Getting to Know...Jordan Murchison

April 16, 2007

Jordan Murchison, a junior college transfer from San Francisco, is poised and ready to play. After sitting out all of last season spending his time on the Huskies' service teams he is ready to see the field for the first time. correspondent Jaren Trost caught up with Murchison earlier this week.

GH: Are you excited for the upcoming season?
JM: Yeah I am really excited. I can't wait to play.

GH: How was your high school career? How was the competition in California there?
JM: It was good, we had a good team, and we played good football. We played against Kyle Wright graduating out of Miami; we had a lot of good competition.

GH: Out of high school did you have any Division 1 scholarships offered to you?
JM:I had a lot of looks but I tore my ACL in my third season so I got a lot of calls that said, `thanks but no thanks'.

GH: How do you feel about the team's 2007 schedule?
JM:I see a lot of opportunity; I see confidence in the coaching staff which translates into confidence for us.

GH: Do you feel healthy?
JM: Yeah, I feel a lot better than I did last year.

GH: Although you didn't get to play last year, what did you see last year when you saw everyone playing?
JM:I saw the way players handled themselves on the field, watching how they react to things watching the competitiveness that they showed. I saw the coaching staff and how they handled things, and I really liked what I saw. I can't wait until I get my chance.

GH: How do you guys feel this year is different?
JM:This year is different because we have a lot of confidence, a lot of guys coming in that love the game, that just want to play football. Last year there was a lot of passion we just had a lot of shortcomings. This year is a whole new year, a brand new schedule, a lot of opportunities to make a lot of good things happen.

GH: How does Coach Willingham feel about the season?
JM:I think he feels confident, just look at the schedule that he made. That right there shows a lot of confidence in the team. When coach has confidence in his players it helps out a lot.

GH: How's school going?
JM:I am going to major in communications or sociology. We'll see, I got like a 2.9 right now. I should be doing better.

GH: Many little kids grow up dreaming to wear purple and gold. Tell me, how does this feel?
JM: My first time coming out of the stadium was magical, everyone screaming, my family in the stands. Players told me what it felt like, but it was totally different. It was a unique experience. Just a great feeling to do something you are passionate about.

GH: How is practice going right now?
JM: We were in shells today. We (had) our first scrimmage on Saturday with referees and all that. It is a lot to look forward too. I am just really excited right now.

GH: How do you feel about your quarterback situation?
JM: We have Locker and Bonnell. We have two quarterbacks that are battling, but I have confidence in both. They are both got really good arms and they are both really athletic.

GH: How important is it for you to start this season?
JM:Well right now we are just fighting for that starting spot; no starting spots have been assigned yet. Im just working hard and trying to help my team improve.

GH: How important is it for the team to get out of the gate strong next season?
JM: If you win those first five games, it would be huge. We just got to handle our business and earn our respect.

GH: What is the feeling in the locker room?
JM:It is a great feeling; everyone is really confident and excited for the upcoming season.

GH: Last season at Cal when you guys sent the game to overtime, everyone got excited and cheered except for Willingham. He just put up his hand signaling to go for one. Is he like this all the time?
JM: Coach is always collected. He is very professional about everything that he does. With Coach being professional it makes us act professional. He inspires our team to do the very best that we can.

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