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Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On when he knew that Jerome Randle (hip) would be OK to play today:
'I felt like he would play. He was sore, but the word was it was getting better. It's more of a bruise than a hip pointer, painful but it kind of depends on how you handle the pain. I thought obviously he played well. He made some nice decisions running the club, made some nice assists. I thought he was in control of his game.'

On how players are taking his direction:
'We had conversations yesterday about everyone's roles, and what they need to do and what we need to do, and I thought it was productive. Guys were on the floor and excited about playing.'

On Patrick Christopher's defensive work against Tajuan Porter:
'Well, Pat can always tell his kids that he held Porter to 26. But truthfully, he really made him work. [Porter is] a hard guy to guard. He's had huge numbers before. Porter made shots that there's not much you can do about, but he made him work, he made him run clock. I was pleased. We had intended to put size on Porter to try and make it harder for him.'

On the daily effort to continue to improve as a team:
'I think we're improving. Basketball is a little bit like golf, your handicap. You can get to a certain point pretty fast, and then it gets hard, because the things that you need to do better are not easy things to do, they're things that you if you could have done them in the first place, you would have already done them. They're buying in on defense, they're trying to play hard together... We're executing a little bit better as time goes. Now you get to the point where there's little things that are hard to do. But by and large, they've been receptive.'

California Guard Jerome Randle

On Mike Montgomery's first season with the Bears:
It's been great. He's a great teacher. He lets us know what he wants us to do and that helps us out on the floor. I'm just trying to do the best I can out on the floor.

On Montgomery's reaction to Thursday's loss to Oregon State:
That was the most I've seen him upset.

On playing with his hip injury from Thursday's game against Oregon State:
I was trying hard not to think about the pain, so I just tried to play through and move around.

California Guard Patrick Christopher

On Oregon's Tajuan Porter:
He's a great shooter. He has a very quick release. Just when you think you have him, he pulls up. He's a great player and tough to contain.

On the team's response to Thursday's loss to Oregon State:
It was good for us to come together like a family and all get on the same page.

On playing in the Pac-10 Conference:
It's the Pac-10. Any given night I think it's going to be a great game. You have to bring it every single night or else someone will beat you.

On Montgomery's effect as the Bears' new head coach:
This group has come together. These past two years have been rough for us. It's a lot about trust and wanting to win. Just playing together is the main thing.

Oregon Head Coach Ernie Kent

General statement:
They're the No. 1 shooting team in the country and they have the No. 1 three-point shooter in Theo Robertson sitting there. Our game plan was to take there threes away and I thought we did an excellent job with that. When a team shoots 67% at home, I go back think of all the missed layups and free throws in the first half. All you can do is put kids in position to do that and there is going to come a time when those young kids are going to finish the plays. I go back to the first half and there were four freshmen on the floor at one time and we lost no ground in the game. I go back to the last two minutes of the game where they made a great run at it. There is a three pointer that rattles in and out and Duke misses another layup that would have put us down four. It was just another situation where they put them selves in position to do something very good on the road. They got better. I went with my vets because I went back and looked at the Stanford tape and they played very, very hard. I felt like in the Stanford environment and this environment over here we needed to be a little bit steadier. We went with the vets to help us steady the game at the start. I think they did an exceptional job.

On the difficulty of guarding Theo Robertson:
There was a time in the second half where we were big. I thought Mike and Josh started to dominate the game. Mike Montgomery made a nice adjustment and put Theo Robertson back in the game. One of those guys cannot guard the best three-point shooter in the country, so we had to go back small again. When we were big I thought we were pretty impressive.

On Cal's Jerome Randle:
You have to realize with Jerome Randle, typically when you get hurt it slows you down. And it slowed him down to the pace Mike probably wants him to play at. He was really good in the game. He started the game hitting those threes. He controlled the game pretty good, splitting the double and that. When you take the No. 1 three-point shooting team and you take their threes away, I thought they were pretty good. But he made some great plays in there. There were not a lot of breakdowns. It was more of them making great basketball plays.

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