Williams Catching Back Up

Aug. 24, 2006

A new season is set to begin for Husky wide receiver Corey Williams, and finally he is completely healthy and ready to compete. Williams, who broke his wrist in 2003 when he ran into a wall at Notre Dame Stadium in 2004, returned last year to play in 10 games, but never felt quite right.

'I'm fully recovered,' Williams said. 'I think I thought I was last year. Playing with it last year really opened my eyes, and I wasn't as healthy as I thought I was.'

Now that he is back to full-strength, Williams is set to be the big time receiver he came to Washington to be. The biggest catch of his Husky career so far was back in 2003 when won the Apple Cup with a 21-yard touchdown catch with only 1:10 to play. The catch has forever etched his name in Husky history, even if he didn't know how big it was then.

'I really didn't know how big it was at the time that I did it,' Williams said. 'But now being here for four years, being ingrained in the tradition and seeing what it's like to be a Husky, now I know how big that catch was and I appreciate it a lot more.'

With the big-play ability that he has, Williams has certainly become a favorite target of Husky quarterbacks in his time. He entered the fall second on the depth chart for wide receivers.

'It shows that [Washington quarterbacks] just have confidence in me,' Williams said. I'm glad they have confidence in me because I have confidence in myself now. That should be good for us during the season.'

And for Williams, his time is finally here. The junior from Las Vegas sees himself playing a big role this season.

'I see myself as being the go-to guy and making a lot of plays, especially on third down,' he said. 'I just see myself being that receiver that you want to go to, because that's how I've viewed myself since I came here. This year, I think, is really going to be the year that I come out and live up to the expectations.'

The team has nine days before its season opener against San Jose State and Williams and the rest of his Husky teammates will be able to gauge if they'll be able to meet expectations.

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