Three Sun Devils Place At Wrestling’s Reno Tournament Of Champions

RENO—Led by junior Matt Kraus’ third-place finish at 141 pounds, the Arizona State wrestling team saw three wrestlers place at the Reno Tournament of Champions on Sunday at the Reno Events Center.

Kraus started off the day with back-to-back wins over Connor Kim from Cal Poly and Dusty Home from Oklahoma State before falling to Stanford’s Isaiah Locsin in sudden victory in the third round. In the wrestle-backs, Kraus won four straight bouts, finishing off the day with a 3-0 decision over Oklahoma State’s Davey Dolan in the third-place match.

Fellow junior Ares Carpio took fourth at 125 pounds, defeating Colorado Mesa’s Colby Christensen in a 4-2 decision before falling into the wrestle-backs. Carpio then saw competition from four wrestlers from Pac-12 schools, defeating CSUB’s Sean Nickell in an 8-3 decision before getting past Oregon State’s Ronnie Stevens in a 3-2 decision. Carpio then defeated Matt Gamble from CSUB in a 7-3 decision before picking up a pair of forfeit victories. In the third/fourth place match, Kraus fell to Adams State’s Gerald Huff in a 6-2 decision.

In the upper weights, redshirt junior Josh DaSilveira placed sixth at 197-pounds, picking up three straight wins to start off the day. DaSilveira then fell in the quarters to Oregon State’s Cody Crawford, who ultimately placed second in the tournament. In the wrestle-backs, DaSilveira dropped his final two matches, finishing the day at 3-3.

At 149 pounds, redshirt senior Hans Rasmusson went 5-2 on the day, picking up a pair of wins to start things off, the first over CSUB’s Sean O’Rourke in a 9-5 decision, and then Stanford’s Josh Lauderdale in a 9-3 decision. In the wrestle-backs, Rasmusson ended up facing teammate Preston McCalmon, defeating him in a 9-4 decision.

As a team, ASU placed 11th with 43.5 points out of 23 teams. Wyoming won the team race with 134 total points.

The Sun Devils are back in action on Sunday, January 4, hosting West Virginia in a dual that will be aired on the Pac-12 Networks at 7 p.m. MT.

ASU Results
125: Ares Carpio (6-2, Fourth Place)
Second Round: Ares Carpio (ASU) def. Colby Christensen (Colorado Mesa): Dec 4-2
Third Round: Korbin Levin (Clackamas) def. Ares Carpio (ASU): Fall 6:42
4th Conso: Ares Carpio (ASU) def. Sean Nickell (CSUB): Dec 8-3
5th Conso: Ares Carpio (ASU) def. Ronnie Stevens (Oregon State): Dec 3-2
6th Conso: Ares Carpio (ASU) def. Matt Gamble (CSUB): Dec 7-3
7th Conso: Ares Carpio (ASU) def. KeVon Powell (Ohio): Med FW
8th Conso: Ares Carpio (ASU) def. Ronnie Bresser (Oregon State): FW
Third/Fourth Place: Gerald Huff (Adams State) def. Ares Carpio (ASU): Dec 6-2

133: Tyree Owens (1-2)
First Round: Tyree Owens (ASU) def. Brian Ha (Menlo): Dec 5-1
Second Round: Victor Trujillo (Cal Poly) def. Tyree Owens (ASU): Dec 10-4
2nd Conso: Devin Poppen (Southern Oregon) def. Tyree Owens (ASU): Fall 3:45

133: Judson Preskitt (0-2)
Second Round: Lawrence Otero (Clackamas) def. Judson Preskitt (ASU): Dec 12-6
2nd Conso: Jack Hathaway (Oregon State) def. Judson Preskitt (ASU): Fall 2:05

141: Matt Kraus (6-1, Third Place)
First Round: Matt Kraus (ASU) def. Connor Kim (Cal Poly): Fall 3:41
Second Round: Matt Kraus (ASU) def. Dusty Home (Oklahoma State): Dec 9-2
Third Round: Isaiah Locsin (Stanford) def. Matt Kraus (ASU): SV 9-5
4th Conso: Matt Kraus (ASU) def. Devin Reynolds (Oregon State): Dec 10-5
5th Conso: Matt Kraus (ASU) def. Colt Schilling (Cal Poly): Dec 8-2
6th Conso: Matt Kraus (ASU) def. Trae Blackwell (Oklahoma): Dec 3-2
Third/Fourth Place: Matt Kraus (ASU) def. Davey Dolan (Oklahoma State): Dec 3-0

149: Preston McCalmon (2-2)
Second Round: Preston McCalmon (ASU) def. Chase Krutzky (Missouri Valley): Tech 6:32
Third Round: Preston McCalmon (ASU) def. Paul Fox (Stanford): Dec 3-2
Quarters: Tywan Claxon (Ohio) def. Preston McCalmon (ASU): Dec 6-0
6th Conso: Hans Rasmusson (ASU) def. Preston McCalmon (ASU): Dec 9-4

149: Hans Rasmusson (5-2)
First Round: Hans Rasmusson (ASU) def. Sean O’Rourke (CSUB): Dec 9-5
Second Round: Hans Rasmusson (ASU) def. Josh Lauderdale (Stanford) Dec 9-3
Third Round: Josh Reyes (Boise State) def. Hans Rasmusson (ASU): Dec 3-1
4th Conso: Hans Rasmusson (ASU) def. AJ Fierro (CSUB): Dec 7-6
5th Conso: Hans Rasmusson (ASU) def. Chris Garcia (Clackamas): Fall 3:47
6th Conso: Hans Rasmusson (ASU) def. Preston McCalmon (ASU): Dec 9-4
7th Conso: Jake Elliott (Wyoming) def. Hans Rasmusson (ASU): Dec 9-2

165: Matt Schneider (2-2)
Second Round: Dakota Friesth (Wyoming) def. Matt Schneider (ASU): Dec 5-2
3rd Conso: Matt Schneider (ASU) def. Tyler Noon (Highline): Fall 2:21
4th Conso: Matt Schneider (ASU) def. Kyle Bateman (Clackamas): Dec 13-7
5th Conso: Dalton Harmon (Utah Valley) def. Matt Schneider (ASU): Dec 6-4

174: Kevin Radford (2-2)
First Round: Kevin Radford (ASU) def. Cole McArthur (Montana State Northern): Maj 16-2
Second Round: Kevin Radford (ASU) def. Dylan Morris (Stanford): Maj 12-2
Third Round: Matt Reed (Oklahoma) def. Kevin Radford (ASU): Med FW
4th Conso: Randy Boerner (Colorado Mesa) def. Kevin Radford (ASU): Med FW

197: Josh DaSilveira (3-3 Sixth Place)
First Round: Josh DaSilveira (ASU) def. Brandon Tribble (Wyoming): Dec 3-2
Second Round: Josh DaSilveira (ASU) def. Xavier Callahas (Boise State): Dec 5-2
Third Round: Josh DaSilveira (ASU) def. Luke Bean (Oklahoma State): Dec 3-1
Quarters: Cody Crawford (Oregon State) def. Josh DaSilevira (ASU): TB2 4-2
6th Conso: Reuben Franklin (CSUB) def. Josh DaSilveira (ASU): Tech 7:00
Fifth/Sixth Place Match: Matt Williams (CSUB) def. Josh DaSilveira (ASU): SV 4-2

197: Wes Moore (2-2)
First Round: Derek Thomas (Utah Valley) def. Wes Moore (ASU): Dec 7-4
1st Conso: Wes Moore (ASU) def. Sean Mcalhaney (Highline): Fall 1:52
2nd Conso: Wes Moore (ASU) def. Marcus Haughian (Grand Canyon): Dec 6-3
3rd Conso: Garrett DeMers (Montana State Northern) def. Wes Moore (ASU): Fall 3:34

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