Pac-10 Q&A with Saori Haruguchi, Oregon State Swimming

April 8, 2009

How did it feel to win the national championship in the 200 fly in 2008?
I never focus on 'winning', so the feeling I have after I accomplish a goal is always the same, it is very special. For me, I enjoy knowing that I have given my best. I really enjoy seeing some of the results of my achievements, like seeing my coach with tears in his eyes, and the joy my family and friends feel are the best parts for me.

What was it like to compete in the Olympics and how did that help you going into your final season at Oregon State?
The whole Olympic experience was fantastic and amazing, literally a dream come true. I will always remember my experience in Beijing and all that I learned in my attempt to get there. I learned a lot along the way, and I am very thankful, especially thankful that I could share the experience with my coach Larry in Beijing, that was really cool. Honestly, I had a hard time going into my final season at Oregon State because I was exhausted from the previous season and summer. I wasn't ready for another year of hard work and dedication again.

On my iPod is...
On my iPod is any kind of music from all over the world.

I would love to trade places for a day with...
I wouldn't want to change places with anyone because I enjoy my life, but if I had to I would change with someone from the past because I would love to see what life was like in 1500 years ago.

My favorite team to watch as a kid was...
My favorite team to watch as a kid was the Fukuoka Hawks. It is my favorite pro baseball team in Japan because it's my hometown.

My favorite athlete to watch is...
My favorite athlete to watch was Hidetoshi Nakata (former soccer player) because he is so talented. Also, every swimmer no matter how fast they are.

The talent I'd most like to have is...
I would love to play the piano because it is so beautiful and so different than athletics. I like the idea of self-expression.

My favorite memory as a Beaver is...
When I wore my Beaver cap during the Olympic trials because I am so proud to be a Beaver and I wanted to make alumnus proud. I almost got DQ for wearing my cap, but it was worth it!

The attribute I most like about myself is...
The attribute I most like about myself is that I give my best everyday, but I am also laid back and I like to go with the flow.

My plans after college are...
I never make plans, but always looking forward to meeting new people and putting myself in interesting situations.

The best thing about the Oregon State is...
The best thing about OSU is the people because I have met so many great people and they brought me wonderful times. It is such a blessing.

My funnies teammate is...
My funniest teammate is Jenni Dole. She is so energetic and cheerful. You will see how funny she is when you meet her.

The sport I'm the worst at is...
The sport I am the worst at is tennis because I play it like I am playing baseball. I go for home run every time I hit the ball.

Something about me that others would be surprised to hear is...
Something about me that others would be surprised to hear is that I like to draw.

My biggest pet peeve is...
My biggest pet peeve is the chewing sound. When people chew so loudly because it is disgusting!

What do you miss most about Japan
Family and friends. I can deal with food and everything else, but there is no substitute for family and friends, even if I have great friends in the U.S. I think thats pretty universal.

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