Detour: Simone Jelks Recounts USC's First Road Trip

Nov. 18, 2006

Hey Trojan fans!!!

Well... the first day of our first 2006-07 road trip was extremely delightful. After waking up at about 4 in the morning on Thursday for our 6am practice, we didn't make it to wonderful South Dakota until about 4am the next morning! After our initial plane taxied on the runway for practically an hour, we arrived in Colorado to find our connecting flight to South Dakota was already gone. Waiting three and a half hours for the next plane, we finally boarded and ended up Nebraska. You gotta love it! But although the flight cancellations and delays were enough to bring spirits down, the Women of Troy made the best of everything.

On the plane all of the flight attendants gave shout-outs to the Women of Troy, and the 818's finest Shay Murphy sang a short demo of a song she and some of the other girls on the team made up in the weight room over the entire airplane speaker system. In the airport, Chloe and Markisha were occupied watching 'The Little Mermaid' -- a wonderful Disney classic -- and I was trying to study invertebrate species for biology while being surrounded by music, laptops, and four fun middle-aged men talking excessively to J-Funn, Kristin, and Allie. Everyone was scattered in every corner of the airport, but at least one of the Women of Troy could be found every half hour on the hour at one of the many food establishments trying to find a snack to stay awake.

On our final four-hour bus ride to our hotel in South Dakota, the team watched 'She's the Man,' and laughter filled the bus until the movie credits rolled onto the screen. After the movie, the sleep finally hit us, and the Women of Troy settled down. Arms, legs, and other body parts were sprawled in every direction on the bus seats, aisles, floors, and windows. Finally reaching our hotel, we went to bed and got our beauty sleep.

Day #2!

Wow... what a day! As we started off the day eating a tasty little breakfast, spirits were high and so was the laughter when J.G. rolled up in the team room with the same clothes on she wore traveling the day before. :) After breakfast we went to the gym and had shoot-around. A highlight of shoot-around was when Jamie Hagiya, Allie, and Nicole all made half-court shots at the end, to give us credits to get out of running lines during practice (suicides). That was the record for the most half-court shots made during one shoot-around! But as we all know, credits go quick when you have a lot :)

After shoot-around we came back to the hotel and had pre-game meal, and waited around and rested until 5pm when we had to leave for the game. Unfortunately, the game did not end the way the Women of Troy had hoped, but we knew prior to the game that we would be in for a long, physical and adverse night. We were fighting the whole night! We were down, but we did not give up. As a team, as a unit, and as a whole, we fought back and nearly took back a game that many outsiders would have seen as distant beyond our reach. I am so proud of my teammates right now. Throughout the game I saw so much determination in everyone's eyes to not let one another down. Although we lost, I believe this loss will only make us stronger and give us the strength that we need to play and dominate the rest of our opponents this year; starting Sunday with Ohio State. Although that is my hometown, and it will be like a family reunion to me, when I play, my jersey says USC. I am a Trojan, and Trojans do not lose to Buckeyes.

Simone Jelks #4

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