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Nov. 10, 2006

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Washington Head Coach Dean Wurzberger

Opening Statement: 'We are obviously very pleased with the result, we have had a good week. I think that the guys were somewhat confident in that we kind of had a playoff game last week down in Corvallis, and I really think that matters when you pass a big test with some momentum. We know the opposite, the last time we were in the playoffs in '04 we lost our last three games and we got hammered in our first playoff game. There is something about how you go into the playoffs, the momentum if you will. We went 3-1 in our last four games and that is something that we have not done since 2003. I thought that Friday night was really key for the guys, it was a great confidence booster. Tournament games are decided by goals, they change games. Forrest I thought tonight played exceptional, getting three goals on the heels of receiving the conference award, his timing is perfect. Defensively, that is a very strong team. They have been in the playoffs for 15 straight years, they travel every year. That is a tough team to open with. I am just delighted. The mood of the guys was confident and they figured out before half time what the answers were. We started out kind of patchy and gave the ball away a lot, and then they started to find their game. My hats off to Ty (Harden) our captain and Kevin (Forrest) for sticking to the game plan. The guys played great offensively and defensively and I am proud of them.'

On if that was the team's best performance of the season: 'We haven't played this well late in the season for some time, it is close, it is definitely right up there. I am telling you how close that game was a week ago Friday. The game hangs in its balance and it was decided in our favor and we have never looked back since then. It seemed like tonight we just carried on, we were very confident.'

On controlling the game late in the first half: 'We have been trying to add a little possession. We have learned over the last two weeks that Sunday we are really fatigued because of our fast break style that we use, to counteract that you have to keep the ball and rest with possession, if you can believe that. We play the ball from side to side and then look for an entry pass. We get out of this fast break mode where everything that we win is not forward and we play the ball back and forth a little bit. The defense will get 70-30 of the fast break balls. Once you get the lead you need to slow the pace down, the game has changed. You just don't keep going and they are mature enough to observe that. You are right it gives control of the game.'

On the forwards' (Ely Allen and Kevin Forrest) performance: 'When they are on, they are going to cause any defense in the nation some real problems. It isn't easy to be on, because they are the tightest marked or the closest scouted, every opponent that we play will try to block them off. They have to counteract all of that and it is down to the skill of the guys. Ely was just as good as Kevin, he didn't get the goals mind you but was just as big of a threat. You get those two guys playing well mind you, it could take us a long way, they will take us a long way.'

Junior Forward Kevin Forrest

On his post goal celebrations: 'I don't know, the one where I jumped over (the fence) I did that earlier in the season, just to score another goal in the playoffs. I scored on the penalty kick and it was just a slide, pretty standard. The second one, a couple of guys knew it was coming, they were like over the fence. But I did it earlier in the season, just to score a second goal. The first one was a penalty kick, Ely did all of the work and I just put it away. The second goal was a little more fun so I decided to kind of jump up into the stands. I think I gave a couple of high fives, I gave a couple of kids high fives. But the referee just said try not to leave the field next time, they usually don't care that much. The third one I was just like wow, I wasn't expecting to get a hat trick, I was just playing. When the third one went in I was just like wow.'

Junior Forward Ely Allen

On being taken down in the penalty box so many times during the season: 'I have been taken down nine times, I don't know maybe I am getting lucky or maybe my feet are quick, something about it. I mean its great, being laid down nine times, I'll take that any time. Once we get that lead our momentum is going. Like you said the last ten to twenty minutes of the first half we were just knocking the ball around.'

Creighton Head Coach Bob Warming

Opening Statement: 'Give credit to Washington. They are a well organized team with two very special and fast forwards. They are well coached. Forrest did a lot of stuff besides scoring goals in the game. He got a bunch of balls behind our backs and he played well tonight. We scouted Washington and we knew what they were going to do. They are an easy team to scout because the same guys play all the time, but the problem is that you have to stop them because they are so good at it.'

'I really thought that we were going to be up two-nil in the first 15 minutes of the game. We hit the post and there were some shots all over the place on the ground but the keeper was able to get to them. We had nine corners and we are usually pretty good about finishing those. We came out in really good shape, but it was difficult with a situation like that penalty kick because the guy leaves his feet and there is contact between the players in the goal box. There really wasn't a good reason to do that and I think that took the wind out of our sails a little bit.'

On what he said to the team following the game:'I felt for all of our guys. They didn't expect it to end this way, but we are a very proud program with some good kids whose beliefs are that we have the talent to play hard enough together to win a national championship. In that aspect it was obviously very disappointing. I have a wonderful group of seniors and they have done a fantastic job of representing this university for fours year. I just wish I could have these guys for another four years.'



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