Courtney Crane on Sun Devil Soccer

Aug. 20, 2007

Editor's Note: Throughout the 2007 soccer season, senior Courtney Crane will be chronicling the on goings of the Sun Devil soccer team. Crane's journal entries will give Sun Devil fans a unique point of view as told from the student-athlete's perspective.

Well, Sun Devil soccer has officially begun! We ran the fitness test to start off pre-season, which I'm sure was a day of mixed emotions. We were all super excited to see each other and to be getting the season started. However, I wouldn't exactly say that it was a happy time, that is, until the test was over. At that time, I'm sure everyone was very happy (except for maybe those who would have to run it again...bummer).

After we got through the fitness test we went straight into 3-a-day practices. Yes, they do exist. I too was unaware that there was such a thing. We played A LOT of soccer in a little bit of time and it was awesome... sore, but awesome! It was kind-of funny because at the end of Monday, day one, I was sure that it was at least Wednesday, however my teammates informed me that it was still, in fact, only Monday. Apparently, I was confused and probably a little tired but it was nothing a good ol' fashioned ice bath couldn't fix. On the topic of ice baths, there have been a lot of those. I think the team has found them to be really great opportunities to bond. I mean, stuffing eight girls into a three-person tub is an ideal time to really get to know one another. In all seriousness, however, they really help.

Soccer beats you up but to be completely honest, I think that's one of the reasons why us Sun Devils love it so much. There's nothing like stepping off the field after a super hard practice, all sweaty and exhausted, covered in grass stains only to head back into the locker room to see who has the coolest raspberries or bruises. It's always disappointing when someone's bruise is bigger and cooler then yours. It's also disappointing when we find out that a teammate had their toe nail drained without letting everyone know. After all, it's pretty darn fascinating to watch Farren, our beloved trainer, drain the blood out from a teammates inflamed toe nail with a scalpel, but, now that I think about it, that's kind-of gross.

Oh well, on a less gross note, things as a whole are going really well! Kevin Boyd, our new coach, has been a great addition to our team. His knowledge of the game is incredible and he has taught us so much already. We are all very excited and grateful for our new member of the Sun Devil family. We are also very excited about our new assistant coaches Blair and Ally. They both also have a lot to offer and are definitely refreshing new faces! While still on the topic of new faces, I must talk about the freshies... I LOVE them!!!! What an awesome group of girls. They are so much fun and full of energy. They fit in perfectly here. Pre-season is off to an amazing start and I am so excited to continue to work hard and grow as a team but for now, I'm off to the ice bath... GO DEVILS!!!!