Tuesday's Stanford Football Press Conference Coverage

Oct. 10, 2006

Stanford, Calif. - Stanford football head coach Walt Harris, along with players Tim Sims and Anthony Kimble, addressed the media Tuesday at the weekly Stanford Football Press Conference held on the Stanford campus. Stanford (0-6, 0-3 Pac-10) hosts Arizona (2-4, 0-3 Pac-10) for its annual homecoming game at Stanford Stadium this Saturday, October 14 (2:00 pm, PT). Stanford's audio account of the contest featuring Ted Robinson and Bob Murphy in the booth with Mike McLaughlin on the sidelines can be heard live on KNBR 1050 AM and from a Yahoo Sports! link at gostanford.com.

Here's some of what coach Harris and the players had to say to the media on Tuesday.

On last Saturday's Notre Dame game
'To watch that [Notre Dame] tape there were some good things done. Offensively, we ran the ball way better than we had against a physical front. Our special teams were better - our punt coverage was excellent, Wopamo [Osaisai] did an outstanding job. Defensively, there were some really good plays that got Notre Dame in long yardage, but we had poor execution and couldn't get off the field. All in all, our team is still fighting, trying to get better and working it. That's why we coach.'

On Arizona
'You watch the tape and their athletes, and they are very athletic and very big. They look good in uniform - how they run and how they move. They're very physical up front on defense. They struggle a little bit on offense, but sometimes that's who you're playing against. You struggle against good teams.'

On this Saturday's game versus Arizona
'We have a tough game coming up against Arizona [this Saturday]. This is a big game for both teams. It's a huge game for us - it's homecoming, it's been a challenging season for our players, our team our coaching staff and our team's supporters. This is a huge game. We have got to play well, continue to work on getting better and bring the same type of intensity and focus, regardless of the other things that go on, and find a way to get it done.

On the improvement of the team's running game
'I thought it improved [against Notre Dame]. If you take away the sacks, which had a lot to do with the game situation, I thought we ran the ball extremely well especially when you consider how physical they were. We were all pleased with that. Anthony [Kimble] and Toby [Gerhart] both ran very hard.'

On Kelton Lynn coming back after his dropped pass in the end zone at Notre Dame
'Kelton came back tremendously well [after the dropped pass]. He came back and performed very well. I'm not at all worried about his confidence or my confidence [in him]. I'll give him even more credit because when you watch the tape on that halfback pass [from Anthony Kimble], he watched that ball all the way in. That was very good technique, and I'm all about technique.'

On Tim Sims
'Tim has grown to become a better football player, because he has been forced to play. He wasn't necessarily the best guy, but he was the most healthy guy. I like Tim Sims; he kept battling. It's nice to see him in there and have this opportunity. He's making things happen. I'm always energized when young men start to have positive feelings about how they play. He's had a tough career at least since I've been here, so it's great to see him start settling in.'

On Wopamo Osaisai
'I'm very excited that he's back. He's a tremendous punt cover guy. He's a weapon out there covering punts, and he also did a great job on the kickoff [at Notre Dame]. It's gratifying as a coach when you see good things happen to a guy who may have been troubled and confused last year. He didn't play last year after redshirting his first season. He didn't get out the scout team last year. It's great to see him out there making things happen. Plus, he's having fun. Not as much fun as we need to be having, but he's out there and having fun.'

On Wopamo Osaisai's performance at Notre Dame
'Wopamo made some great plays in that Notre Dame game. It was exciting. He belted their wide receiver on a quick pass near the line of scrimmage. That was a really good play on that play, and he had some really good secondary play throughout that game.'

On the team's demeanor despite being 0-6
'We're not satisfied with our situation by any stretch of the imagination, but if you don't take something from what appears the things you are doing better, then I don't think you're confidence will grow. A person in my position, as well as the rest of our coaches, have to point out what's good as well as what's not so good. But, you do have to find out the good in what they've done and kind of pump their tires. It just helps them become better football players. We're starting to make some progress, but it is just frustrating that we're our own worst enemy.'

On the importance of getting a win over Arizona this Saturday
'I'm sure it would help out, but regardless we are here to play football for Stanford, get the best out of our football players and play as well as we can play. Regardless of our results, we're going to tee it up next week and try to become a better football team. We are also going to work hard to become better coaches and be more upbeat and positive, and try to find more good in every situation that happens to us.'

On returning home to play at Stanford Stadium this Saturday
'The stadium is a great venue; it's a beautiful place. It's up to us to get it cranking. The only way you get it cranking is to play well, and the only way you play well is to execute your assignments consistently and practice hard. It's a great place to be and this week is homecoming so t here will be a few more people coming by to check out. Hopefully we can give them a great football game.'

On his progress this season
'In the beginning, I was really immature. I just didn't know what it took at that point. Now, I'm fully committed, trying to work hard and become a better football player. The main thing is going to practice, working really hard every day and making practice like a game. You need to work on your weaknesses.'

On how he can continue to improve
'I feel like I need to work on all phases of my game still and work hard in all areas'

On whether he can find any consolation in the team playing better
'You can never be satisfied with losing. You don't take consolation, but you just try to play better every week. We want to win. You can't take consolation in just playing better.'

On whether he can find any consolation in the team playing better
'It's always tough to lose, but we are making improvements, especially on defense and some in the run game but the offense hasn't really clicked like it should. We just have to come out in practice and try to be better.'

On returning to action at Notre Dame after having missed the UCLA game due to a concussion suffered versus Washington State
'It felt really good just to be back out there. It's always really hard to miss a game. It's tough to see your teammates out there struggling when you think you can help.'

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