Karl Dorrell Weekly Press Conference

KarlĀ Dorrell Weekly Press Conference

Hi everybody. Well, we had our off week and got a chance to heal up a little bit, watch some football, and look at some of our conference play that opened up this week. We finally get to open up ourselves going up against Washington. One thing that we've noticed about this conference is that it's a very competitive conference. It seems like there is so much parity in the conference, particularly with the teams that are chasing the one team that is on top right now. There are just a log of good teams and a lot of good offenses; teams that have made a lot of improvement from week one to week three. We got some recognition in our program which is good to see. But it's only recognition at this time and there are so many things that we need to improve upon and continue with the momentum that we are building in our program. The challenge we have is to see if we can build on the improvement that we had in the first three weeks with the week off in between. We don't want any hiccups, even though we will probably have a few in this game. This Washington team is a talented football team. You can tell they have improved from week one to week four. Their quarterback is playing well. They are well coached. It's going to be another typical Pac-10 game where there is a lot of excitement, a lot of good things offensively and some strong defensive efforts too.

Now that this team has gotten some national recognition, is there any thing you tell the team so they keep the big picture in mind?
We've been trying to keep the big picture from the very beginning. We envisioned ourselves being in this position at this point of the season. All of the games are going to get bigger and bigger, and more intensified as the season progresses. Now we have to take care of business, continue to improve and do the things that got us to the point where we are right now.

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