training room and they were saying 'Oh, I'm just a freshman, I have a long way to go.' I was like 'it just goes by so fast.' It is scary in that sense it's over, it will be over in three and a half months, but then again it was a great experience.'

GH: How has your UW experience been?

DD: 'It was a great experience. I'm blessed that I got an opportunity to come here. All the circumstances that happened that have brought me here to UW, I wouldn't trade it for anything in my life.'

GH: 'How was moving to America?

DD: 'I got used to it easy. I adjust easily so I didn't really have too many problems. Maybe language stuff, but I'm pretty fine now. They don't make fun of me that much anymore.'

GH: 'Do you miss home?

DD: 'I do. I do miss it but I get to go home every year for a month or so during the summer. I miss it but I kind of like living alone too. I always liked it and I always wanted to live on my own, maybe not this far away though.'

GH: 'You went home to Serbia & Montenegro with Sanja Tomasevic this summer. What was that like?

DD: 'Sanja and I don't live in the same city, we are like two hours apart. We visit each other and actually during the break I became her godmother. That was fun. It's like 'you're a godmother? You're younger than Sanja and she's your goddaughter?' It's just a thing you don't say no to and you're honored to become a godmother. I went to her hometown and visited her and her family for a weekend and they came over to my place. I got to hang out with my families and friends. Really the first ten days I've been saying the same story to everyone and it's a little different to get used to the first few days but then it's just like normal.'

GH: 'What led Sanja to make that decision?

DD: 'Normally when you're a baby you get baptized, but I guess it just didn't happen. No one in her family was baptized so she just decided to do it this summer and she asked me to be her godmother.'

GH: What are your plans after college? Thoughts on playing professionally?

DD: 'I'm trying first to graduate and maybe do my master's degree if possible. I don't know about playing pro really, I just want to focus on school.'

GH: 'Is it true that you're a big NFL fan?

DD: 'I'm in heaven now that football season started. My roommates are like 'oh my gosh can we just have one TV in the house?' I have to schedule what I'm going to watch ahead. I'm with Sanja and Brie (Hagerty), and Dinka Hadzic from the tennis team and one girl who's just a regular student from my class.'

GH: 'How is living with your teammates?

DD: 'It's kind of weird when we were separated (this summer) when we went home and I didn't see Brie for so long. Sanja and I talked but it's so far away we didn't get to talk to Brie that much. We missed each other so much. Because we're together all the time at practice and at home, only when we have different classes that's the only time we're not together.'

GH:'Do you plan to stay in America after you graduate?

DD:''I hope so. For right now I would like to.'

GH:'Was it tough moving to a big city like Seattle?

DD: 'It wasn't that big because I used to live in a bigger city. I grew up in a town with only 3,000 people but when I started playing for the club teams I started moving around to bigger cities and actually lived in the capitol city where there's like 2 million people. So it wasn't that big of a transition. And I like urban life.'

GH: How have you liked Seattle?

DD: 'Oh, I love it. It's just gorgeous. Water and mountains, it's just gorgeous.'

GH: 'What made you come to Washington?

DD: 'Actually it was like my only choice. I really wasn't talking to any other schools. It came as a surprise, I wasn't really thinking about coming to the U.S., until I talked to one of my coaches back home who actually knew people here. She actually told me it would be a good thing to try and come here. I really wasn't looking at schools except for here, this was the best choice.'

GH: 'You had to change your passing technique when you came here, what can you say about that?

DD: 'The way that Jim teaches, all the stuff is different than what I've been taught back home. Trying to change something you've done for ten years is really hard.'

GH: 'How long did it take to make the switch?

DD: 'It took probably two years, my freshman and sophomore years.'

GH: 'Courtney Thompson's web diaries talk about competitions between the two of you. How did that get started?

DD: 'It got started as a joke. I don't even know how that started, that competition between me and Courtney. Because she is really competitive and I am really competitive too. We just play ultimate Frisbee and dodge ball. We're always on the opposite team and my team wins all the time. We just make fun of it too. But we're real competitive, everyone wants to win. I don't think anyone goes oh, I just lost, whatever.'

GH: 'If you didn't play volleyball what would you play?

DD: 'Probably tennis. If I were a man I would probably play football (laughs). I haven't done anything seriously since I played volleyball, I just like everything on the side. I just like sports, I would do everything. Maybe I would play dodge ball (laughs). That's what started the competition between Courtney and me. When we're done with all the workouts. I've got a good arm. I take it serious too, I don't joke around (laughs.)'

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