Getting to Know...Casey Bulyca

April 20, 2007

The 2007 Husky offensive line is filled with some big guys capable of opening up holes for their backfield. got a chance to talk with one of the more experienced linemen, senior Casey Bulyca, to see what the offensive linemen have been up to this off-season. How did the off-season go for you?
Casey Bulyca: 'It went well for me. I hit the weight room hard and saw a lot of my numbers go up. My squat is 650 right now, so I feel pretty good about how hard I've worked in the off-season.'

GH: Would you say that most of your improvements have come in the weight room?
CB: 'Beyond that, I feel like I have made some strides as a player and a person through our coaching staff. I feel like I have been staying out of trouble, keeping my nose clean and going to class all the time.'

GH: Every position has a different goal for the off-season, what was your goal as an offensive lineman?
CB: 'As a lineman it is important to get into good physical condition. The goal is to come into spring ball strong, fit and ready to play.'

GH: Do you feel like both yourself and the rest of the linemen are at that point right now?
CB: 'I feel like I need to lose a little more weight and I should be alright. A lot of guys on this team worked really hard during the off-season and they look pretty good right now.'

GH: How close are the o-linemen here at the UW?
CB: 'We're a pretty close group of guys. We'll hang out together, maybe go to somebody's house at night and order a pizza so we can just hang out.'

GH: How much pizza can a group of lineman consume in one sitting?
CB: 'I am not entirely sure, but I'll tell you it's quite a bit. It would definitely be a pretty expensive meal.'

GH: What do you guys do for fun when you hang out together?
CB: 'Just a lot of hanging out and do whatever. We usually get into some video games or something.'

GH: What are the video games of choice?
CB: 'We tend to lean towards something like Gears of War.'

GH: How much of that Apple Cup victory has carried into this season?
CB: 'I think the Apple Cup was a good way to end the season and it gets us off to a nice start this year. It's nice to come off a victory at the end of the year so that you don't have that bad feeling in your stomach, especially beating the Cougars. It always feels good to beat those guys.'

GH: What is this team focusing on the most as we get closer to the Spring Game at the end of the month?
CB: 'I think that we want to be perfect on every assignment. We need to know what we are doing on every play and be able to execute well.'

GH: Would you say that the offensive line is pretty wide open right now for anyone to earn a spot?
CB: 'Yeah, I think that every guy on our line works real hard. There is going to be competition until the first game and maybe even beyond that.'

GH: So what do you think that it takes to be a great offensive lineman?
CB: 'He has to be mean, nasty and tough. Most people seem to think that offensive lineman are passive, but you can't be passive and play on the line. You have to be a big mean, crazy guy and not afraid to hit a guy in the mouth when he's coming at you.'

GH: A lot of people think it's more of a size thing, how much more is there to the position?
CB: 'Size is important, but at the same time you have to have some quick feet. You have to be able to move with a defensive lineman who is pushing at you to get to someone in the backfield.'

GH: You've had a chance now to see the offense in action, how do they look?
CB: 'I think that our offense is looking pretty good. We need to polish up a few things here and there, but we are playing well right now. Guys are playing hard and everybody is looking good, so I think that our offense is looking pretty solid.'

GH: Compare this year's team to last year's at the same point, what are the differences?
CB: 'This group of guys that are in right now have had Coach Willingham for three years now. We all understand the system and we know what he wants from us. We know what we are expected to do from our position coaches and it's nice to have stability in the program finally.'

GH: How much does it help to have a specific position coach?
CB: 'That is critical. Having an offensive line coach is critical, because without him our offense would be in big trouble. We watch film and he tells us what we are doing wrong, and he'll break it down for us. It's all important and he helps us to get everything down right.'

GH: Do you have a good relationship with the coaches?
CB: 'Yeah, I think our line coach Mike Denbrock is one of the best in the business. He is a hard coach, but he's fair and he wants all of us to do well. He is a guys you can talk to in his office and it's nice to have that.'

GH: So the Spring Game is right around the corner, where does this team want to be when it's finally here?
CB: 'We want to run the ball well and I want everybody to play with a lot of intensity. Guys will be flying around hitting people and going for the ball.'

GH: What kind of offense are we going to see this year?
CB: 'We are going to run the ball a lot. I think our passing game should provide a good balance between the two and we should give everybody something to be happy about.'

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