Poolside With Bret Lundgaard

Sept. 30, 2005

The 2005-06 swimming season kicks off this Saturday when the Huskies compete in the 54th Annual intrasquad Oktoberfest meet at Husky Pavilion. GoHuskies.com was able to catch up with sophomore Bret Lundgaard and talk about his swimming career and the season ahead.

GoHuskies.com: Let's start from the beginning, when did you first start swimming and why?

Bret Lundgaard: 'I first start swimming when I was four competitively, but my mom made me take lessons when I was little because she was afraid of me drowning. So that's pretty much how I got into swimming. Then from there I just have always been pretty competitive so I just kept doing it.'

GH: What's your favorite aspect of the sport?

BL: 'As far as the team goes, you learn a lot about yourself by other people pushing you everyday and I really enjoy that. Everyday you swim and it sounds really boring and monotonous, but you learn something new every day pretty much about yourself.'

GH: Was swimming for college always a goal for you?

BL: 'Definitely. I used to do a lot of different sports and then I realized that swimming was the one that would probably get me to school and get me some money so probably about seventh grade was when I really started focusing on that. From there, my only goal was pretty much to go to college and get a scholarship.'

GH: Why did you choose to go to Washington?

BL: 'I had come up here about two years before I signed for some swim meets and I loved the area because it was so new. I'm from Vegas so everything seemed really new and it was new scenery. Then ,once I met the team, the team was the best all-around team of all the schools I went to and it was just a good family. I feel comfortable here.'

GH: What did you do over the summer? Were you home or did you stay here?

BL: 'I went back home and I swam. I pretty much didn't really get a vacation until the end of August but I swam at summer nationals and did okay. It's good to be back here though.'

GH:How did you train for the season over the summer and what were you focusing on?

BL: 'Mainly butterfly, that's my best stroke. Right now I'm doing a lot of kicking and trying to build my leg strength because that's sort of a weakness for me. Hopefully that will get me to NCAA's this year.'

GH: How do you feel you did last year and what do you want to improve on for this year?

BL: 'Last year I think I did really well. I actually met all my goals and that was the first time I've done that.'

GH: What were your goals last year?

BL: 'Just the time standards I wanted. I dropped four seconds in my 200 fly and two in my 100 fly and a second and a half in my 200 IM so I did well there. At Spring Nationals I made a second swim which was one of my goals, and that was the first time I'd done that. But this year I definitely want to make NCAA's which is the grand daddy of them all! Sometimes it's almost as fast as the Olympics so it's a really big meet.'

GH: With the new freshmen on the team what's the outlook for this year? Have you all made it like a family again?

BL: 'They've bonded real well and they're starting to get the hang of it. We'll miss the seniors from last year but we think we can be a top 25 or top 20 team this year and the freshmen should be able to help a lot.'

GH: I heard you guys all went on a team hike. Were there any fun stories from that or was it pretty serious?

BL: 'Well I want it to be a bunch of funny stories but everyone got there and half the team started running up the mountain. I just thought whatever, so that actually wasn't as fun as it could have been. But we do lake swims, like open water swims, team hikes. We always find ways to make it fun, just messing with each other and bonding.'

GH: What are your personal goals for the season?

BL: 'Pretty much make NCAA's and then do well at Spring Nationals, which is at Federal Way, and then the Pac-10's also is a big meet.'

GH: What do you think the team's goals are, have you talked about that at all?

BL: 'The big one is make top 20 in the nation because we have a really young team still so if we can get top 20 now then we should have something to go off of. Then we want to place in the top 10 at Spring Nationals here since it's in our backyard, we should be able to do that.'

GH: Anything we should know about your upcoming meets?

BL: 'We have UBC, University of British Colombia, and that's a relay meet coming up not this weekend but next weekend. Then the week after that we have Stanford on Friday and University of the Pacific on Saturday so those are some big meets early on to see where we are. So, if people could come, that'd be good!'

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