Quotes from Quarterback Rudy Carpenter's Weekly Press Conference

Sept. 10, 2007

What did he tell the offensive line on Saturday
'Colorado had us confused a little bit in our pass protections. They were bringing people from all over the place and they had us a little confused. It's hard to play my position when you are getting hit every play and I was letting them know that I was tired of getting hit. I don't like to be that way with those guys, but sometimes I have to be. When I threw that interception for a touchdown they weren't happy with me and they were getting on me too. I think it's part of the game, it's part of playing quarterback and it's part of being a leader. You have to do that sometimes.'

On Kyle Williams TD catch
'I think that was a big play for us in the game, and for me too. We called the play, I saw the pre-snap coverage and took my reads and really trusted the rout, trusted the play and trusted the reads. I threw the ball on time with good anticipation and that's why the ball got there. More importantly, Kyle ran a great rout and made a great catch. I think there were three or four defenders around him with hands in the air. I don't know how the ball didn't get tipped. Kyle had great concentration and made a great catch and did a good job of keeping himself in bounds. It was a big play in the game and it was a big play for Kyle Williams.'

On the play of his wide receivers
'I was really disappointed because I could've helped them out a little bit more. I know early in the first quarter there were a couple throws, I think one to Chris McGaha and one to Kyle Williams, where I left them short when they could've made some plays. I think our receivers can be real good this year and do real well. I have to help them out a little bit more.'

On scrambling
'When I was in high school it was something that I liked to do and something that was fun. The difference is that in high school not everyone is big and fast and hits really hard. I like to do it because I made some big plays for us. I got some first downs and kept some things alive and kept us out of long distances. I feel comfortable doing it but I don't know if my body can take all those hits, they don't feel good. I like to do it, but do I want to do it? No, I'd rather stay in the pocket and throw the ball and watch the other guys run and get hit.

'I think later in the game I might have left the pocket early. I got hit a lot this game, I started to see the rush a little bit. I think that's natural when you get hit as many times as I did. I think the biggest adjustment and improvement I can make is to start throwing the ball to the running backs, checking down. That's one thing I tried to emphasize during camp, because you forget about those guys. This week in practice I'm going to work on checking down and throwing it away if I need to.'

On coming back from down 14-0
'[The deficit) happened real fast. That's probably the worst way you can start a game, other than the opening kickoff being returned. First pass of the game gets picked for a touchdown, then come back on the next possession, go three and out and get a personal foul. They got great field position and scored again and now it's 14-0. That's the worst way to start, but games are four quarters long. The thing that's good about that is that we stayed relaxed, stayed calm, and didn't panic. That was the biggest thing, we didn't panic. Our guys believed in the game plan we had and what the coaches were saying to do, and that was the biggest reason we were able to come back and win.'

What's the mood of the team?
'Every one is real happy that we are 2-0 and have two real good wins. Colorado is a much better team than they were last year. They beat Colorado State and Colorado State played Cal real tough this weekend. So I think in general the team is happy that we are 2-0, but we know that there is a lot to improve on. Offensively, there is a lot to improve on. Mentally, with the penalties, we have to improve on that, too.'

On the penalties
'I know guys like to play and Coach Erickson told everyone on Sunday that he doesn't care who you are, what your name is, if you make those same penalties, you will be standing next to him during the game. He said that on Saturday, he didn't really talk to us about the win. I think guys will think twice before they make a penalty like that if they want to play.'

On getting the running game going
'The running game started working for a few reasons. When we went no huddle, it made the defense adjust to the no huddle. They couldn't do as many things as they were doing earlier in the game. They couldn't pressure, they couldn't substitute as much, they couldn't get their personnel in. It allowed us to get easy looks. Our coaches made great adjustments at halftime. They drew up some new plays to help the run that Colorado hadn't seen before. I think the important thing we did was go no huddle and it gave us a chance to get some rhythm. The touchdown right before halftime was a big score to help us get some momentum going in the second half.'

On Brent Miller
'Brent has had a couple of unfortunate things happen the last two weeks. The two fumbles he had were a mixture of him not being strong enough with the ball, but also the defenders making good plays on him. Brent is a huge part of our passing game and a huge part of our game plan every week. Brent's a senior and has played in a lot of game. He's been around the block so I worry the least about Brent than anybody else on our team.'

On the defense
'If they can play like that every game, we are going to win a lot of games. I play offense and everyone likes to see the offense do well, but watching those guys run around and make plays, it's fun to watch. It's been great watching Robert James. We missed him last year and we missed him in the spring too. Robert has been playing well this year and hopefully he can keep it up. He has been an unbelievable player for us this year.'

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