Q & A With Michelle Augustavo

Feb. 21, 2007

Junior guard Michelle Augustavo is sitting out the 2006-07 season due to NCAA rules after transferring from the University of San Diego last summer. Augustavo practices every day with her Husky women's basketball teammates but can't play in games or travel on road trips. GoHuskies.com correspondent (and teammate) Jill Bell caught up with Augustavo recently to talk about what led her to transfer, what it's like to watch all season from the sidelines and what her hopes are for the rest of her UW career.

GoHuskies.com: You started your collegiate career at the University of San Diego coming out of high school. What made you choose San Diego originally, other than the sunny weather?

Michelle Augustavo: 'Definitely the coaching staff. I really liked the coaches that recruited me. When I went on a visit there, I felt really comfortable with the girls and had an immediate connection with them.'

GH: You were hurt for part of your freshman season and then your sophomore season you put up 42 points against Clemson. What was it like scoring 42 points in a single game and setting a school record with 10 three-pointers?

MA: 'Its kind of hard to describe, it was really surreal. It was kind of just one of those games that everything you throw up, no matter where it hits, it just goes in. I threw up one shot and I think it hits the top of the back board and then it just went in. I was just in a total zone, I wasn't aware that I had that many points until after the game. It was absolutely crazy.'

GH: After a couple seasons at San Diego, you chose to transfer. What made you want to come to Washington to finish your collegiate career?

MA: 'I liked San Diego, but I was always a little bit homesick. I love Seattle and I'm so happy to be back, but I'm just really close with my family. We got a new coaching staff my sophomore year and I just didn't really fit in well with the type of system they were running. So I was fortunate enough to be able to come here, so I worked out well in the long run.'

GH: This year you have to red-shirt, because of NCAA rules. I'm sure that crossed your mind when you were deciding to transfer. What is it like to practice everyday with the team and not play in the games?

MA: 'It's very, very hard, but good also. It's been a great learning experience and it's different obviously to watch things as opposed to play, but you see a lot more things that you wouldn't see if you're playing on the court all the time. It's been a good year for me as far as just transitioning, because it has allowed me to learn the system and get acclimated to the school.'

GH: When the team travels, what do you usually do while their gone?

MA: ' I work out with Brett (Brungardt), our strength and conditioning coach and then I just watch basketball. My mom's always like 'why don't you do something else', but I just love the game. I also relax and go to my brothers' sporting events and catch up, after missing a couple years being away.'

GH: This year since you're not playing, your role is different than it has been when you were playing at San Diego. What do you feel you offer the team without playing in the games?

MA: 'I think my role right now is to learn the system and to just be a positive motivator and supporter. In practice I try and be the best that I can be to help the team get better, whether that be offensively or defensively.

GH: I know your dad is the head coach at Inglemoor High School for the girls team. He was a member of the Seattle University basketball team and you also have other family members that are UW alumni. It seems that you have a very athletic based family, what was it like growing up in a basketball family?

MA: 'My family is always around athletics. I have a few cousins in college right now playing, two are playing volleyball and one is playing baseball and then myself. So I think it was just second nature for us, it never was really an option not to play sports, but we always wanted to anyways, because we were always around it. We all support one another in all the different sporting events.'

GH: What are some things you do outside of basketball?

MA: 'I love to be with my family, go to movies, shopping and lately sleeping.'

GH: Although you have only been around this year's senior class for one season, what are you going to miss most about them?

MA: 'Other than the fact that they're like half of the team, each one brings something different to the team. It's going to be sad; we only have a little more time with them. I think mostly how much fun we've had over these last few months and the positiveness and leadership, which we are going to have to replace next year.'

GH: What are you most looking forward to in these next couple of years at Washington?

MA: 'I just look forward to getting out there and playing and being able to play in front of my family and friends. And hopefully try the best I can to help this team be successful.'

GH: What is your major?

MA: 'Right now I am an English major, but I am going to apply to the psychology department in the fall, so hopefully I will be double majoring in both English and psychology. After school, I want to become a physical therapist.

GH: Thanks for taking the time to chat with GoHuskies.com

MA: 'No problem!'

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