Greetings From Greece

Aug. 29, 2007

A Postcard from Justin Dentmon

THESSALONIKI, Greece -- What's up? This is Justin Dentmon here in Greece.

In yesterday's postcard, Jon Brockman complained about the long airplane trip we took to get to Greece. It didn't seem so long to me because I slept the whole time and watched Spiderman 3 when I was awake.

It's Wednesday, our second day in Thessaloniki. After a good night's sleep I woke up and had breakfast. I got a serious headache because the breakfast was different than I'm used to.

After breakfast we took a bus trip and went to see some sights.

We stopped an old tower by the water. There was a big statue of Alexander the Great. I have that movie on DVD because I like historic war movies with a true story behind them. I also have Troy and 300.

Alexander was a great leader and he conquered a lot, but he did some other crazy things.

After that we went to the Byzantine Museum. They have a lot of historic stuff and artifacts based on Christianity. They had on old Greek Bible.

They had a lot of stuff that you couldn't touch. The security was a lot of old women who were in every room watching closely.

The museum also had a lot of pictures of things. I'm anxious to go to the actual site of these places, which we get to do later on the trip.

Then we went to the highest part of the city where there was this old wall that protected the city a long time ago. I was hungry and they had an ice cream store where a lot of us got cones.

The sightseeing bus took us back through the city to the hotel. For lunch, we went to TGI Fridays, one of the few American restaurants here. They also have an Applebees.

Then we went to practice, which was hard. I almost got heat stroke. It was so hot in that gym. The air conditioning was on extra low. You could only feel it if you stood still.

The last time we practiced was Sunday on campus. I hadn't touched a ball for two days. I felt a little winded the first few things we did.

The practice was at the arena that we'll play at Thursday (Iraklis). The team benches have a little clear plastic covering over them to protect the players. Their fans better not hit me with anything.

I was surprised how decent the floor was. It was slippery, but they didn't have any holes in the court like I heard some places do here.

After practice, we had another session of our class with Professsor Clauss. We've been talking about a lot of Greek stuff. Today we talked about religion and some of the things we saw at the museum.

In the classes before we left Seattle, we learned some Greek phrases.

We've tried some Greek words on people, but they didn't respond back. I guess they are not social with foreigners.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we finally get to play a game.

Yassou (that's one of the greek words we learned. It means both hello and goodbye).


Visit Greece Central for all the news and information about the Washington men's basketball trip to Greece.



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