Pac-10 Q&A with Oceana Bush, Washington State Women's Volleyball

Feb. 5, 2010

Getting to Know Oceana Bush

Oceana Bush, of Spokane, Wash., is a freshman volleyball player at Washington State. Named to the 2009 Pac-10 All-Freshman team, Bush helped the the Cougars post their first winning season and return to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2002. The freshman libero had 531 digs which led all Pac-10 freshmen in that category and was second most by a Cougar in a single season. Playing in 111 sets, Bush ranked fourth in the Conference in digs per set with 4.78.  

Pac-10: What was the best part of the 2009 volleyball season...
OB: I would have to say making the NCAA Tournament. The team established a goal for making the tournament and we did everything possible to achieve it.

Pac-10: What’s currently on your iPod...
OB: Wow! I have a little bit of everything. My favorite artist is Lil Wayne. So I have a lot of rap and hip hop music, but I also have some random music. The one artist that people would be surprised to know that I listen to would have to be Taylor Swift.

Pac-10: If you could change places with a celebrity or famous athlete for a day who would it be...
OB: Kobe Bryant without a doubt. I love watching him play and right now he is tearing it up and at the top of his game. 

Pac-10: What was your favorite team to watch when you were a kid...
OB: The [Los Angeles] Lakers. I love watching Kobe Bryant.

Pac-10: Who are your favorite athletes to watch...
OB: Again it would have to be Kobe [Bryant]. Another one of my favorite athletes is Serena Williams because she is so intense when she plays tennis. 

Pac-10: The talent you’d most like to have...
OB: From a volleyball standpoint, I wish I could swing from the back row, but since I am a libero I am not allowed to do that.

Pac-10: What is your favorite memory as a Cougar so far...
OB: It would definitely have to say beating Washington at home. It was an intense match. When we walked on to the court and everybody was wearing pink because it was our breast cancer awareness match, the feeling was incredible. Being a freshman, I really didn’t know how intense the rivalry between Washington and Washington State was until I got out on to the floor. 

Pac-10: What are your plans after college...
OB: Well I am majoring in education so I want to be a teacher or school counselor.

Pac-10: The best thing about Washington State is...
OB: I really liked this place when I was on my recruiting trip. The girls were very welcoming and I really liked Coach [Andrew] Palileo. He was starting to rebuild a program and I knew I wanted to be apart of it. The whole structure of school was an important factor too. And I always wanted to play in the Pac-10.

Pac-10: Who is your funniest teammate...
OB: Brittany Tillman without a doubt. Anytime I need a laugh I find Brittany because she will make me laugh with a joke or something.

Pac-10: The sport that your probably the worst at... 
OB: Rowing. Coach Palileo is really big on teamwork and he always finds different ways for us to work together as a team. So this one time he had as row and I was awful at it.

Pac-10: What’s something about you that others would be surprised to know..
OB: That I am a goof ball. I am really laid-back and usually in a good mood. I am pretty chilled and would describe myself as happy-go-lucky.

Pac-10: What’s the best advice you have ever received and who was it from...
OB: My dad who always told me to have fun and that was the first and most important thing. Playing in college, there are times things can get stressful, but when that happens I always just remember what my dad says and that usually calms me down.

Pac-10: What’s your biggest pet peeve...
OB: My biggest pet peeve is when people mush bananas in their mouths or when the fork touches somebody’s teeth when they are eating. Those are the two things that bother me the most.

Pac-10: What do you miss most about your hometown...
OB: I really miss my close friends and family. Although, during the season I got to see my parents every weekend because they would come to all my home matches. 

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