Glove Talk With Katie Burkhart - Pac-10 Opening Weekend

April 3, 2007


So today we are headed to the City of Angels formerly known as LA, California. We're all sitting in the PhoenixAirport at the moment chit chatting, doing homework, and grubbing. I woke up this morning with the sun peeking through the window and tickling my nose with its warmth. This was the exact feeling I had as I hopped out of bed and wandered into where my roommates were. I rushed in cheering, 'HALLEJUALA WE LEAVE TODAY AND START PAC-10 TOMORROW!!!' They laughed at my excitement, but rejoiced with me because they too will be joining me in cheers and support in the stand tomorrow at UCLA. There will be a lot of people sharing the same excitement as we kick off the start of the PAC-10 season tomorrow!

Even though the excitement is immense, the butterflies are also fluttering their wings below, but in a good way. I think our team is keeping their minds busy with the sight of going out this weekend and leaving our blood and sweat out on the field. The tears we can save for the end of the year... I'll leave the future to be determined if those tears will be out of happiness or sadness. We're all pumped to begin the season and can't wait to play. We dream of this every year and as coach said last year, 'The time is now!' Our plane is boarding, so I'll write tomorrow with the outcome of the first game.



Wake up call came early as Miller and I both fumbled for the phone. Everything was taken in the same stride as we got ready and went downstairs for breakfast. Eggs, Bacon, Cereal, a small muffin, and fruit got my engine roaring. We loaded the bus and headed to UCLA. The traffic wasn't any worse than usual. We left the hotel at 10 am and arrived at 10:30. To be honest I thought there would be more butterflies swarming among our team, but we all were looking at it as just another game. UCLA can have that shock affect on some, with the banners, and prideful fans, and not to mention the talent that walks the stadium and sits in their dugout. This year it was different. We all have an attitude that we expect to win no matter who the opposing side may be, and that's exactly what we did. We took the win against UCLA 6-0. It was a great feeling to have beat them for the first time since 2002... it's been too long if you ask me.



After, a long flight the night before and arriving at the hotel in Seattle a little after 11 PM the morning was a bit of a drowse. Repeating the same routine as any morning before a game, I had a well-balanced breakfast and went back upstairs to get dressed. On our way to the ballpark I listened to the usual tunes Andre Nickatina and fired myself up for the Huskies. As we passed the baseball field we waved to our brother sport: baseball.


We had a great warm-up and pre-game. It was a pretty decent day for Seattle, no rain, a bit overcast, the softball god's were clearing the weather because I'm sure they were up for watching some softball on their Saturday afternoon. The game got started and it took us till the 5th to get a 2-1 lead over the Huskies. Right after a big inning for Washington where Ashley Charters hit a solo homer off of me we retaliated and Bianca Cruz bombskied over the left field fence scoring Cochran as well as herself. Our defense held them for the rest of the game to win it. I'll give it to Charters though, she battled tough in the 7th with 2 outs, though the inning ended in a pop-up to Mindy Cowles which was easily caught. Our defense was unstoppable and our offense battled back when the time called. Our job was to win and that's exactly what we did.



At the elevator on our way down Kristen Miller (my roommate) and I were asked a somewhat sane yet funny question, 'You're playing on the Sabbath?' This is a question I can understand but our simple response was, 'Yes. Most of us have been missing church since about 4th grade.' Sad but true softball Sundays I would have to say have been and always will be my favorite days of play. To me Sundays mean the championship day where the long weekends have finally come to an end and it's the last try at winning the games that really matter (aka travel ball). Now Sundays mean the potential of winning the series.

We arrived at the ballpark as the chilling wind stabbed through the thick layers. Automatic sniffles and runny noses met the long lost tissues.


Megan Elliot started off the game, her first Pac-10 outing. She was fierce and competitive on the mound. She looked as if she had been there many times before, nothing changed in her demeanor as it shouldn't. Megs did an amazing job only giving up 1 hit into the 5th. I came in after a lead-off walk in the bottom of the 5th. We got out of the inning without any harm and moved onto offense. Lawrie who was now pitching for Nobel (came out in the 4th), did her duty on the mound. We did what we could against the right-hander, but weren't as successful as the day before. In the bottom of the 7th Dina Tyson's lead-off walk (which as the pitcher I felt was an iffy call by the ump), was followed with Lawrie's half-swing that her hand happened to meet and greet the ball she was awarded the base (another 50/50 call), the next girl was struck out. With 1 out the next batter bunted them over. Runners on 2nd a third, the next struck out, now 2 outs on a passed ball, the run scored from 3rd. Unfortunate, yet sometimes wins come unplanned and unwillingly. We still face UW once again at home, and we'll be gunning for them.


Defensively and offensively we were strong and battled the entire way. It was a great outing for all of us. Everyone one of us shined in some way this weekend and as a team our chemistry was strong. We're pumped and ready to play. Our next stop is U of A. Wildcats here we come!!

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