Q & A with Haley Paul

Sept. 26, 2005

What made you select WSU? My goal since I was a high school freshman was to go somewhere out-of-state for college. WSU is a good change for me because of the climate and the small-town feel.'

What do you like about Coach Drake? JD is so laid-back and chill, and he's an all-around great coach. When he tells you something he means it. He doesn't just throw around compliments.

What is your proudest running achievement? Winning the Arcadia 1600m race in California as a senior in high school was an awesome feeling. It was totally unexpected amongst all the elite competition.

Who is your closest friend on the team? My best friends on the team are Collier Lawrence and Isley Gonzalez. People call us `The Tripod.'

What class do you dread? Math

What is you dream career? I'd like to work for a university in coaching or athletics. I'd also like a job where I could travel a lot.

Any good cross country team pranks? The guys team TP-d our house last week while we were watching a movie. They took our Seth Cohen poster too!

What is your most embarrassing moment? I tripped in the parking lot by Little Caesar's the other day while we were out for a run, and fell flat on my face. That was pretty embarrassing.

What do you miss most about Arizona? I miss the trails, mountains and the desert scenery. I also miss the warm winters!

What do you hope to achieve by the end of the season? Placing in the top ten at the Pac-10 championships is definitely one of my goals. Running at nationals and making All-American is also something I'd like to accomplish.

Do you prefer...

Cross country or track? I prefer track for the speed of the 1500 and 1600, even though I love cross country right now.

Speed workout or a long run? Long run

ESPN or MTV? MTV, although I'm not sure about all those new shows they have lately.

Fast food or Subway? Subway

Prefontaine or Without Limits? Prefontaine, I definitely like Jared Leto.

My favorite...

Movie: I like the Lord of the Rings series, but my favorite movie is Corrina, Corrina with Whoopi Goldberg.

Vacation: I love Mexico, probably Cancun or Cabo. The warm beaches are great.

Athlete: Suzy Favor-Hamilton.

Pre-race ritual: Lately I like wearing pink socks and I always listen to Incubus' 'Make Yourself.'

Brand of running shoe: Nike

Male celebrity: Johnny Depp

Professional sports team: Phoenix Suns

Food: I love pasta, pizza and bread. Basically all carbs.

TV Show: Gilmore Girls and Scrubs

Musician: Jack Johnson

Restaurant in Pullman: Rancho Viejo

Books: Harry Potter books, and Angels and Demons

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