Christal Morrison- China Diary

June 17, 2006

The Huskies left for China on June 12 to kick-off a 12-day tour of Beijing and Shanghai, including four volleyball matches. Each day, a different Washington team member will write a diary entry and post a photo gallery to share her experiences with the UW community. Junior Christal Morrison writes today's entry.

Well lets just say that this trip is GREAT! So great they decided to take us to some 'great' wall or something. I was a little leery at first but then I thought to myself, as the saying goes.... 'When in China, do as the...' well whatever. So I woke up around 8 am (which by the way is 5 pm back in Seattle), had a little breakfast (more Chinese food), then got on the bus (in 97 degree weather) and we were on our way. We made a little pit stop at the Jade Factory. And let me just tell you I have a new found love for jade, that stuff is wicked cool. I tried to bargain for a good price on a sweet necklace but my bargaining skills still need to be refined so I came up empty handed in the necklace department. Jill was all over the odds and ends jewelry, she looks great by the way with all of it on. Tama got some sweet necklace things. And I ended up coming away with a pretty cool but standard aggot ring, its real nice though J

Side note: Can I just say that having some of our parents and other fans on this trip is simply awesome. They have been providing us with lots of laughs and just a well balanced trip over all, and by the way they really keep up with the Chinese crowd with a big ol' 'U-DUB, WOOF WOOF!'

So after the Jade Factory we began our trek to this so called 'great' wall. Our tour guide told us all about it like it stretches over 5000 miles, and it took over 100 years to build and it's the only man made structure you can see from outer space. I was like... whoa, but I'll believe it when I see it. We finally arrived, and I was in awe. It really was THE GREAT WALL. It was HUGE, I honestly didn't have any expectations but even if I did it would have exceeded them by a lot.

As we started our hike, and I mean that literally. We all faced the decision of LEFT or RIGHT. If you go left it's a little bit shorter, easier but great pictures. If you go right its longer, steeper and more difficult. I'm not going to name any names, (Jim, Keno, & Tui) but some people went left. Other people, the 'go getters' like Courtney and Carolyn were all over the right. But in all reality it didn't matter what side you went to, we were all HIKING the Great Wall of China. It was amazing, there were venders all over the wall as you hike up... 'get your picture taken' 'get an authentic certificate' 'buy my hats'. I for one was all about the ice cream, and the 'I climbed the Great Wall of China' shirts. It was super hot outside and we were all sweating pretty bad, but every last one of us was a trooper!

Some of us made it to the top... some of us didn't, but does it really matter folks? We were on the greatest wall ever made today and I for one think that by itself is just GREAT!



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