Darla Myhre & Lindsey Thiry- Diary From China

June 15, 2006

The Huskies left for China on June 12 to kick-off a 12-day tour of Beijing and Shanghai, including four volleyball matches. Each day, a different Washington team member will write a diary entry and post a photo gallery to share her experiences with the UW community. Graduate Darla Myhre and redshirt freshman Lindsey Thiry write today's entry.

When your halfway around the world, things don't always go as planned! Lets just say the itinerary changed a little. Practice was cancelled and we were able to catch a few zzzzzz's. Thinking we were the only people who couldn't sleep past 5 am we started our day.......but Starbucks doesn't start their day until 7:30! After a little more Chinese food for breakfast we gathered at 9 to head out to the Silk Alley to become expert bargainers. Some of us succeeded, and lets just say some of us did not do so well. For example, Lindsey was going strong, getting great deals, and then somehow slipped through the crack and ended up learning a hard lesson. Offering 10% of the asking price sometimes still ended up just hurting her wallet but then again it' still 10% of the American price. She just tried to keep looking on the bright side. Darla reigned supreme in the bargaining world - tomorrow Lindsey will hope to take a lesson. Darla bought two purses for $34...sorry Mr.. Thiry, Lindsey paid $60 a piece. Tama was proud of the $15 shocks and Janine was giddy about the $3 Gucci belt. Christal was lucky enough to acquire two pairs of hand-me-down jeans that other teammates could not squeeze into - something about mismarked sizes?? Ask her about the 2 brands in one, are they Rock `n Republics or Sevens?

After our shopping excursion, it was time for lunch - Chinese food - again. A consensus has been made that the first meal of day one was excellent, dinner was pretty good too - but getting served the same exact meal for the 4th time in TWO days for dinner tonight makes us think we may lose a few pounds on this trip (and we still have 6 days to go).

The Temple of Heaven was supposed to be our next stop. The parents made it - we never did. We decided all of that walking, especially on stairs, would be a little too hard on our legs before the big match, so we took a detour to the Silk Factory. We never thought making silk could be exciting, but we were pretty entertained. It takes a lot of worms to make a ton of silk. This stopped turned out to be one of the favorites thus far. Even Keno got in on the buying action- he'll earn some major points Steph. (Once again, Mr. Thiry...Lindsey started the buying action...with your credit card). Tui was looking great in some authentic outfits and the entire team is going to be tied up in bright scarves for the next season.

So then came the reason we actually came on this trip - to play some volleyball!! We played at Astronomic University. It was an hour drive from our hotel with all of the traffic. Even on the other side of the world we still followed our same game day routines that you see at Hec Ed. We went into the match without the usual scouting report and did not know what to expect. This was our first opportunity to play after winning the national title and it was awesome to be back on the court - minus a few small adjustments. We played international rules, had no line judges, and scored to 25, and extremely over inflated volleyballs (THOSE HURT). AND NOT TO FORGET THE HIGHLIGH OF THE MATCH: THE WARM UP MUSIC WAS SLOWJAMS BY KENNY G THAT PUT US IN THE MOOD FOR SOME SLOW DANCIN'. We won in three straight, 25-21, 25-21, 25-13 saving our best game for last, which included Courtney's MONSTER spike. The match was capped off by a fun bus ride to drop off the Astronomic Volleyball Team. We taught them how to say 'Holllllerrrr!!!!'

We could go on for forever.... But this is to be continued tomorrow courtesy of Dees.

P.S. Sorry if this isn't quite the normal diary. It's 11 pm here, we woke up at 5 am and its 8 am at home. Our bodies are a little messed up.

P.P.S. Adam, next time Darla calls from China, answer the phone.

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