Getting to Know...D'Andre Goodwin

April 19, 2007

With spring football in the midst, the Husky receiving core finds itself with a very experienced group ready to play hard in the 2007 season. was able to sit down with sophomore D'Andre Goodwin to see how practices have been going and what to expect from this season's offense. How has the off-season gone so far?
D'Andre Goodwin: 'I think that it is going pretty well. We are doing a lot of running and I am getting a better grasp of this offense. I don't have to think as much about what I am doing like I used to.'

GH: How big of a deal is it to simplify the playbook in your head and get the plays down?
DG: 'I think it's very important. I have also been doing some extra things like working with the quarterback and trying to get my timing right. I have watched a lot of film to see the things that I needed to improve on.'

GH: What kinds of drills are you doing with quarterbacks and receivers?
DG: 'We do a lot of routes versus air to get our timing down. We have also done a lot of the seven-on-seven drills. The routes versus air drills are the most helpful, in my opinion, because we get a better feel for our routes.'

GH: How is the intensity at the practices?
DG: 'I think guys are working a lot harder in practice right now. We have a lot more experience at the receiver position this year and that helps out a lot because we have a lot of guys that can make plays.'

GH: Talk to me about this receiving core this year. There are a lot of guys fighting for a spot, how close are the receivers?
DG: 'We all help each other out and try to make each other better. We're fighting for a position, but we also want to become a good receiving core. Good things are going to come from these guys.'

GH: What are your thoughts on last season?
DG: 'I think we had an okay season, but I think that we are going to get better this year. As receivers we are going to have to make more big plays this year to help our offense out a lot.'

GH: How about the offense in general, what do you think was missing last year?
DG: 'I don't think that anything was missing. We had good players, but we just weren't able to get it together at times.'

GH: So compare this year's team to last year's team. What is the biggest difference that you see right now?
DG: 'I see that everybody has set their goals and they are really working hard to try and go after them this year.'

GH: What are the goals set by this team right now?
DG: 'We want to play as well as we can and play well in the off-season, because this is the time where you can develop the most. We really want to fight for a BCS Bowl game.'

GH: What are this team's points of emphasis with the Spring Game right around the corner?
DG: 'For me, I am just trying to learn the playbook, get comfortable on offense and just go out there and play.'

GH: How comfortable are you with the playbook at this point?
DG: 'There is still a lot that I need to learn, but I can see the difference between the first day of spring ball to now.'

GH: What are some of the improvements that you see in yourself since you arrived at the UW?
DG: 'I think that I am coming in and out of my breaks faster and I am understanding the concepts of my routes better. It helps a lot to know the playbook, so that has been my biggest focus.'

GH: Does it make it tougher on you as a receiver knowing that you have yet another new quarterback coming into the lineup?
DG: 'I don't think so, because it's the same offense. I have to know all the same things that I did last year, so I don't believe that it's that big of a deal.'

GH: Are you feeling pretty comfortable with Locker's style? What kind of quarterback is he?
DG: 'I definitely feel comfortable with him back there. He has a lot of different weapons because he can throw the ball, he's smart and he can run, as everybody knows.'

GH: Do you think that he will be more of a scrambler like Isaiah Stanback?
DG: 'Not necessarily. I think that he is going to run when he has to and pass when he has to. He is very dangerous with both his feet and his arm.'

GH: Is having a tough schedule a big advantage for this team?
DG: 'Yeah, having a tough schedule gives us a chance to show that we can win those games. If we do, it will show everybody how good we are and that we deserve a shot at a bowl game.'

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