Huskies Capture Windermere Cup Titles

May 5, 2007


SEATTLE, Wash. - The Husky men's and women's varsity eights returned to the winners' podium this afternoon after both Washington crews defeated Purdue and Waikato in the 21st-annual Windermere Cup on the Montlake Cut. The Washington men's varsity eight won their 15th Windermere Cup and 28th Opening Day title, while the women's varsity eight captured their 13th Winderrmere Cup and 21st Opening Day trophy. In total, UW crews captured first-place honors in seven events today, including the featured varsity Windermere Cup races.

The Washington men's eight, which rowed in the 2005 Great Race in Hamilton, New Zealand against Waikato, showed the crowd gathered along the 2,000-meter race course why the Huskies have been the top-ranked team in the nation all season. The Huskies won the Windermere Cup in a time of 5:58.59, the fastest mark of the day. Purdue, a club program, posted an impressive second-place finish with a time of 6:09.09, while the Waikato crew took third with a time of 6:13.86.

After the win, Washington senior Aljosa Corovic, who rowed in the six-seat for the title crew, said, 'We went out very early and never looked back - we had control from the first stroke.'

Men's head coach Bob Ernst added, 'This is such a neat venue with this crowd, and I am just so happy that our guys represented our university as well as this. They are a special group, and they performed at the top of their game today.'

In the women's varsity eight race, the Husky crew reclaimed the Windermere Cup trophy after losses to international crews the last two seasons. This morning, the 16th-ranked Washington boat finished with a time of 6:53.22 to capture the victory, besting second-place Waikato by three seconds.

'I was really happy with our results in the Windermere Cup,' commented women's head coach Eleanor McElvaine. 'We kept our composure in a really tight race, then we moved away and took the race in a decisive manner.'

An extremely hoarse Alysha Koorji, the coxswain of the women's varsity eight, added, 'We couldn't hear anything once we got into the cut, I just had to hit the boat because no one could hear. It was awesome to have all the boats there and everyone cheering. Waikato was really good competition, but we stepped it up in terms of intensity. [For Pac-10s and NCAAs], we have to believe. We know we can do it because we perform in practice. This was a stepping stone for us - it shows us that we can do it.'

The Huskies also had to race against each other in a few races, including the Men's Erickson Cascade Cup, which pitted the Washington Freshman against the Washington Second Varsity. The coaching staff decided to put the top freshman boat in the junior varsity race in order to get both crews the most experience and the best competition in preparation for the Pac-10 Championships next Sunday. The freshmen donned their 2010 jerseys in order to differentiate themselves from their upperclassman competition. After two close races that ended in disappointment (Class Day and the Cal dual), the Husky freshman earned the win today, besting the JV boat by two seconds with a time 6:01.75.

'They intimidated us all fall,' said first-year Husky coxswain Michael Welly. 'We wanted to go out there and say `This is our cut!''

In the Women's Erickson Cascade Cup, the Gonzaga varsity edged out the Huskies, notching the win with a 1.09-second margin.

Because the top-Huksy freshman boat competed in the Cascade Cup, the men's freshman eight race featured the second Husky freshman boat and the crew posted a solid victory with a time of 6:13.41.

Men's freshman coach Michael Callahan noted, 'I was especially pleased with them. We asked them to step into a new role and be responsible for this race, and they did just that.'

Husky crews also won the men's varsity four, the women's varsity four and the men's open eight.

The Washington crews begin postseason competition next week at the Pac-10 Championships, Sunday, May 13 on Lake Natoma in Rancho Cordova, Calif.

Windermere Cup Regatta
Washington Results Only
Montlake Cut/Seattle, Wash.
Saturday, May 5, 2007
2,000 meters

Race #6: Men's Varsity Four
1. Washington 'A' 6:41.47; 2. Washington 'B' 6:46.30; 3. Pocock Rowing Center 7:01.25; 4. Washington 'C' 7:25.00.
UW-A Lineup: cox - Mary Katherine Langlais
; stroke - Toby Dankbaar; 3 - Stephen Connolly; 2 - Peter Carlson; bow - Mike Flight

Race #7: Women's Varsity Four
1. Washington 'A' 7:31.70; 2. Washington 'B' 7:36.88; 3. Washington 'C' 7:41.88; 4. Western Washington 7:57.92; 5. Willamette 8:03.92.
UW-A Lineup: cox - Maggie Cheek; stroke - Jen Dwyer; 3 - Rosie DeBoef; 2 - Erin Knox; bow - Kayleigh Mack
UW-B Lineup: cox - Katie Zagroba (So., Redmond, Wash./Inglemoor); stroke - Jessica Fernen (Jr., Seattle, Wash./Ingraham); 3 - Laura Cooper (So., Clackamas, Ore./Clackamas); 2 - Lia Prins (So., Walla Walla, Wash./Walla Walla); bow - Rachel Powers (So., Honolulu, Hawaii/Iolani School)
UW-C Lineup: cox - Kristy Gauthier (Jr., Richland, Wash./Richland); stroke - Ashley Brown (So., Kingston, Ontario/K.C.V.I.); 3 - Brittney Pierce (Jr., Olympia, Wash./North Thurston); 2 - Helen Wall (So., Spokane, Wash./Lewis and Clark); bow - Caitlin Henry (So., Swansea, Ill./Belleville East)

Race #8: Women's Open Eight
1. Gonzaga 6:59.33; 2. Washington-4V 7:12.50; 3. Western Washington 7:22.16; 4. Washington-2N 7:44.91.
UW-4V Lineup: cox - Kristy Gauthier (Jr., Richland, Wash./Richland); stroke - Danielle Berz (Jr., Golden, Colo./Mullen); 7 - Tara Kinsella (So., Seattle, Wash./Holy Names Academy); 6 - Ali Steiner (So., Vancouver, Wash./Mountain View); 5 - Heather Walker (So., Olympia, Wash./Capital); 4 - Courtney White (So., Shoreline, Wash./Shorecrest); 3 - Betsy Page (Jr., Yakima, Wash./West Valley); 2 - Kelsey Whitcomb (Jr., Mill Creek, Wash./Jackson); bow - Karin Golob (So., Granger, Wash./Granger)
UW-2N Lineup: cox - Alex Tanabe (Fr., Boise, Idaho/Capital); stroke - Emily Koltuniak (Fr., Grosse Point, Mich./Grosse Point South); 7 - Katherine Ou (Fr., Winchester, Mass./Winchester); 6 - Melissa Meister (Fr., LaConner, Wash./LaConner); 5 - Keira Brooks (Fr., Wenatchee, Wash./Wenatchee); 4 - Blakeley Holland (Fr., Seattle, Wash./Bichop Blanchet); 3 - Sarah Martin (Fr., Sedro-Wolley, Wash./Sedro-Wolley); 2 - Madeline Tuesley (Fr., Seattle, Wash./Seattle Prep); bow - Lisa Dauwalter (Fr., Minnetonka, Minn./Minnetonka)

Race #9: Men's Open Eight
1. Washington 6:18.84; 2. Lake Union Crew

Race #14: Women's Novice Eight
1. Gonzaga 6:57.59; 2. Washington 7:00.42
UW Lineup: cox - Daphne Hazlehurst; stroke - Kara Rybczyk; 7 - Meredith Dugoni; 6 - Heather Young; 5 - Adrienne Martelli; 4 - Alison Browning; 3 - Jenny Park; 2 - Line Larsen; bow - Sophia Duluk

Race #15: Men's Freshman Eight
1. Washington 'A' 6:13.41; 2. Oregon State 6:16.27; 3. Washington 'B' 6:33.52; 4. Western Washington 6:53.69
UW-A Lineup: cox - Jackie Allen; stroke - Kit Culbert; 7 - David Goulet; 6 - Danny Cornutt; 5 - Larry Dearth; 4 - Nikolai Kaspers; 3 - Ethan Katz; 2 - Jamie North; bow - Charles Anderson
UW-B Lineup: cox - Sam Greenblatt; stroke - Andreas Costea; 7 - Andrew Hamacher; 6 - Aidan Pera; 5 - Allan Mathisen; 4 - Thomas Hedlund; 3 - Mason Dhanens; 2 - Alexander Keats; bow - Matthew Mackinnon

Race #16: Erickson Memorial Cascade Cup -- Women's Junior Varsity Eight
1. Gonzaga 6:56.61; 2. Washington 6:57.70; 3. Western Washington7:07.83
UW Lineup: cox - Sofia Benson-Goldberg; stroke - Liz Simenstad; 7 - Andrea Smith; 6 - Charlene Franklin; 5 - Asiha Grigsby; 4 - Kelly Foster; 3 - Corianne Bowman; 2 - Erika Sweet; bow - Ashley Jones

Race #17: Erickson Memorial Cascade Cup -- Men's Junior Varsity Eight
1. Washington-Freshman 6:01.75; 2. Washington-JV 6:03.80; 3. Gonzaga 6:19.06; 4. Oregon State 6:30.27
UW-Freshman Lineup: cox - Michael Welly; stroke - Simon Taylor; 7 - Graham Oglend; 6 - Aaron Luke; 5 - Blaise Didier; 4 - Roko Svast; 3 - Dane Robbins; 2 - James Olson; bow - Maxwell Weaver
UW-JV Lineup: cox - Micah Perrin; stroke - Bart-Jon Caron; 7 - Lowell Neal; 6 - Andrew Beaton; 5 - Trevor Mollenkopf; 4 - Drew Fowler; 3 - Derek DeVries; 2 - David VanBolt; bow - Alan Oriard

Race #18: Windermere Cup -- Women's Varsity Eight
1. #16 Washington 6:53.22; 2. Waikato 6:56.27; 3. Purdue 7:09.58
UW Lineup: cox - Alysha Koorji; stroke - Cara Troelstra; 7 - Jamie Unwin; 6 - Taryn Langlois; 5 - Kim Kennedy; 4 - Andrea Sooter; 3 - Samantha Smith; 2 - Kim Armstrong; bow - Courtney Plitt

Race #19: Windermere Cup -- Men's Varsity Eight
1. #1 Washington 5:58.89; 2. Purdue 6:09.09; 3. Waikato 6:13.86
UW Lineup: cox - Katelin Snyder; stroke - Will Crothers; 7 - Heath Allen; 6 - Aljosa Corovic; 5 - Rob Gibson; 4 - David Worley; 3 - Steve Full; 2 - Jessiah Johnson; bow - Max Lang