Q&A With Darcee Schiller

Sept. 21, 2005

Gohuskies.com: What have you been up to this summer, I know you've been working so how has that been going?
Darcee Schiller:
Good, I've been here the whole summer. I've been practicing and working for Patti Daves as a special events intern. That's about it.

GH: Where did you practice over the summer?
Here in Hec-Ed, just lifting weights and running a lot.

GH: Are you excited for school and season to start up soon?
I can't wait! It's been so long, so I'm just excited to get back into the routine of school and I can't wait for the season to start either. I'm really excited because we're such a different team this year and I can't wait to see what happens.

GH: Why is the team so different this year?
Well we lost four of our seniors and three of them were our top starters. We've got a pretty good freshman class coming in and a lot of good returners, but it's just a real mix of new and old.

GH: You also only have one senior this year, how do you think that's going to play into things?
I don't think it'll be bad because our junior class is pretty good and the one senior (Kelly McDonald) is good, she knows how to motivate us.

GH: How are you going to fill the void of the people who have graduated?
I think our sophomore and junior classes will really step it up this year. I think we'll see a lot of girls who'll improve from last year and come forward since we need that now.

GH: Who are some people to look out for? Who will step it up?
Chelsea Bakken who has been good this whole time, she'll really step it up. Kelly McDonald will still be good on bars and beam. You should look out for Brittney Brabec and Natalie Gillan - everyone looks good! We're ready to start.

GH: When is the first official practice, and have you gotten to mesh with the team at all?
Friday, but today was our first day of voluntarily coming in with the freshman and I think we'll be a great team. We work hard together and everybody wants to be there working hard.

GH: Are there any special things you do at the beginning of the year that you're looking forward to?
This weekend we're going on our retreat and we're going to Chelan. We do what's called our Olympics and we get on different teams and play different sports other than gymnastics. It's really interesting watching us play basketball and soccer, which is something that we're definitely not good at! It's kind of a bonding experience and we do it every year.

GH: Have you talked about goals for the season at all, especially after last year almost making it to NCAA Nationals?
I think our goal this year would be to start off on a little bit better note, but just be more consistent throughout the year and be more confident because we are a good team but we just didn't have very much confidence at the end of last year. So we need to be more confident. And I guess the team goal would be to make it to Nationals, so just place in the top two at Regionals would be our ultimate goal. But more, I think good team chemistry is our main thing.

GH: What about individually? What are you personally excited for this season and what have you been working on?
Well I'm doing bars, floor and vault this year and last year I only did bars and vault so I'm looking forward to doing all three events and I'm hoping I compete on all three of them for the team and just contribute to our team. That's my personal goal.

GH: Well good luck with the start of the season.

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