Washington Crew wins 11 of 13 races at Quad Regatta

April 8, 2006

SEATTLE -- Washington crews earned first-place honors in 10 of 13 races Saturday on the Montlake Cut, including the fifth-ranked men's decisive win over No. 17 Oregon State in the varsity eight competition during the quad regatta between Oregon State, Washington State, Iowa, and UW.

The best race of the day proved to be the women's varsity eight. In that race, seventh-ranked Washington State edged out 13th-ranked Washington by two second and 19th-ranked Oregon State by eight seconds for the victory.

Saturday's regatta featured the return of former UW men's freshman coach Fred Honebein who is in his second season as the head coach at Oregon State. The Huskies proved too much for the OSU varsity boat, beating them to the finish by a full 17 seconds. Washington recorded a time of 6:05.0 and OSU finished in 6:22.0.

Last year, Washington won every event against OSU in a dual regatta for the second straight season.

The Huskies also won the men's and women's junior varsity eight races. The men defeated OSU in a tight race while the women bested WSU by a narrow margin in a race that featured four boats.

'We had good rows for all of our guy boats today,' said UW men's coach Bob Ernst who varsity eight sustained its only loss March 26 against No. 2 Stanford. 'I thought the women's varsity race was as good as I've seen in a long, long time. It was a great fight and a great race. Of course, I always want to see the Huskies win, but that was a terrific battle.'

Surprisingly, the fastest time of the day was stroked by UW's men freshmen eight who recorded a time of 6:01.8. They beat Oregon State's freshmen eight by more than 18 seconds and Washington State's freshmen eight by more than 53 seconds.

UW's women crew crossed the line first in four of its seven races. They were the junior varsity eight, varsity four, third varsity eight, and second novice eight. Besides WSU's varsity eight win, OSU was victorious in both the novice eight and the novice four.

'Today was our first loss in the varsity eight to Washington State ever,' remarked UW women's coach Eleanor McElvaine. 'It was a bit of a heartbreak, but they have a very good crew. We still rowed a solid race and saw some things to work on to get faster. The novice eight was much improved from last week, especially because we're still moving people around to try to find the right combo.'

In each of the races that Washington did not win, its entry finished second and trailed by no more than two seconds at the finish.

The Huskies return to action on April 22, traveling to the Bay Area for their annual dual regatta against California.

'Our next race is one that we very much look forward to. We'll have to be at the top of our game to beat them,' commented Ernst about his crew's next opponent.

Washington Quad Regatta Results
Montlake Cut; Seattle, Wash.
Saturday, April 8, 2006
(all events were 2,000 meters)

Women's Varsity Eight -- 1, WSU 6:45.0. 2, UW 6:47.1. 3, OSU 6:52.1. 4, Iowa 7:05.6.
UW Lineup: cox-Alysha Koorji, stroke-Liz Simenstad, 7-Marah Connole, 6-Megan Kalmoe, 5-Allison DePalma, 4-Charlene Franklin, 3-Andrea Sooter, 2-Cara Troelstra, bow-Kara Farquharson.

Men's Varsity Eight -- 1, UW 6:05.0. 2, OSU 6:22.0.
UW Lineup: cox-Adrian Andrews, stroke-Ante Kusurin, 7-Scott Schmidt, 6-Aljosa Corovic, 5-Rob Gibson, 4-Kiel Petersen, 3-Colin Phillips, 2-Adam Van Winkle, bow-Craig Tyler.

Women's Junior Varsity Eight -- 1, UW 6:48.2. 2, WSU 6:52.8. 3, OSU 7:08.9. 4, Iowa 7:22.6.
UW Lineup: cox-Eva Anderson, stroke-Courtney Plitt, 7-Jamie Unwin, 6-Sarah Hubbard, 5-Kim Armstrong, 4-Corianne Bowman, 3-Karen Magnuson, 2-Olivia Morrow, bow-Ivayla Dermendjieva.

Men's Junior Varsity Eight -- 1, UW 6:11.7. 2, OSU 6:19.3.
UW Lineup: cox-Micah Perrin, stroke-Tyler Smith, 7-Tad McCrea, 6-Drew Fowler, 5-Steve Full, 4-Andrew Beaton, 3-David Edward-Aron, 2-Toby Dankbaar, bow-Derek DeVries.

Women's Novice Eight -- 1, OSU 7:07.1. 2, UW 'A' 7:08.7. 3, WSU 7:14.0. 4, UW 'B' 7:29.0.
UW 'A' Lineup: cox-Sofia Benson-Goldberg, stroke-Ashley Brown, 7-Kim Kennedy, 6-Lia Prins, 5-Laura Cooper, 4-Dana Brandt, 3-Courtney White, 2-Maria Hoisington, bow-Francesca Hays.

Men's Freshman Eight -- 1, UW 6:01.8. 2, OSU 6:20.0. 3, WSU 6:55.2.
UW Lineup: cox-Katelin Snyder, stroke-Will Crothers, 7-Max Lang, 6-Bart-Jan Caron, 5-Trevor Mollenkopf, 4-Jessiah Johnson, 3-Peter Carlson, 2-Asa Bergdahl, bow-Mike Flight.

Women's Varsity Four -- 1, UW 'A' 7:23.0. 2, WSU 7:26.7. 3, UW 'B' 7:39.9. 4, OSU 7:49.4.

Men's Varsity Four -- 1, UW 'A' 6:54.6. 2, WSU 6:59.0. 3, UW 'B' 7:08.2. 4, OSU 'A' 7:10.4. 5, OSU 'B' 7:15.2.

Women's Third Varsity Eight -- 1, UW 'A' 7:07.4. 2, WSU 7:14.3. 3, UW 'B' 7:29.8.

Men's Third Varsity Eight -- 1, UW 'B' 6:09.7. 2, UW 'A' 6:12.5. 3, WSU 6:13.4. 4, OSU 6:27.4. 5, UW 'C' 6:35.5.

Women's Novice Four -- 1, OSU 8:04.0. 2, UW 8:05.4.

Men's Junior Varsity Four -- 1, UW 'B' 7:07.4. 2, WSU 'A' 7:38.6. 3, WSU 'B' 7:45.4. 4, UW 'A' 7:58.0. 5, WSU 'C' 8:37.7.

Women's Second Novice Eight -- 1, UW 7:27.5. 2, WSU 7:39.8.