State Farm Pac-10 Women's Basketball Tournament: Day 2

March 12, 2010

Oregon State vs. UCLA

Quarterfinal Friday is officially over and UCLA is the last team to advance with a 60-44 win over OSU. Yet the celebrations may need to wait as even with a lop-sided win such as this one was, UCLA coach Nikki Caldwell knows that her team is capable of more.

'From day one we have been stressing that our team needs to play for 40 minutes and I've challenged to win segment and break the game down into four segments,' said Caldwell. 'I thought OSU in the second half did a much better job of exposing our weaknesss. We've got to find that leader so when adversity hits, that we are able to overcome the lulls that we have within our offensive execution. We will look at this, look at tape, turn it around and be ready to go tomorrow.'

UCLA dominated from the get-go with shooting 51.6 percent from the field, stealing the ball 10 times and forcing OSU to turn the ball over 19 teams. The second half may have been disappointing for Caldwell, but the Bruins finished the day with the win. Leading the Bruins in scoring was Jasmine Dixon with 14 points and nine rebounds.

UCLA may have been in control for much of the game, but OSU coach LaVonda Wagner recognized that the score did not reflect all aspects of her team's performance.

'There were times in that 40 minute period where we showed some fight and were able to cut into their lead significantly,' said Wagner.

Leading the Beavers tonight was Julie Futch's 13 points and Haiden Palmer's 10.

Tomorrow's first game starts at 2:30 pm with the first seed of Stanford taking on the fourth seed of California.

The last game of the day is now in the books as UCLA moves onto tomorrow's second semifinal againt USC.

Final score is UCLA 60, OSU 44.

More to come after the post game press conference.

With less than 10 minutes in the game, UCLA's lead looks pretty safe.

The Bruins are ahead 51-32 with 7:52 left to play.

Stay tuned

UCLA is not letting OSU get anywhere close to tying-up the score with a lead that is pretty solid.

Part of the reason for holding onto a solid lead is have three players recently receivng Pac-10 honors. On the All-Pac-10 Team from UCLA are Doreena Campbell (a three-time honoree) and Jasmine Dixon. Making it to the All-Pac-10 Freshman Team is Markel Walker.

UCLA leads 46-23 with 12:20 left in the game.

Stay tuned. 


It's halftime and even though neither team scored a lot in the last few minutes, UCLA is still comfortably ahead 37-18.

Stay tuned as there is more after the break.

UCLA seems to have this game pretty well under control in this first half as the Bruins are dominating the game 31-14 with 3:34 left in the half.

The Bruins are having a good game due to a stingy defense that is making it tough for the Beavers to get a shot off and an offense that is either drawing fouls or collecting rebouds for second shots.

Stay tuned.

Now into our eighth hour of the day, the fourth and final game of today is well underway. This last game is giving fans their first look at the two seed of UCLA.

UCLA (22-7 and 15-3) finished the regular season with home game sweeps over the Arizona schools last weekend and seem to be carrying that momentum into this first game.

Currently leading 27-11 with seven minutes on the clock, the Bruins were led during the regular season by Jasmine Dixon's 15.4 points per game and 7.9 rebounds per game.

Stay tuned.

Oregon vs. USC

After splitting games with the Ducks during the regular season, the Women of Troy found out tonight what it takes to play for another day.

'They are a team that is going to push the tempo no matter what you do and we knew this,' said USC coach Michael Cooper 'The only thing we knew to do in a game like this is to push the tempo even more known (Oregon) coach Paul Westhead. They are a team that you have to put your track shoe on and come ready to run.'

'I saw our grit tonight. When we were down by three or four is when I saw the real Women of Troy come out and be accountable. I liked our toughness and our grit an that's what enabled us to come back from that deficit.'

Along with being able to push the up-tempo game to new limits, with three players finishing in double-digits -- Briana Gilbreath (19), Ashly Corral (16) and Kari LaPlante (15) -- USC also burned the bottom of the net tonight. Additionally, there was a balanced effort on the boards as everyone who played grabbed at least two rebounds during the game and USC recorded a total of 48 rebounds for the night.

USC may have played with grit, but it was necessary when facing a team like Oregon. With three players finishing with high double-digit performances (Taylor Lilley (22), Victoria Kenyon (18) and Nia Jackson (18)) for Oregon, no one could be ignored.

'I thought our team played with terrific effort and I told them that I was proud of their performance in this game and during the season,' said Oregon coach Paul Westhead. 'It is a game that could have gone either way.'

USC will now face the winner of today's last game between UCLA and Oregon State. Tip-off tomorrow is at 5 p.m.

Game three is also now in the books as a photo finish left USC the winner, 80-76.

More to come after the post game press conference.

Along with the unique nature of this fast-paced team, this game is also a showcase for the newest coaching minds to come to the Pac-10.

Both Paul Westhead of Oregon and Michael Cooper of USC are in their first year of coaching in the Pac-10. This may be their first year in the Pac-10 it is not their first time in the coaching ranks. Instead, they came in with NBA and WNBA coaching experiences.

Even more coincidental about these two coaches is that Cooper played for Westhead in 1979, when Westhead started his head coaching career for the Los Angeles Lakers. That was the same year that Cooper started his professional playing career that would end up lasting for 11 years.

We are in the final minutes of this speed chess game between these two coaches and it continues to be a close game.

USC is ahead by a basket, 71-69 with 3:09 left to play.

Stay tuned.

Now it's getting really interesting as Oregon just broke through a tied-up score to take the lead for the first time this game. USC responded by making a jump shot approximately two-feet from the basket, but after Oregon' Jasmin Holiday hit two free-throws, the Ducks are still on top.

Oregon holds a 62-59 lead with 9:13 left in the game.

Stay tuned.


Halftime is over and we have picked up where we left off in the first half -- moving fast!

Both teams have come out of the gates in a full sprint and no one seems to be getting tired.

USC still holds a slight 50-47 lead.

Stay tuned.

We are at halftime and USC is sill holding a slight 39-34 lead.

Stay tuned. More after the break.


With seeing these two teams for the first time this weekend, we are also getting to see more Pac-10 honorees.

From USC there is Pac-10 Co-Defensive Player of the Year in Briana Gilbreath. Making the All-Pac-10 Team are Ashley Corral and Gilbreath (a two-time honoree).

Representing Oregon on the All Pac-10 team are two-time honorees Micaela Cocks and Taylor Lilley.

USC is ahead 35-34 with 2:15 left to play in the half.

Stay tuned.


Let the foot race begin!

Oregon coach Paul Westhead is known for coaching teams to run a run-and-gun style of play. The Ducks have seemed to embrace it and USC has learned very quickly how to not just keep up, but also make it work fo them.

This game is being played fast and if the scoring trend continues, it should be a high scoring game.

USC leads 20-15 with 11:06 in the first half.

Stay tuned



As we move into the evening session of the day two of the tournament, there are two more games on the schedule.

The first one up is between Oregon and USC.

Oregon (16-14 and 7-11) is the sixth seed and woud love nothing more to knock off the third seed of USC on their home floor. Leading this effort for the Ducks is Taylor Lilley with her 17.5 points per game and Amanda Johnson's 8.5 rebounds per game. Lilley is especially dangerous as most of her points come from three-point land. This area outside of the arch is a comfort zone for Lilley as she will attempt and make shots whether she is heavily guarded or closer to NBA three-point range.

USC (18-11 and 12-6) are the three seed for the tournament and with a home court advantage today, should not we rattled at all during the game. What the Women of Troy do need to worry about is how they lost to this same Oregon team on this same court at the end of January. USC is led by Ashley Corral's 15.1 points per game and Briana Gilbreath's 5.9 rebounds per game.

There is less than 10 minutes before tip-off, so stay tuned!



Arizona vs. Stanford 

A second half surge by Arizona made people in attendance for the second game wonder if an upset was in store for today.

Those thoughts of an upset quickly went away at the 13:20 mark of the second half one of Stanford's most prolific players set aside her worries about a sprained ankle and came into the game.

'I thought Jayne Appel came in and gave our team a great spark,' said Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer. 'Her presence out there was relaxing to everyone on ou team including me.'

After Appel came into the game, Stanford went from being ahead by a mere three points to jumping out to a 10-point lead that seemed impentrable by Arizona. Add to this Stanford having three players finish with double-digit points and two players finishing with double-doubles and it was Stanford that would survive to play tomorrow. Nnemkdi Ogwumike's 25 points and 10 rebounds led Stanford's scoring.

'I give credit to Stanford for playing a great game,' said Arizona coach Niya Butts. 'They are the No. 2 team in the country and No. 1 team in the conference and always a tough outing going up against them. I want to also give credit to our bunch for making them do something that they did not want to do and that was to bring in Appel.'

Arizona may not have come out with a win, but by forcing Stanford to bring in Appel, the Wildcats as the eight seed showed that no one is to be taken lightly in this conference. Arizona was led by Ify Ibekwe's 18 points and 13 rebounds. 

Stanford will move on to play California at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow in the first semifinal game.

There is just under an hour before the next game, so stay tuned.

The second game of the day is now done. More to come after the post game press conference, but we have a final score of Stanford 72 and Arizona 52. 



There's only a few minutes left and Stanford is truly dominating this game.

The secret to Stanford's doimnation has to be their ball movement and rebounding. They move the ball around so quickly and fluidly on offense that it is hard for a team to follow the passes fast enough on defense. This allows players to get open and take shots, whether they are frm three-point land or enough room to spin around a defender in the paint.

On defense they do such a nice job of following the ball and boxing-out, it is pretty to watch.

Stanford is leading 68-49 with 1:26 left in the game.

Stay tuned.



There's still a lot of time, but as Arizona is staying in the game by only being down by three, Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer decided it was time to bring in the big gun of Jayne Appel. This is newsworthy because Appel is one of the big names in women's college basketball and has been missing playing time recently due to a sprained ankle.

The ankle looks to be holding up well as she instantly pulled down a rebound and is moving on the court well. The momentum from having a player like Appel on the floor seems to have immediately impacted Stanford. After the Wildcats pulled within three, the Cardinal have made two three-pointers and a perfect fast-break pass that resulte in a basket.

Stanford has extended the lead to 51-40 with 11:11 left in the game.

Stay tuned.



The teams are warming up for the second half and here's a look at some of the leaders from the first half for eah team.

Stanford's Nnemkadi Ogwumike is dominating the basket with her team-lading 15 points in the first half.

Arizona's top gun s Ify Ibekwe who matched Ogwumike with 15 points of her own.

Both teams are getting it done on the boards as Arizona has 18 and Stanford has 17.

We are about to get started.

Stay tuned.





The first half of the second game is done. Stanford has the lead and seem to be in control of the game, but Arizona is not giving up without a fight.

The Wildcats are are not backing down at all despite being down by 10 points.

More to come after the break.

Stay tuned.



In our second game today we get our first look at the first seed of Stanford and second look at the eight seed of Arizona.

Stanford (28-1 and 18-0) is one of the hottest teams in the country. They have been ranked second in the nation since the beginning of the season and after finishing the regular season with a perfect record they are looking to claim their seventh post season conference tournament title in nine years. Stanford is led by sophomore Nnemkadi Ogwumike's 18.2 points per game and Jayne Appel's 9.9 rebounds per game.

Stanford is leading right now with a 16-13 lead with 7:47 left in the first half.

Stay tuned.



ASU vs. California

The second game of today has already started, but before we get into it, here ae some final thoughts about game one.

During the two regular season meetings, ASU was able to use late game rallies to walk away with the win. California pickedup on this and added it to their playbook as it was a late-game rally that enabled California to stay alive in the tournament.

'I felt like we survived the first half but eally came out and played a great second half,' said California coach Joanne Boyle. 'At halftime we talked about thre things we had to do - change the last five minutes of the game, which we did not do during the first two games, dominate the ball and take care of the ball. I thought we did a good job of that and we were much more poised in the second half.'

The composed nature paid off as California out-scored ASU in the second half and never lost focus. The Golden Bears were led by Alexis Gray-Lawson's 15 points. Gennifer Brandon helped control the boards for California with 10 rebounds.

While California was getting hot, ASU seemed to cool down in the second half. A characteristic that ended up costing the Sun Devils the game.

'We are not going to beat too many people when we are out-rebounded and shooting only 30 percent for the game. It's disapointing because the opportunity was there and we didn't capitalize.

ASU's scoring effort was balanced with five players scoring more than five points. Kayli Murphy led the Sun Devils on the boards with eight rebounds.

Our first game of today is now in the books as California's late-game run was too much for ASU to handle. More after the post game press conference, but California lives another day in the tournament with a 60-50 win over ASU.

Stay tuned.


We are in the final minutes of the first game of today and once again we have a lead change. After being down for much of the second half, California is tryng to to hold onto a lead of their own.

This lead is from some gritty play by California and ASU not being able to get shots to fall.

The Golden Bears are ahead 51-43 right now with 2:06 left in the game.

Stay tuned.



With more than 10 minutes left to play and the score so close, this game is far from being over.

While each team is working hard to be able to play tomorrow, here are the players from each team who recently earned conference honors:

All-Pac-10 Team

Danielle Orsillo - ASU

Alexis Gray-Lawson - California (she is a three-time honoree)

All-Pac-10 Freshman Team

DeNeesha Stallworth - California

There's 10:45 left to play and ASU leads 39-37.

Stay tuned.

It's halftime and after California tied-up the game, ASU was able to get one more basket in to keep a slight lead.

Both teams are enjoying balanced scoring efforts from their players as no one player is a dominating force for ether team.

Stay tuned.

There's 3:45 and a technical foul call against California is currently under review.

The call against California's Rachelle Federico has been deemed a flagrant foul and Federico has been ejected from the game.  Per NCAA rules, a flagrant foul is assessed to a player displaying extreme unsporting contact during a live ball or severe/extreme contat with an opponent during a dead ball.

ASU's Danielle Orsillo was awarded with two free-throws and ASU is holding onto the lead with a current score of 20-17 with 1:35 left in the half.

Stay tuned.


After being down for much of this first half, ASU has used tough man-to-man defense and good movement on offense to take the lead.


ASU is leading 18-17 with 3:57 left in the half.

Stay tuned.




Right now there is some sisterly love going on during the game. ASU's Kimberly Brandon is in the game while sister Gennifer Brandon, who is on the California team, is also getting some playing time.


Kimberly may be the older of the two, but as Gennifer almost just picked off a pass from her, they both can learn from each other.

California is holding onto a 13-8 lead wth 9:05 left in the half.

Stay tuned.







The first game of today is officially underway with ASU striking first with a pair of free throws.


We are at our first time out and California has a slight lead at 6-4.

Stay tuned.

Good morning! It's the second day of the State Farm Pac-10 Women's Basketball Tournament and we have four games of basketball in store today. Game times are at 11 am., 1:15 p.m., 5 p.m and 7:15 p.m. There's a lot of great basketball on tap for today and starting it off is the match-up between Arizona State (ASU) and California.


ASU (17-12 and 9-9) comes in as the fifth seed and looking to make a clean sweep of California today. In both games this season, ASU just edged out the Bears with wins of 63-61 and 57-50.  Leading the way for ASU are seniors Kayli Murphy and Danielle Orsillo. Orsillo leads the team with 14.5 points per game while Murphy's main production during games is through rebounding and her 5.9 boards per game (second best on the team).


California (17-12 and 11-7) is here as the fourth seed and has to been looking for some redemption to losing twice this season to ASU. California is led by senior Alexis Gray-Lawson's 18 points per game (which is 36th in the NCAA) and freshman DeNesha Stallworth's 12.4 points per game (second in the Pac-10 in freshman scoring).


The bands are warning up and tip-off is quickly approaching.




Let the foot race begin!

Oregon's first-year coach Paul Westhead is known for coaching teams to execute his run-and-gun style of play. Right now, that's exactly what fans in attendance are seeing.

From the start both teams are run and moving the ball up-and-down the court fast.

Oregon is enjoying a slight one-point lead right now, but that could change very quickly at the rate this game is being played.

Oregon 11 and USC 10 with 13:56 left in the half.

Stay tuned.

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