Women's Basketball Media Day Quotes

Nov. 7, 2006

Mark Trakh, USC
General Remarks:'I'm excited about getting the year underway. We're looking forward to a great non-league schedule and the Pac-10 Conference is going to be really difficult.

On the Freshman:'They've got to play right away, but they're freshman and they've got a lot to learn. They're good kids, versatile, and we're counting on them to play well.

On the Galen Center:'It's great to bring recruits on campus and not having to avoid where we play and practice. It's great to show recruits where they're going to play. It's a great facility and will help things all the way around.

On the Preseason Schedule:'We just want to survive. We've got to figure out how to win a couple of those games, so that it doesn't hurt us in the back end of the season. We've got to go out and beat some of those teams.

On Shay Murphy:'We're so proud of her. Looking at where she is now and where she has come, I think she became one of the best players in the Conference. She has a great personality and I don't know how you can replace Shay Murphy. I know she wants to go on and play in the WNBA, and hopefully she makes it.'

Bev Smith, Oregon
General Remarks:'We're excited about the season. Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want. We changed some things and we're ready for this year. We're much more aggressive, more unafraid, and better defensively than we were last year. But I think we need to convert what we do defensively into what we do offensively.

On play:'We're going to go a little bit more up-tempo, and we're more athletic this year. We've added a couple of freshman. We're going to try to be more clutch and push and to play better on the road.

On the Backcourt:'Tamika is doing well this year. Her athleticism is great and she's shooting the ball better. Micaela Cocks, she is someone that has really added some depth to our backcourt and will probably play backup to Tamika.'

Joanne Boyle, California
General Remarks:'We've been settling in. It's been up and down a little bit, coming off a summer with some injuries, and we still don't have a full squad. But it's been a good test. We've added three freshmen to the group and they've had to get early minutes, which is going to help them.

On where they are:'Early on in practice we are probably ahead three weeks in practice situations than we were last year and our sophomores have been helpful in terms of bringing the freshmen for this year.

On added depth:'We're not that much further along, as we're still just a class away form the depth we want. We may be a player or two more than we were last year. Lex and Ashley understand that since some of our role players from last year are gone. It will be great to give others a break when we have that depth.

On the upcoming season:'I think you go through every season thinking that was a lifetime. Last year we had issues putting the team together and now we're in a new journey. Last year people didn't have any expectations, now they do. We're going to have to figure out things together offensively and defensively and work in the three freshmen.'

Kathy Olivier, UCLA
General Remarks:'Things are going pretty well. I'm grateful that we're healthy, and that's a big deal. It's nice to have 14 players there practicing every day. Things can't get any better with Noelle Quinn. I've always thought of her as a great player, but with the loss of others, she has stepped up and shown us another level. It will be fun to see what she is capable of doing.

On Noelle Quinn:'Noelle is doing a little of everything. It's fun to watch. She's more demanding of herself and her team. She's more vocal and more demanding of the basketball. She's always had that freedom, but I don't know if she felt it with Nikki always running the point. She never thinks about her points or assists, its just fun to watch how much joy she has playing basketball. Noelle does everything. She is not one dimensional. When we need points, she'll score, when she needs her team to get involved, they do. If we need rebounds, she's there. There are a number of great players, but I think there are only a few exceptional players, and she is one.

On the Upcoming Year:'We're bigger this year. It's nice to have post players in there mixing it up. 'Ray Ray' has really stepped it up. It's nice to have a freshman with size. Moniquee Alexander is going to continue to get better and help us in size. Pluimer, is a good size, but we'll probably move her to the perimeter. It's going to be a different look, we've got people that are very hungry, which is nice to see.

On the Pac-10 Conference:'The Pac-10 is so competitive and we want to prepare ourselves for that. We want to compete in the Conference. You can't rest on any of these schools. We feel with our schedule, we have to play our best to prepare of the Pac-10. Noelle will get the team ready to go and I think it's going to be a great year.'

Joan Bonvicini, Arizona
General Remarks:'I listened to the critics, we weren't very good last year and we had a lot to over come. When you see our team this year, it's like watching another team. We're tall, deep, quick, but it's not what you write about, it's how you play. There were some good things that happened, we're very close and focused, so lets just say we have a good focus to come out and play.

On coaching twins:We played hard and I think this team plays just as hard. I have two sets of twins, and I've never coached twins. It's hard to coach twins when you get mad at one, so I have to watch myself about what I say. The twins are good. They're both pretty good. The big twins, (Bofia's) are good. They're not like anyone I've ever coached or seen. They don't play like freshmen. They're smart.'

Tara VanDerveer, Stanford
General Remarks:'We're really excited about the season. We have some talented individuals. Our front court has some good experience and right now we're going through the quarterback controversy as we're trying to find someone at the point guard. I think we need to be grittier, find someone on the defense and take it to the board. We can play a lot of people and hold them accountable.

On this year's lineup:Brooke has really expanded her game, versatility and worked hard defensively. We can play them all together, in any combination. I hope we rebound better. We should be playing a bigger lineup than a smaller lineup this year.

On Candice Wiggins:'Candice, I think, has so much of the intangibles. She's an incredibly talented player, and she just goes hard and plays at a different pace everyday. She pushes everyone around her and with her I feel like we can go out and beat anyone.

On the Conference:'We have had great talent in this Conference for a long time. We have had great coaches and talent for a long time and maybe some are just now discovering it, and maybe some other teams are just now getting it. I think it's clear that we can compete. It's great that people are getting the support they deserve.

On the upcoming season and the competition against Cal:'I'm all for great competition. And the fact that Cal has the outstanding players that they have, and the athletic success they're having, I'm just hoping we win this season! The Conference is strong, and the players are really talented. I just want to keep them healthy and go out and compete.'

LaVonda Wagner, Oregon State
General Remarks:'We're young. We lost 75 percent of our offense and team. We have six new players and a sophomore having played just a few minutes. I'm excited with the direction we're going and I feel we're just rebuilding.

On the direction they're headed in:'I'd love to be able to run and press and do some things on the defensive side of the ball. We're going to have to set some screens and guard play. It's a good Conference with good coaches and players. We'd like to be able to recruit on a national level.'

June Daugherty, Washington
General Remarks:'It's going to be a great year in the Conference and at Washington. We had an opportunity to take a foreign trip to Italy where we were able to put a lot of things on the court. We are fast and furious. We've got a lot of depth and talent. It's great to say that I've got seven seniors ready to go out and play some basketball. We're more defensive-minded, with a lot of depth. We are getting out and running the ball. We're averaging 100 points per game, so we're exciting to watch.

On Cameo:'During Italy and the preseason, Cameo has maybe scored in double figures a few times. One of our goals in the preseason was to get better in the high low. Cameo of course is a great player. She's better than she was. It's great to have her as a captain with her leadership. You're going to see great balance. Hopefully you will see five or six player in double figures any game this season.

On the preseason schedule:'It's an ambitious schedule, but having seven senior and the experience and depth we thought we could handle this, but we'll find out. We're all about having to play the best to be the best. We're anxious to be out there and play again. We know they're going to be tough, but we can't wait to get out there.'

Charli Turner Thorne, Arizona State
On the preseason schedule:'This is a very conscious effort to have a tough schedule. This is probably our toughest preseason schedule ever. I think we'll be ready for it. We open this Friday, with five games in eight days.

On the difference from last year:'We have good depth, and the nice thing this year is on the perimeter we have more experience. We didn't quite have the experience last year to pull things out, but this year I think we're going in the right direction. We are young and we do need to gain some experience quickly. We are different but I think it will be realty fun to watch.'

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