Allen Morill Joins Teammates Serge Angounou And Robby Alridge With Diploma

Dec. 18, 2006

Click here to see a list of ASU men's basketball degrees earned since 1990

Senior Allen Morill is the seventh Sun Devil men's basketball player to earn his degree in 2006, as the senior has earned his degree requirements for graduation this December.

Morill earned a B.I.S. degree in Education and Theatre. Current teammates Serge Angounou (B.A. in Spanish) and Robby Alridge (B.A. in Sociology) earned their degrees last May.

Other former Sun Devils who finished their undergraduate degrees in 2006 include Jonathan Howard (B.S., Business Management), Kevin Kruger (B.S., Justice Studies), Curtis Millage (B.I.S., Education and Family Studies) and Jeremy Veal (B.S.W., Social Work).