2007 Washington Spring Game Postgame Quotes

April 28, 2007

On gaining experience with offense:
'Obviously I had some time with the offense during the spring, but during the summer I was able to become more confident to a point where I didn't have too many questions as to what we were doing.'

On improving: 'There are a couple of things I need to get better on here and there, but for the most part I have good knowledge of the offense. I have almost a year in the system now and I understand what we're trying to do pretty well. It's all about just relating that on the field and playing better out there.'

On redshirting last year: 'It was good for me because I got to focus on the parts of my game that I need to improve. As tough as it was, it is teaching me to be a better passer, and that's the kind of player I want to be; I don't want to just run the ball. That's something that really helped me throughout the spring at practice. It was tough because I wanted to play but it was a really good learning experience.'

On touchdown run ruled down (spring game rules declare a quarterback down when touched: 'I would like to think that I would have scored [in a real game]. If I wouldn't have gone in, it would have surprised me.'

General Comments:
'We did some things that we really like to do today, with an emphasis on the pass-rush. I like our defensive line.'

On secondary: 'The first group I got a pretty good read on but we have some new players coming in that are going to have to fill in some numbers. We've got eight players out there and three of them are walk-ons, so like I said we have some young kids who are going to have to play.'

On Jay Angotti: 'He made a nice play on that interception. Jay's a tough kid, he loves the ball and he's going to help us somehow.'

On quarterback play:
'I was very impressed with Carl's play and for him to come out and throw it as well as he did, I was extremely pleased. Jake and Carl both threw the ball very well and I thought their decision-making was good. They didn't force too many balls in there and I thought for the most part they threw with pretty good accuracy. On the interception Jake threw I think he just got a little too much air under it and the safety was able to make the play.'

On Carl's three touchdowns: 'I'm not worried about those stats right now. The only stat I'm worried about is winning. Stats aren't that big of a deal, especially with the quarterback because you have to be able to win games. Your job is to win football games and that's the bottom line. The rest of that stuff is overrated.'

On Spring Game quarterback format: 'We didn't want to run the quarterbacks very much and we cut out some offense, too. It was hard, but we didn't worry about the quarterbacks. It's hard for the defense because it's hard to tell if the quarterback's down or not. We didn't really want to go there today and Coach Willingham told me that we didn't want to run the quarterbacks.'

On J.R. Hasty: 'J.R. ran pretty well today. The thing that I liked about J.R. today is that he made one cut and then he ran downhill. You have to do that against the good defense and that's what he did. He's just got to keep improving and getting downhill. Another thing that he did well today is that he didn't put the ball on the field. He improved from that aspect and you expect him to go out against the second defense and do the things that he did. He's proven that he can do that against some pretty good defenses, but I would have been extremely disappointed if we had been unable to run the football.'