Getting to Know...Morgan Rosborough

April 10, 2007

Morgan Rosborough has patiently waited his turn to play for the Washington Huskies. After two seasons on the roster, this Dawg is ready to be unleashed. I've heard rumors that the guys on the team have deemed you with the nickname of 'House,' is this true?
Morgan Rosborough:
'Yeah, Stan Daniels and a couple other guys gave me that name the first week I was here.'

GH: You came to UW an even bigger man, have you actually lost some weight since you've been here?
'Yeah, I came in weighing about 390 pounds. I am down to about 370 pounds right now. The coaches want me to trim down a little.'

GH: Why did the coaches want you to lose weight in a position that requires some pretty big men?
'Because I needed to get quicker and be able to play for long periods of time. Losing those extra pounds helps me with that.'

GH: Have you always been a bigger guys growing up?MR: 'Always.'

GH: What other sports did you play growing up?
'I played baseball and basketball, as well as football.'

GH: What positions did you play?
'I played center and in baseball I played first base and pitcher.'

GH: Where you like Shaq on the basketball court?
'Yeah pretty much, I was able to muscle some guys around.'

GH: Being an offensive lineman, is it all about being big or is there a lot more to the position?
'There is a lot more to the position than just being big. You have to be able to use good technique, you have to be strong and be able to move with some good foot work. It's not all about size.'

GH: You have been here for the last couple of years now, are these some of the things that you have been working on?
'Yeah. I have been trying to work on my technique a lot and I need to be able to move faster than I have in the past. I've been trying to improve in those areas since I've been here.'

GH: How far along has your improvement came so far?
'I think that I have probably made a 180 degree turnaround since I got here. When I got here, this was the first offensive line coach that I have had because I didn't have one when I was in high school. All the stuff that I have been learning has been new knowledge to me, so I just want to take in as much as possible and use it to my advantage.'

GH: How helpful is it to have an offensive line coach to help show you the way?
'It helps a lot and it makes your job a lot easier because you don't have to figure stuff out. They tell you things to do that you never would have known to do on your own.'

GH: Have you been able to develop a good relationship with your coaches since you have been here?
'The coaches and I have grown pretty close since I have been here.'

GH: How important is that to have a good relationship with your coaches?
'It makes a big difference and it makes things much easier for you if you have coaches that you like and respect.'

GH: How you got to the UW is a little bit different of a story than most other players, care to share it with us?
'Coach Willingham came to visit me when I was playing in high school and I weighed about 400 pounds. Coach Willingham told me that he would give me a scholarship if I would be willing to be committed to losing weight. I went on a program and lost 15 pounds before I came here. He saw that and offered me a scholarship when I got here for camp.'

GH: You are a part of Coach Willingham's first recruiting class at the University of Washington, what kind of experience have you gained from that knowing that you are the first wave of his new program?
'We just want to put him on the map here at the UW and make sure that we just win games. We need to win the Rose Bowl and get this program back to the way that it was in the early ninety's.'

GH: Now that you've had those couple years of development here and you are listed as a starter on the early Spring rosters, does that have a lot to do with all of this work that you have been putting in?
'That's part of it. We had a lot of guys leave from last year and there are a lot of new faces trying to get a position in the lineup. I work hard, so right now I think that I have earned it.'

GH: Does that have anything to do with having a good off-season so far?
'It's been pretty good so far. I have increased a lot in strength in the weight room and my times have continued to get faster on the field. I think that I have had a pretty good off-season.'

GH: Does the offensive line have some pretty good competition right now with all of you fighting for spots?
'Yes, I would have to say that nobody has a definite spot on the offensive line right now. Everybody is trying to earn their position right now.'

GH: A lot of you offensive lineman right now are listed as juniors and seniors, but have very little actual game experience. Does that make it a little harder to get into a groove with each other?
'For some of us we have to get to know each other better. We have to get accustomed to other guys movements and get to know what they like to do in certain situations. It is a little tougher, but we're going to be fine.'

GH: Do you already see yourselves molding together at this point?
'Yeah, I see a lot of guys getting to know each other better and that is going to help us as we progress towards the season. We're not ready yet, but we just need to continue to watch film together and we need to start recognizing certain defenses better. These things will come as we spend a lot of time together as a whole group and not just individually.'

GH: You personally, do you think that the Spring football season is a big advantage for you guys?
'Spring football is an advantage for everybody. People that don't have a spot are trying to win a spot, and new guys are trying to learn. It helps returning guys because we can go over a lot of the things that we didn't really get last year. It is a big advantage.'

GH: Last year you guys got off to a strong start, but then the team was plagued with some key injuries and the season didn't quite go as well as planned. How do you feel that last year went for this team?
'We just broke down mentally after our quarterback got hurt. We just have to continue to work on adversity and that is what we're doing right now. We need to get ready so that we can get off to that same kind of start that we had last year.'

GH: Did it help a lot to close the season with a big Apple Cup victory?
'Oh yeah. That gave us a lot of momentum in the off-season and made us want to work out harder so that we can keep that momentum going on into the next season. We are on a one game winning streak right now and we'd like to keep that going.'

GH: The whole team is relatively young and inexperienced, how do you think everyone has come together so far this Spring?
'As a whole, during the off-season we got together and did a lot of football drills and things like that to try and get ourselves ready. We are pretty much, right now, a cohesive unit as a whole team even thought we might be young, but we still know each other pretty well.'

GH: Do you think that is an advantage for you to have the opportunity to grow together?
'Yeah, growing together helps us know each other better. We have a better idea of what every guy does and doesn't do so that we can build off of that.'

GH: Next season schedule is arguably one of the toughest, if not the toughest schedule in the nation. Do you think that works to the teams benefit to face such a challenge?
'Definitely. It is always an advantage because these big games give us the opportunity to get ourselves on the map. It gives us more exposure to people on the east coast, because we are on the west coast and we don't get that much exposure unless we face a big team like USC or UCLA. By playing these big name teams from out east we are going to get our names out there to more of the nation.'

GH: As an offensive lineman, you will have the responsibility of protecting a rookie quarterback in Jake Locker. How important is it that you protect such a young quarterback and give him the opportunity to be successful?
'It is very important. It is scary because he is such a young quarterback and he is going to be in some situations where he might not know what to do. We have to protect him and give him enough time to make plays and do what we know he is capable of doing.'

GH: Does that responsibility rest solely on the offensive line?
'No, it comes down to the whole team. Offensive lineman have to block, wide receivers have to run good routes and get open and backs need to be able to hit the right holes. It is going to come down to the whole offense coming together.'

GH: So what are your predictions for this young team in the upcoming season?
'I predict that we will be better than we were last year. That's all I am going to say.'

GH: What are your goals personally?
'Personally, I want to maintain my starting position and I want to have two 1,000 yard rushers. I don't want to give up any sacks the whole season.'

GH: Alright, well good luck and we'll be pulling for you guys.

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