ASU Women's Basketball in Italy: Days 7 & 8

May 26, 2007

Note: The Arizona State women's basketball team is currently in Italy for a nine-day tour of the country. Throughout their stay updates will be provided on their daily experiences.


Kayli Murphy


We just left Rimini and are on the road again to Padova. Even though we've had many bus rides, nobody seems to have minded them because it is a chance to read, nap and relax before our next adventure. On this particular bus trip we are watching Ace Venture: Pet Detective (a classic that will always give you a few laughs!)

I can't believe that we only have three more days. I'm really starting to get used to the Italian way of life and being away from everyday routines and responsibilities. Every place we have been so far has given us an exciting new adventure

The historical aspects are so amazing. The Duomo in Milan was gorgeous; the villas in Como were like nothing I've ever seen before (I love the architecture and styles); Florence had so much going on (the markets with cobblestone alleyways were so fun); I got to walk up the Leaning Tower of Pisa (enough said); see the Michelangelo statue of David and the beaches in Rimini (breathtaking!). I can't wait to see Padova and Venice!

Being able to soak in the Italian culture has really been a remarkable experience that I know I'll keep with me forever. It's something I'll always be able to share with family and friends and may even bring me back later in life to do it all over again.

I definitely see our team growing together every day. We finally showed it in our third game yesterday. We're beginning our growth for next season and to be lifetime friends.

Even though I am having the time of my life, I do miss my family and the comforts of home. I think gelato is my comfort food because I've had at least two helpings a day. When I get home I might have to make a visit to the Gelato Spot in Phoenix!

Until later, Ciao!


Reagan Pariseau


Today we visited Venice, or Venezia as the Italians say. It is quite a process to get there because you must take a boat as no roads lead to Venice.

Our tour guide was great as she explained all the history behind many of the important and beautiful buildings in the piazza. They say that Venice is sinking slowly but surely and they are trying to prevent it, but I'm not sure how. Sara told us that when the water levels get too high that you have to wear 'plastic boots,' or galoshes as Americans would call them, because the streets are all flooded and covered in water (the water by the way does not look very sanitary, although the area is still beautiful).

I just can't get over all the beauty and history in Italy. We sat on steps and walked into buildings that were over 1,000 years old. I wonder if people in Italy think their country and architecture is pretty or if it is just what they are used to?

After the tour our team does what it loves to do, shop! You'd think that we'd be sick of it by now, but there is so much in Italy that you can't get in the US. Plus, I'd been saving money for this trip so it is only fair that I spend it, right?

One thing I'm not going to lie about is that this was one of the toughest days because we left the hotel at 9:30 a.m. and didn't return until 10 p.m. We were on our feet all day and the had to come up with the energy to play one of the best teams in the country. The gym we played in was beyond hot. Oh well. We ended up losing 72-68, however we took a lot from that game and learned a great deal, which is good for our new group of gals. New team, new season.

I just can't believe how fast this trip has gone by. What a great experience and one that none of us will ever forget. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to experience another country and its culture as well as experience international basketball for the first time.



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